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Adam Russell Leaves Story Of The Year



Story Of The Year released a statement discussing their future as a band, including a new album, and addressing the departure of Adam Russell. You can read the letter below:

‘What a journey this has been. 

The places we’ve been, the people we’ve met, the music we’ve created- it’s all led us to the right here, the right now. We’ve spent endless hours contemplating the future, wondering where we go from here, wondering if if we should keep the fire burning, or let it die and move on with our lives like so many of our peers have.

The music industry has changed a lot in the last 10-15 years. The industry that we knew when we first signed a record deal in 2002 no longer exists. There are no more giant record deals, no more of the excess you might have seen on VH1 Behind the Music or read about in the Zeppelin or Motley Crue books. The digital revolution created a new paradigm, and it’s had a dramatic effect on the people who make the music you listen to. Simply put, the fact that you can get (or listen to) any song, at any time, for free, changed everything. And change is never easy, especially when you are stubborn & slow to react like the music industry was.

Here’s a dose of reality, SOTY fans:

We’ve been a band for ten plus years, sold over 2 million records, played in something like 30 countries, and in recent years the members of Story of the Year would have made more money waiting tables or serving coffee. That’s the truth. 99.9 % of artists would make more money having a lemonade stand in their parents front yard.

We aren’t kids anymore. We have wives, kids, house payments- real life shit. Every member of this band has questioned how much longer they can do this. We’ve left our families for months at a time, sometimes coming home with what would equate to minimum wage. Or less. We’ve spent the last 5 years clinging to that last bastion of hope that we would have that hit song that would connect at radio or become a viral sensation and catapult us back up the mountain. We’ve had our fingers crossed for years, (so have the wives), that each next tour or album would be the answers to all of our prayers. It didn’t exactly work out that way.

So here we are.

Yes, the music industry has changed. But it’s NOT all doom and gloom! Not even close. The beautiful thing about being a band in 2014 is that we’ve never had more control over our own destiny. We have more power and a more direct connection to our fans than ever. We can pick up an iPhone and reach you all, instantly. That’s fucking magic!

So what do we do?

We’re going to completely re-think the way we operate as a band and business. Re-think the puzzle. Some of us have other bands, some make films and pictures, some build stuff, some will produce music, some work in radio. SOTY will not be our sole endeavor moving forward, because we can no longer sustain as grown ass men with real world responsibilities on SOTY alone. That’s the truth.

Adam will no longer continue on this journey, as it doesn’t fit with his life plan moving forward, and that’s absolutely okay. SOTY has always been about more than music- we support our friends round’ here- and we wish him nothing but the absolute best. Please do the same, because that’s our boy.

The rest of us will carry on. This band has given us more than you will ever know. And besides, it’s just too much fun! That feeling of walking out on stage, or writing a song that can change someone’s life- we won’t walk away from that. We will keep the torch burning bright. This is a beautiful time to be a creative person, despite the growing pains and financial insecurities. The old days are gone. No one is getting a big record deal, but so what? We can record music for 1/20 of what it used to cost because of technology. We can deliver it directly to our fans because of the internet. This is only possible now. If this were 15 years ago, we would have no choice but to hang it up. But we don’t have to, and we’re not. We are going to make records that we want to make, and play shows that we want to play. And in between we will do other things. SOTY will go on, because our band rules! There is no more pressure. It’s going to be just like it was when we were 15, and we played & recorded music for the simple love and joy of it. And then we’ll play some shows. Play a festival in Belgium or South Korea. Do a little Japan tour. Play solid USA markets. Spend a week in Australia. What we won’t do is spend 13 months a year on the road away from our families just to scrape by, stressed the fuck out because if we don’t have that magical song then we’ll be dropped from the label. No more of that. We are working class musicians, changing our business model.

That’s where we are, and it feels great.

We are planning a record now. Songs being written as we speak. And we plan to continue releasing records until we are skeletons. Between albums we will play shows & tour when it makes sense, and when we aren’t doing that we will pursue other endevours and be husbands and fathers. No more rock star myth. No more of this false, entertainment industry standard of only showing the best hand. We want to show you warts and all. Show you what being a working class artist entails. Fuck all that other bullshit. This is, and always has been about friendship and a mutual love of music. We are inspired as ever, ready to rock harder than ever. Here’s to a new era of creativity. A new era of re-ignited passion and possibility. Here’s to the next adventure!

We love you humans, and we know you are with us. Now let’s rock some shows!


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Summer Heart Releases New Single, “Sleep”

Looking for an awesome new song to play this weekend? Check out the new single “Sleep” from Sweden’s dream pop/lo fi producer, Summer Heart. The single recently premiered with Clash Magazine. You can hear the track below.

Summer Heart is about to head out to the UK on a 7-night tour, kicking off at The Old Blue Last, and hitting London, Birmingham, Bristol, Dublin, et cetera. You can also see the tour dates below.

Rumors of another big UK/EU/US tour are surfacing too with a new LP due early in 2015, next year this will be an act to look out for.  With a new album expected early next year and a short European tour on the horizon, Summer Heart is certainly ready to kick things off in the next few months and will once again deliver a batch of new material to make you long for the sunshine once again.



Summer Heart Autumn 2014 Live Dates:

Mon 29th Sept 14      Café Video, Gent, BELGIUM, Free entrance

Tue 30th Sept 14      The Old Blue Last, London, UK, Free entrance

Wed 1st Oct 14          Sixty Million Postcards, Bournemouth, UK, Free Entrance

Thurs 2nd Oct 14       Birdcage, Bristol, UK, Free Entrance

Fri 3rd Oct 14             Whelans (Upstairs), Dublin, IRELAND.


