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Firestarter Official Photo Blog

Photo by Harrison Lubin

Photo by Harrison Lubin


New York-based pop punk band, Firestarter, are currently on the road with Trophy Wives, Nominee, and Such a Mess for a month-long US tour, which kicked off on February 13th. The band has been kind enough to give us the exclusive to their photos for an official photo blog. Check it out below!


What’s up everyone? We are Firestarter from NY and here are some pictures of our time on the road!


The captions read…

1. Tina Beltcher’s favorite road.
2. Lazy Moon Pizza, the home of the tastiest pizza slice bigger than your head!
3.Trying to escape the northeast ice & snow, but it’s not working.
4. Jeff needs an adult.
5. Two of our brand new guitar cabs thanks to Mills Custom!
6. Every tour at least one of us earns this prestigious award.
7. I wonder if you can tell how bad we smell from this picture…
8. Why can’t the sunrises in NY look like this?
9. Part of the world’s biggest clarinet…and us in New Orleans.
10. We have hand grenades. Tyler does not.
11. This sign is for Matt Bliss.
12. Your girlfriend/boyfriend would look fine in our merch.
13. We know we are in Austin, TX when we get to see this guy.
14. Just gonna leave this here for ya.

1(B). Completely abandoned mall in Memphis, TN
2(B). Jeff keeping it classy last night of tour
3(B). Last Cookout of tour, hush puppies I’ll miss youuu
4(B). Selfies with Marky Poo
5(B). Skies over Tucson
6(B). Exactly…
7(B). This day was a good day.
8(B). Fourth time in a year, cool with us!
9(B). Quite possibly the most beautiful view of tour
10(B). Cold & grey in Cleveland, OH
11(B). The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, it’s v chill
12(B). #tourmishaps
13(B). This drive was sick…not!
14(B). In’N’Out hangz with Such A Mess
15(B). Da beach in San Diego
16(B). The Canyon is most certainly Grand
17(B). A simple summation of tour


Keep checking back for more photos from Firestarter’s tour!

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