Planet Stereo was an idea that came out in the September/October of 2009, which was my freshman year of high school. I had started speaking to a lot of musicians, who, for reasons unbeknown to me, wanted to hear my opinions on their music.

I decided I would come up with a website to promote them on. I worked tirelessly on it for months. Then, the night of the launch (New Year’s Day), the whole thing just crashed. I was devastated…and also sore, because I had a huge, swollen lip from falling flat on my face. So I worked all night and by mid-morning of January 2nd, 2010, I launched the original Planet Stereo page.

March of that year, I began working for Danny Says!, a music ‘zine based in New Jersey. I loved that job. I worked at the magazine until January of 2012, when, due to loss of funding, we had to fold.

I was really upset by the news, but it lit a bit of a fire in me. I started working as much as I could to make Planet Stereo, already having undergone a complete transformation, into a site that would create buzz. I contacted the Vans Warped Tour, desperate to cover my date. Much to my surprise, I got it.

Covering Warped was the highlight of my year, and I am so grateful to have gotten the opportunity, and cannot wait to cover the tours that follow!

Following my coverage, I got a lot of requests to do reviews, features, and interviews, and post them on the Features page. I also started working with Infectious Magazine, thanks to the brilliant Christian Wagner! I love doing both, especially working with some of the amazing people I do. I now also write for RibbitTV.

However, for Planet Stereo, I noticed that going on and editing the site every time news broke or I found a new artist, or I did a new interview was a daunting task, especially as I’m a full-time student.

So I decided to move over to WordPress, in the hopes that all these wonderful features would be more accessible to everyone! Planet Stereo would be nothing without the listeners, the readers, and the musicians that make this all possible, and for that, I am grateful every day.


Also have a look at our new WEBPAGE!



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