Taylor Locke Premiers “Call Me Kuchu” Video

taylor lockeTaylor Locke (ex-Rooney) just premiered his brand new music video, “Call Me Kuchu” on Purevolume. The track, from Locke’s new solo album, Time Stands Still, showcases Locke’s lyrical prowess beautifully.

“Call Me Kuchu” is soulful, and reminiscent of classic rock. Inspired by the documentary of the same name, the song and video come together in a stunning metaphor. The film shed light on the lack of basic human rights in Uganda, where being gay is considered criminal. The music video, directed by art/editorial photographer Logan White, acts as a satire, featuring Dr. Kuchu, a turn-of-the-century magician and snake oil profiteer, who is a metaphor for the…let’s call them “misguided,” self-deluded politicians and religious zealots. Edited by Emmy-nominated Dakota Solt (who plays Dr. Kuchu’s assistant), the video is something you just  have to see.

“The challenge was to respect the serious nature of the song, but without illustrating the lyrical content too literally. I wanted to walk the line between having fun, but also acknowledging the matter at hand,” shares Locke, who developed the concept and script alongside Saxon Brice, regarding the inspiration behind the video for “Call Me Kuchu.” “I hope people will be entertained and drawn in by the look of the video, but also take a close listen to what’s going on under the surface.”

Have a look at the video below and let us know what you think!

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One thought on “Taylor Locke Premiers “Call Me Kuchu” Video

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