Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry Calls Out Fan Who Proposes To Her Mid-Show

chvrchesEarlier this week, the Scottish synth pop group Chvrches played NYC’s Central Park Summer Stage in support of their latest album, Every Open Eye. During the performance, a fan did what fans often do during quiet moments: yelled out “Marry Me!”

Almost immediately, front woman Lauren Mayberry addressed the man: “Pardon?” This prompted the man to shout out once more, “Marry me! Now!”

Oh, come one. What’s the hit rate on that? When you go to public places and ask women you don’t know if they want to wed you?… Does that work out well for you, sir?” Mayberry responded, in an almost comical moment.

Of course, Mayberry is very vocal in shaming that sort of behavior, as she has many times in the past; a fact she referenced to the man in question: “I assume, because you’re here, that you know a bit about our band. And I’m very grumpy. I don’t want that shit.”

chvrches fan proposal 1 chvrches fan proposal 2

Watch the video below, and let us know what you think.

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