Every day I get a lot of questions about Planet Stereo, who I am, what I do, etc. So here are some answers!


Q: What is Planet Stereo?

A: Planet Stereo is a website based on music and promoting the latest artists, especially those who are unsigned and need a bit more promotion. More than that, Planet Stereo likes to bring attention to the people that work with the artists–music buyers, the amazing people that design the art on your favorite rockstars’ feet, etc.


Q: Who are you?

A: My name is Liv Simister and I’m the creator/writer of Planet Stereo. I am a one-woman show, and run the site, the blog, Facebook, and Youtube all single-handedly, as well as answering the plethora of emails you all send me! I’m a music lover, a writer, a personal trainer, and an aspiring filmmaker.


Q: …But in your Youtube videos, like for Warped, there’s always someone at the camera…?

A: Well, yes, I can’t do it all, folks. For Warped, I normally invite a friend to help me out and press record/hold the camera, keep me company, etc.


Q: How can my band/my friend’s band/my brother’s band get involved with Planet Stereo?

A: Well I’m glad you asked! Please feel free to comment, send me a message on the main site, or even send me an email at livvy[dot]planetstereo@rocketmail[dot]com.


Q: I sent you an email and you still haven’t responded! What’s the deal?

A: Once again, I’m a one-woman-show, and a human being. I am sincerely sorry I haven’t responded to you yet, but please give me a few days…maybe even a teensy bit longer, depending on the urgency of the message. I appreciate every single one of you and will respond ASAP!


Q: What’s your favorite album?

A: I have many favorite albums, and it would take far too long to list them all. I will tell you that when I get a new one, I listen to it multiple times with no break, fall madly in love, and then doodle the lyrics when I’m bored.


Q: Who’s your favorite artist?

A: Ooh, tricky, tricky, tricky. Much like albums, I love numerous artists. Every artist that is featured on Planet Stereo are artists I think have something special, and my iPod is filled with everyone from Metallica to All Time Low. Honestly, I love variety…and yes, I do like to rap along to certain songs. No, I’m not ashamed of this fact.


Q: Who has been your favorite interview ever?

A: Wow. That’s difficult to say. Interviews are always fun, and they’re like snowflakes–always unique! At the moment, I’m loving the one I got to do with William Beckett. He sang a song he and his daughter made up called “Smelly Belly Button,” which is the funniest/cutest thing ever, so yeah.


Q: Why did you start Planet Stereo?

A: I had a lot of personal things going on around the time I was fourteen, and I was chatting to a ton of musicians and became friends with them. In order to move my focus away from all the bad, I channeled my energy into a new project. This obviously became Planet Stereo and I’m so glad I did it!


Q: Do you ever wish you could go on Warped Tour for the whole thing?

A: Of course! I am only human and I would absolutely love to go on Warped for the full tour, but I’m pretty sure press has to follow on the lonesome, which doesn’t appeal to me. Hey, maybe I could be a merch girl! That always seems like fun to me.


Q: What do you do when you’re not doing Planet Stereo?

A: Um…sit and cry, obviously. Joking aside, I graduated high school (Class of 2013!), and trainined to be a personal trainer (NASM certified–October 2013), so I love to train and study up on new mediums of training and read about nutrition. I love to watch movies and hang out with my friends. I also write fiction, lyrics, and am working on a documentary right now. I also get the overwhelming urge to draw, and whenever this happens, I end up doing so for hours on end, until my hands are covered in pen/pencil, etc.



I’m also a slight shoe-aholic. These are some of my favorite shoes ever, and I frequently wear them.


Q: Would you ever sell Planet Stereo?

A: No. Not for one or one million. This site is my baby, it’s my sanity, and I love it. The site will never be under anyone else’s ownership, nor will anyone else ever be “the face” of Planet Stereo.

One thought on “FAQs

  1. xp da x says:


    This is the official representative of Xp Da X Montreal based rapper on the merge of taking part of the Canadian and international Hip Hop scene. He recently shot a video for of his upcoming project i never left. This project will be presented has an album but we need to create the buzz needed in order to release this ep. Therefore we were wondering if we could have some exposure on your website.

    We are also curious in knowing the amount of viewers that your website attracts (approximatively if possible).

    For a better vision of the artist and what he brings out we will send you an second email to view the video with our private youtube channel if you are interest.

    Hoping to here from you

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