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Taylor Swift Premieres “Wildest Dreams” Video at VMAs

taylor swift

Tonight, at the MTV VMAs, Taylor Swift premiered her brand new video for “Wildest Dreams,” from her hit album, 1989. The video shows Swift channeling a very Liz Taylor look as a movie star on-location in Africa with her very handsome costar, played by Scott Eastwood. The video follows the pair as they play out a relationship that seems to pay homage to the Liz Taylor/Richard Burton relationship in the 60s. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself!

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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘We Are Your Friends’

we are your friends movieI’m going to be honest straight off the bat, I didn’t expect much from the new Zac Efron flick, We Are Your Friends. In fact, I just expected to watch a guy plug his mp3 into a stereo, take drugs, and call himself a DJ. But let me also, straight off the bat, say I was wrong.

Zac Efron plays Cole Carter, a twenty-three year old DJ who dreams of becoming world-famous. He spends his days and nights with his friends, promoting his performances, and working on the “one track” that he believes will launch him into stardom. Throughout the film, Cole finds himself torn between his ambition and possible romance, and his loyalty to his friends. Granted, many of the “plot twists” come from a mile away, but there’s something truly spectacular in the way that they are arranged that make them feel fresh. I feel as though Max Joseph (director) was striving to make this a statement of millennial circumstance, and while I don’t think it is necessarily the most profound film I’ve seen for this generation, I do see it becoming a bit of a coming-of-age cult classic for the modern times.

One thing I loved about this movie is that it didn’t center around a boy (Efron) meets girl (Emily Ratajkowski as the wonderfully flawed Sophie) plot line. It didn’t center around Cole’s relationship with his friends, Squirrel (Alex Shaffer), Ollie (Shiloh Fernandez), and Mason (Johnny Weston), either. Rather, the film focuses on Cole’s relationship with his friend and mentor James Reed (Wes Bentley).

The film features characters that aren’t quite what was expected going in. Not only that, but it will bring a new appreciation to the work behind being a DJ. As someone who works with musicians on a daily basis, I am ashamed to say I was actually perplexed as to why people pay so much money to see a person play on a computer attached to amplifiers, as opposed to just going and seeing an actual band. We Are Your Friends showed that for the DJs that reach out beyond the laptop, there’s a lot of work that goes in to crafting a great electronic song. I found myself fascinated at the process that the film showcased.

However, the film is very American in the sense that it focuses on getting that “one song” and that being the means to reaching your goals; the doorway to your dreams, if you will. That’s not to say Cole doesn’t hit some roadblocks, but it is really a epiphany-ensuing film of finding glory after struggle.

Efron actually plays an interesting role, and something that showed him not just as this overly-cliched heartthrob romantic lead, but as a human being with his own strengths and weaknesses. In short, he played an actual human, as opposed to a caricature of a frat boy, a singing basketball player, etc.

Bentley plays the character that you aren’t sure if you love or hate; he’s a successful, jaded DJ dependent on drugs and alcohol, with a mean streak that goes against more than hashtags. But he also has some of the most poignant lines in the film, such as, “You haven’t been alive long enough to know the meaning of the word irreparable. But at some point in your life there’ll be things that will finish you! And there won’t be a damn thing you can do about it!”

There’s a spectacular power to the relationship between Cole and James that leaves me feeling impressed at Max Joseph’s first attempt at directing a film. For the cinema nerds like me, can I please just take a moment to praise the cinematography of this film? There a some stunning shots throughout the movie, which beautifully frame the film’s showcase of the millennial struggles.

Unfortunately, this is the generation where it feels as though there is little innovation left, and if there is, it’s a rat race to get the idea out their first. College is no longer the avenue to success. And financial stability no longer means success or happiness, as we see when Cole and his friends land a job doing cold calls for the heartless Paige.

All in all, We Are Your Friends is a fresh presence in a world of car-chases, unlikely romances, and “of course there’s a happy ending!” films that we are surrounded by.

Check out the trailer below:

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DIVIDES Release “Supersymmetry” Video


DIVIDES just premiered their brand new video for “Supersymmetry,” from their new album, Brokentooth, with BlankTV. The battle lines are drawn both on the song and in the video, where a major dodgeball battle ensues. Check out the video below:

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Lower Than Atlantis Announce Tour With Hands Like Houses and MORE!

lower than atlantis
UK rock band Lower Than Atlantis is poised to take the US by storm! The band will be hitting the road for a US fall tour with Hands Like Houses, The Mighty, Brigades, and Too Close Too Touch. You may recognize Lower Than Atlantis from their previous tours with bands including A Day To Remember, PVRIS, and more, or their performances at Slam Dunk Festival, Reading and Leads, NASS Festival, and Radio 1’s Big Weekend.
Below, you’ll find the music video for the band’s hit single “Here We Go,” which has sold over 50,000 copies so far!
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The Zealots Release New Lyric Video

Rock quartet The Zealots just released a brand new lyric video for their song “Chips the Fish,” which premiered on BlankTV. The title, a reference to their band pet that met an untimely demise, is certainly eye-catching…and memorable,

“The video has kind of a dark theme to it and the lyrical content is just as grim,” says vocalist Micah Martin. “We had a pet fish for the band and I swallowed him to lighten the mood up a bit. The goal was to puke the fish back up still alive back into the fish bowl (shades of Steve-O), but obviously that didn’t work as planned. His name was Chips and we named the song after him in his honor.”

In late 2014, the group was the first from Iowa to collaborate with Joey Sturgis and his team at The video was shot by Joe Gibbs, edited by Cody Doyle and directed by Micah Martin. You can view it below.





