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15 Songs From November ’15 You Have To Hear

good charlotteNovember is an odd month. Sure, it’s got Thanksgiving, but December doesn’t really give it a chance. In fact, I often refer to November as “Pre-Christmas.” The stores put out their decorations earlier every year, the radio blasts holiday tunes, and everyone is just…Christmas-y.

But here at Planet Stereo, we want to give November a fair shot! Which is why we’ve scooped up the best tunes this month.

Check out your November Must Hear List below and let us know what you think we have to hear in the comments!


1. “On My Way” – Cardiknox

“On My Way” is a fantastic new track from Cardiknox, who are equally as awesome. The vocals are wonderful, and as the music builds throughout the song, there’s an explosion of kinetic energy. Put this on and I guarantee you’ll need to dance…even if you can’t really.

2. “Let The Games Begin” – AJR

Melodic, catchy, and makes me want to learn how to play it on the cups…Hmmm…AJR with yet another hit that is guaranteed to be on the radio for a while. If “Let The Games Begin” doesn’t pump you up even a little bit, I fear for you.

3. “Makeshift Love” – Good Charlotte

Can I just say how thrilled I am that Good Charlotte is back? Seriously, this band is magical. When “Makeshift Love” debuted, I was filled with happiness. It’s catchy as all Hell, and the music video is wonderful– it features cameos from producer John Feldmann and Mikey Way, and also features a product called Break App. Amazing. #WelcomeBackGC #pleaseneverleaveagain.

4. “There’s a Place” – All American Rejects

Something very different from AAR, and it’s a welcome change. This reminds me so much of some of the tracks from Move Along, just with a more indie sound to it. “There’s a Place” is beautifully put together, and is such a sing-a-long.

5. “Start Again” – Conrad Sewell

When there’s something about a song that you can’t fully explain, but you love, you know it’s something special. For me, I honestly think it comes down to the heartfelt lyrics and Sewell’s incredible vocal performance, but I find myself hitting the replay button on this constantly.

6. “Speak Soft” – As It Is

Okay, so As It Is can do no wrong anyway, but this is just wonderful. The video makes me want to go to the beach so badly, you have no idea. Add on top that the song is energetic and showcases clever lyrics (once again). Let’s just say that you have to hear every As It Is song and call it a day?

7. “True Friends” – Bring Me The Horizon

Not only is the song brilliant, but the video is a complete Inception moment. I cannot say anymore. You just need to watch and listen.

8. “When We Were Young (LIVE)” – Adele

All hail the Queen! If you weren’t already obsessed, Adele’s new live version of “When We Were Young” will get you there. It’s only when you hear her perform acoustically that you realize just how talented this lady is…and always has been.

9. TroyBoi – “Afterhours (ft. Diplo &Nina Sky)

Haunting vocals, amazing music, and just an overall entrancing feel to it. This is something I can imagine being played all over the place, and rightly so!

10. “Chase Your Shadow (Acoustic)” – Secret Someones

Again, you can never go wrong with a good acoustic. Secret Someones is pure proof of that. The vocals are perfection, and just the softness of the music is completely mesmerizing.

11. “Ready Or Not Here I Come (ft. Cheesa)” – District 78

This is such a…badass version of this song. There is literally no other way I can describe it. It’s full of energy and has a flare of style to it that is irresistible.

12. “Sing” – The Wild Wild

You can never go wrong with a melodic tune to set your day right, and The Wild Wild have provided that and some with “Sing.”

13. “Impossible” – Lacey Sturm

I’m going to be honest, Flyleaf was part of the compilation CDs that made up my formative teen years. So when I heard that former Flyleaf front woman Lacey Sturm was making her return to music as a solo artist, I admit, I was hesitant. But then I heard “Impossible,” from her debut solo album, Life Screams. The track is bold, and has a more hopeful vibe to it.

14. “Clarity” – Come Wind

I am completely entranced by this group. Come Wind is just a ridiculously talented band, and “Clarity” is a song that stands out beautifully. It’s like AFI meets Lydia. Just, yes. The Emo Kid from my youth rejoices every time she hears this song.

15. “LA Devotee” – Panic! At The Disco

Yet another awesome new single from P!@TD’s upcoming Death of a Bachelor album. If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, this song will make you need to!



“Four Five Seconds (cover)” – Connell Cruise (ft. Rudo Pieterse & Ashlinn Gray)


“Outsiders” – Against The Current

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15 Songs From September ’15 You Have To Hear

avion roe

September…Otherwise known as “The Month Before Halloween,” or “The Beginning of Pumpkin Spice Latte Season.” Whatever you call it, September churned out some amazing new music. From the new 007 theme song to Ryan Adams covering Taylor Swift’s 1989 in its entirety, this month has been an interesting one in the world of music. Check it out!

1. “Gone”JR JR

Looking for a tune to make you smile? This is it. It’s got this adorable sound, but a very triumphant spirit. This is the kind of song that makes you want go on a drive and sing loudly. It’s what you should be dancing around your room to this, singing into a hairbrush, using chopsticks as drumsticks, or playing air guitar to, no matter who you are. Plus, the video is epic.