Sat 4th Oct 14            Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham, UK.



Summer Heart on Soundcloud




The Guardian:



Record Of The Day:

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Stint Remixes Young The Giant


At Planet Stereo, there’s nothing more fun than a remix of a good song. Recently, L.A.-based producer Stint remixed Young The Giant’s single, “Mind Over Matter,” from their album of the same name, released earlier this year. The track premiered with EarMilk earlier today.


You can click HERE to see Young The Giant’s upcoming tour dates.

Click HERE for more information on the remix contest, click HERE.

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VIDEO: Have Mercy – “Howl”

Earlier today, Have Mercy released the music video for their single, “Howl,” from their upcoming release, A Place of Our Own, out October 27th via Hopeless Records. Check it out below!



Despite October being just a sleep away and the werewolf-esque title, the video has nothing to do with Halloween. In fact, it fits perfectly to #TransformationTuesday…and will definitely tug at your heartstrings! What did you think? Let us know below!

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Vinyl Theatre Cover “Moon River”

So it’s Monday…which normally means everyone’s groggy, annoyed, and wishing they could still be having fun like they were all weekend. Well, fear not! Planet Stereo has a video to make you feel a little bit better. Granted, it’s not a funny cat video, but for those of you that like Vinyl Theatre or adore Audrey Hepburn, this will make you smile all the same.

Watch Keegan from Vinyl Theatre cover “Moon River,” the classic tune made famous by Andy Williams and Audrey Hepburn. The Vinyl Theatre filmed this while on the Quiet Is Viølent Tour with twenty one pilots and MisterWives.



As a huge Audrey Hepburn fan and Breakfast At Tiffany’s nut, I am normally very skeptical when I see a cover, but this one is awesome. Added in that it’s short and sweet–perfect for a quick break at work!

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VIDEO: Evan Barlow – “So What”

Check out the new video for Evan Barlow’s single, “So What” below.

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Mississippi Rail Company Premiere New Single

New Orleans’ own Mississippi Rail Company has teamed up with to premiere their new single “Redwood Jones” today! You can listen to “Redwood Jones” on, or here:


Mississippi Rail Company is one of New Orleans’ most prominent rising local acts. The band sold out their headlining Launch Party in January and followed it up by landing an opening slot for the Soul Rebels Brass Band at the legendary Tipitina’s just a week later. The sold out Launch Show revealed the band’s 2014 Singles Project, for which the band is releasing one new track every month of 2014. The first track “Big, Bad Wolf” was released in January on, the second track “Milky Way” premiered with a new music video on ArtistDirect in February, and the third track “Chocolate Pie” on USA TODAY in April.


Mississippi Rail Company’s acclaimed live performance style has landed them impressive festival slots at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Voodoo Fest, Hogs for the Cause, and Crawfest at Tulane University, plus supporting gigs across the southern U.S. with Rebirth Brass Band, Soul Rebels Brass Band, Papa Mali, The Revivalists, Flow Tribe, and Lost Bayou Ramblers.

Check out more on Mississippi Rail Company here:
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Rob Lynch, Front Porch Step, and Allison Weiss UK Tour


Rob Lynch, Allison Weiss, and Front Porch Step are going to be touring together in the UK. Check out the dates and links to get tickets below!

01/22/15 Southampton @ Joiners

01/23/15 Cardiff @ Gwdihw

01/24/15 London @ Borderline

01/25/15 Manchester @ Star & Garter

01/26/15 Nottingham @ Red Room

01/27/15 Glasgow @ Audio

01/28/15 Newcastle @ Think Tank

01/29/15 Leeds @ KeyClub

01/30/15 Birmingham @ Asylym

01/31/15 Kingston @All Saints Church

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Black Crown Initiate Debut Music Video

Black Crown Initiate have just released their debut music video for their brand new single, “Withering Waves,” from their forthcoming LP, The Wreckage of Stars, due out tomorrow. The video premiered with, but you can view it below!



Black Crown Initiate’s debut LP has been receiving some great reviews, all on top of signing a new record deal earlier this summer and touring all over the place! Check out dates below!

Album artwork and track listing below!

1. Great Mistake
2. The Fractured One
3. Malignant
4. The Human Lie Manifest
5. Withering Waves
6. To The Eye That Leads You
7. The Wreckage of Stars
8. Shapes Collapse
9. Purge
10. Linear
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Idina Menzel Announces Christmas Album Track Listing


The Tony Award-winning singer/actress Idina Menzel announced her upcoming Christmas album, Holiday Wishes, a few weeks back, and has finally released the track-listing. The album will be released on October 14th by Warner Bros. Records and was produced by Grammy Award-winner Walter Afanasieff (Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey) and features such classic favorites as “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” as well as Joni Mitchell’s Christmas-themed”River,” one of Menzel’s favorites. An exclusive Target edition of Holiday Wishes will feature two bonus tracks, including “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” Please see below for the full track-listing.


Menzel can currently be seen on Broadway as Elizabeth in the original production If/Then, for which she earned critical acclaim and her third Tony nomination. She performed “Always Starting Over” from the musical at this year’s Tony Awards.

The track-listing for Holiday Wishes is as follows:

  1. Do You Hear What I Hear?
  2. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
  3. Baby It’s Cold Outside
  4. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  5. All I Want For Christmas Is You
  6. What Are You Doing On New Year’s Eve?
  7. December Prayer
  8. When You Wish Upon A Star
  9. Silent Night
  10. River
  11. Holly Jolly Christmas
  12. White Christmas

TARGET exclusive tracks:

Mothers Spiritual

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

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