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Of Mice & Men Cancel Shows and Louder Than Life Festival Appearance


Of Mice & Men just announced that they will no longer be performing at the Louder Than Life Festival. The band also announced that they won’t be performing the shows in Mexico City and San Diego that they had canceled earlier this year. The five-piece took to social media to make the announcement, and said, “Whilst the surgeries Austin underwent earlier this summer went well, it is important we allow him time to recover so that we may come back in 2016 stronger than ever.”

You can see the full statement below.

We regret to announce that we will no longer be playing Louder Than Life Festival & will unfortunately be unable to…

Posted by Of Mice & Men on Friday, August 28, 2015

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Mastodon Reissue The Hunter on Vinyl

Next up in the on-going 2015 MASTODON vinyl reissue series, the band has released their 2011 hit, The Hunter (produced my Mike Elizondo), their fifth studio album and third release on Reprise Records. The Hunter, pressed on 140-gram red-colored vinyl, is out TODAY, August 28th.
You can pick up your copy HERE.
Below are a list of the band’s tour dates.
*** indicates Mastodon w/ Judas Priest Tour dates:
**indicates Mastodon co-headline with Clutch & Corrosion of Conformity as part of THE MISSING LINK TOUR
* indicates Mastodon Headline
Additional dates (Not part of Judas Priest or The Missing Link Tours):
*Wed                Sep 23              Buenos Aires City, ARG     Teatro Flores (headline)
Fri                    Sep 25              Rio de Janeiro, BRA            Rock in Rio Festival
Sun                  Sep 27              Sao Paulo, BRA                  Anhembi (outdoor)
*Mon                Sep 28              Santiago, CHI                     Teatro La Cupula (headline)
***Fri                 Oct 16              Vina Robles Amphitheatre    Paso Robles, CA
***Sat               Oct 17              The Pearl                             Las Vegas, NV
* Sun                Oct 18              Ace of Spades                     Sacramento, CA
***Tue               Oct 20              The Warfield                        San Francisco,CA                              
***Wed              Oct 21              City National Civic               San Jose, CA
***Thur              Oct 22              Senator Theatre                    Chico, CA
***Fri                 Oct 23              Saroyan Theater                   Fresno, CA.
   Sat                Oct 24              KnotFest                              San Bernardino, CA
***Mon              Oct 26              Rialto Theater                       Tucson, AZ
**Wed               Oct 28              Austin Music Hall                  Austin, TX
**Thur               Oct 29              Gas Monkey Live                  Dallas, TX
**Fri                  Oct 30              Bayou Music Center              Houston, TX
*Sat                  Oct 31              Civic Theater                        New Orleans, LA (w/ C.O.C.)
*Sun                 Nov 1               Iron City                               Birmingham, Al  (w/ C.O.C.)
***Tue               Nov 3               Peoria Civic Center Theatre   Peoria, IL
***Thur              Nov 5               The Paramount                     Huntington, NJ
***Fri                 Nov 6              The Paramount                      Huntington, NJ
***Sat               Nov 7               Prudential Center                   Newark, NJ
*Sun                 Nov 8               Higher Ground                       S. Burlington, VT           
***Tue               Nov 10             Scotiabank Centre                 Halifax, NS
***Thur              Nov 12             Air Canada Centre                 Toronto, ON
*Fri                   Nov 13             Anthology                              Rochester, NY
 Sat                  Dec 5               Reykjavik, ICE                      Rokkjotnar Festival
Have you heard
“White Walker” yet?
Mastodon’s original new song exclusively from
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Mayday Parade Release New Single & Video

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PREMIERE: The Way Away’s New Single, “Echoes”

The Way Away-1

Since their inception in late 2012, The Way Away have been a fresh new face in pop-punk, building a name for themselves in and around Minneapolis. The band has played bars, basements, youth centers, and even big-name venues.

Following the release of their seven-song EP, Carry On, the band was selected as winners of the 2015 Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands and played their local date of the Vans Warped Tour. And without missing a beat, is back to making music for their upcoming release, expected out in fall/early winter.

Until then, The Way Away is premiering their brand new single, “Echoes,” with Planet Stereo.

“This is the first song we wrote for our upcoming release […] It’s also the first song we wrote with our current lineup. As a result, this song and the others we have written for our upcoming release have a different vibe to them than the songs from Carry On had. I think we’ve also grown a lot as song writers as well,” says vocalist/guitarist Matt Kabes. “‘Echoes’ is about the frustration and desperation caused by a bad relationship, and not even necessarily a romantic one (as a lot of pop punk songs are about).
“Whether it is a partner, a friend, or a parent, we’ve all had people in our lives that we’ve poured copious amounts of effort into, but eventually when we call out to them we hear nothing back but our own voices. You can only call out to them for so long, and there comes a point where it’s better to save your breath and cut that person out of your life, no matter how hard it can be. This track is pretty angsty, and it probably came out that way because I’m too nice to say these things in person. A lot of the songs we’re writing are coming out a lot more honest and feisty than most of the songs we’ve written before, and we’re really excited about the direction we’re going.”
You can stream “Echoes” below:

[E/N: August 28th, 2015] Check out the lyric video below:

The Way Away is comprised of Matt Kabes (vox/guitar), Jeff Engler (guitar), Jake Engler (bass), and Wyatt Engl (drums).
For more on The Way Away, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Big Cartel.
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Simple Plan Release Star-Studded New Video for “Boom”

fondationsimpleplan_corona_12112013_124Simple Plan just released their brand new video for “Boom,” and it’s quite the star-studded event. The video, directed by Chady Awad, was filmed on Warped Tour, at the AltPress APMAs, and in Montreal at New City Gas.

The single comes from the band’s upcoming #SPalbum5.

Watch the video below and let us know who you spot!

Click ‘read more’ to see who was in the video!

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