2. “Smile”Jasmine Jordan

Jasmine Jordan has a beautiful voice, and with passionate storytelling, “Smile” is a breath of fresh air. I love the jazzy instrumentals. The track reminds me of Corrinne Bailey Rae, if I’m honest.

3. “Die Trying” – Jule Vera

Just wow. “Die Trying” is a hauntingly beautiful song, and the video’s post-apocolyptic theme just adds to how memorable it is. Jule Vera is poised for massive success.

4. “Through Your Eyes” – Michael Jayson

Michael Jayson’s piano-driven single, “Through Your Eyes,” is full of rich instrumentals with cinematic quality, and some stellar bass. It also features wonderful lyrics and an upbeat tone, resulting in an infectious optimism that provides a whisper of encouragement.

5. “Into The Rest” – Avion Roe ft. Kellin Quinn

The first official release from the band since they announced that they’d signed with Epitaph Records, and it’s glorious. Bonus points for Kellin Quinn joining in. Seriously, if you haven’t already been in love with Avion Roe for a while, you will be now.

6. “One Love”Marianas Trench

This track is so amazing and incredibly catchy. I have to say that I was completely floored by Marianas Trench when I heard “One Love.” It’s emotional, vibrant, and rich in instrumentals…as well as flawless vocals. I just keep playing this on repeat, and I recommend you do the same!

7. “Epic Love”Todrick Hall

This infectious new electro-pop single is infectious, and the music video is incredible. Referencing some of the great love scenes/movies from great films, Todrick Hall just proves time and time again why he won the Internet…and theater…and television…and, oh, hell, the world.

8. “Alive” – Sia

Sia’s incredible vocals make me happy. She has this quiet power about her that is just awe-inspiring, especially on an underdog anthem like “Alive.” Considering National Suicide Awareness Week and International Suicide Prevention Day all fall in September, I feel like the release of this track had A+ timing.


CAPPA and REMMI, along with producer Foldy, collaborated on a mash-up of the pair’s two tracks, “Killin It” and “Star Spangled.” The mash-up is incredible and a total ear-worm! The two songs flow so nicely together, it’s almost difficult to imagine why they’d ever be apart!

10. “Powers” – Lostboycrow

So I stumbled across this gem on Soundcloud, and there is no going back. Not only is it instrumentally stunning, but it builds and just has this gorgeous sound that beautifully showcases some well executed vocals. Honestly, this song should be all over the radio.

11. “Here (Vincent Remix)” – Alessia Cara x Vincent

Talk about catchy as hell. I love a good remix as much as the next person, and this is a damn good remix, and I already liked Alessia Cara’s tongue-in-cheek track. Of all the sing-along tunes of September 2015, this is a major one, especially on a day when you’re feeling particularly badass.

12. “Can’t Control The Weather” – Fairground Saints

The multi-talented group that is Fairground Saints have already proved how epically talented they are (time and time again), but this single will remind you. You know, just in case you momentarily forgot.

13. “On My Mind” – Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding’s new sound is strangely entrancing. There’s something about “On My Mind” that just pulls you in and has you kind of bobbing and singing along. Plus, the video is gold. Who wouldn’t want to ride a horse into a building like a badass?

14. “Writing’s On The Wall” Sam Smith

The new 007 Spectre theme song we’ve all been waiting for by the magnificent human being that is Sam Smith. Seriously, if his vocals don’t make you melt, you are made of stone. Anyway, the new theme song is beautifully cinematic, if not utterly haunting, so you need to check it out.

15. “Victorious”Panic! At The Disco

The single is a sports-worthy anthem. If you’re looking for a clever #winning song, Brendon Urie has done it once again and answered your prayers. In typical Panic! At The Disco fashion, “Victorious” is theatrical, catchy, and just awesome.

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Angels & Airwaves Premiere “Home”


Angels & Airwaves partnered with Billboard to premiere the second single, “Home,” from their upcoming EP. The track can be streamed below.

“It had a really hypnotic piece of music that really resonated with me,” recalls DeLonge. “So the very, very first notes of ‘Home’ are my interpretation of what I heard at that one time, and that’s how it started. And then you get inspired to do another thing; ‘I’ll put this here’ or ‘How about this? How about this?’ And the next thing you know you have something.”

The band’s upcoming EP will be accompanied by DeLonge’s Poet Anderson…Of Nightmares, his new book due out on October 6th via Simon & Schuster. You can pre-order the book now.

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15 Songs From July ’15 You Have To Hear


Ah…July. The summer month of fun, independence, and, of course, thousand sun weather. But don’t panic! We’ll keep you “cool for the summer” with some of the best tracks from July that you’ve got to hear before the month ends!

1. PVRIS“Fire”

Can I just say how amazing PVRIS is? I love this band, and the new single, “Fire,” only makes me love them that much more. It’s gritty, powerful, and anthemic. Who doesn’t love a track like that?

2. Divides “Echoes Fade (ft. Chris James)”

Divides are a recent obsession for me. On “Echoes Fade,” we hear the pairing of CJ Marie and Defeat The Low’s Chris James, eliciting a nostalgic vibe reminiscent of early 2000’s rock hits, when the female-male vocal face-off was more of a guarantee than a surprise. Must hear!

3. Vance Joy“Fire & The Flood”

Beautiful song with a soft sensibility about it. When you think of a good love song, please let this be what you remember about 2015. The song picks up with ease, and becomes this alternative/folk-pop, light-hearted tune. Let’s just put it on repeat, please!

4. Knuckle Puck – “Pretense”

I’m starting to think that Knuckle Puck can do no wrong. And that it might be dangerous for me to listen to them for too long; it makes the pop-punk lover/angsty thirteen year old want to shout along to the lyrics…while at home, or, you know, on a run.

5. Nate Ruess“Great Big Storm”

You can’t deny it, Nate Ruess has some catchy vocals. I think he could start singing restaurant menus and we’d all want to join in. He’s also got a fantastic storytelling ability that should be praised.

6. State Champs – “Secrets”

The song and the video both make me want to go to a show right now. But can we just take a moment to acknowledge that pop punk is having one hell of a year? Because it really is, and State Champs are making that even more likely of turning into one hell of a erif they keep it up.

7. MC Lars“The Ballad of Hans Moleman”

The single from MC Lars’ forthcoming, The Zombie Dinosaur LP, is probably his most pop-culture-centric song yet, paying tribute to the old man from The Simpsons, referencing Artie Ziff, footballs to the groin, being mistaken for a leprechaun, and more.

8. Emarosa“I’ll Just Wait” (Reimagined)

I’ll admit it, I’m a little obsessed with this song. The piano, the vocals, just the richness of the instrumentals are enough to make any music lover melt.

9. Cassadee Pope“I Am Invincible”

The new track from pop-punk-gone-country powerhouse Cassadee Pope. It’s infectious, but also filled with so much raw talent. The vocals will just blow you away (and before you say it, yes, she does sound exactly the same live. She’s ridiculously talented).

10. Bring Me The Horizon – “Throne”

Electronic element are just kind of slipping in everywhere as of late, and BMTH’s new single, “Throne,” is no exception. It’s actually a welcome surprise from the group; it’s refreshing. I love the overall vibe of the song and how anthemic it is. Be warned, the video is super eery at times!

11. We Came As Romans – “Tear It Down”

Bitter is the word and revenge is the game. However, it’s easy to like the song. I kind of just want to listen to it at the gym during a heavy lifting session. Sounds ideal.

12. New Found Glory “Vicious Love (ft. Hayley Williams)

I sincerely love this video. It’s both funny and ridiculously cute all at once. Bonus for Hayley Williams being involved!

13. Slaves – “Burning Our Morals Away”

The lyrics on this track are incredible, and i can’t really find fault in it at all. It’s so cleverly put together. If you weren’t a Slaves listener before, you will be after this track. I don’t think you can go wrong with powerhouse vocals on a song…ever.

14. Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa“Stayin’ Out All Night”

Now here’s a track I would actually want to hear in the club, because, good grief, there is some shit out there. Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa work beautifully together, and for those of us who didn’t get to catch them on their Boys Of Zummer tour, this is enough to pacify that, I think.

15. Demi Lovato – “Cool For The Summer”

A new, somewhat provocative look for the songstress. The track is pretty catchy and perfect for summer.


Drew Cayla – “King”

Mayday Parade “Keep In Mind, Transmogrification Is A New Technology”

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15 Songs From June ’15 You Have To Hear

the maine pr

It is official. Summer is here! So while we’re all soaking up the sun, making summer playlists, and maybe attending a festival (…or two…), Planet Stereo has rounded up 15 songs from June that you have to hear while the summer heat rages on!

1. The Maine“English Girls”

It’s hard to say there’s only one song from American Candy that you need to hear, because the album is fantastic. But the band’s music video to go along with “English Girls” is nothing short of wonderful, and makes the song even better.

2. Pierce The Veil – “The Divine Zero”

New music from PTV! Finally! “The Divine Zero” is the perfect Warped Tour theme, which works, because they’re on Warped. If you have the chance, catch them live. They’re ridiculously memorable!

3. Anthony Raneri“Sorry State of Mind”

Bayside’s Anthony Raneri just adds another reason to love 2015 musically. More artists coming forth as solo artists (on the side, of course), and it’s fabulous. Add on how awesome the video for “Sorry State of Mind” is, and you can’t really go wrong!

4. The Technicolors“Tonight You Are Mine”

If there’s one band you have to see live, especially playing this song, it’s The Technicolors. There’s something so edgy and effortlessly cool about The Technicolors as a whole, but “Tonight You Are Mine” just seems to push that idea one step further. The accompanying video is visually stunning, and a must-see, as far as I’m concerned.

5. August Burns Red – “Ghosts (ft. Jeremy McKinnon)”

August Burns Red is joined by A Day To Remember’s Jeremy McKinnon for “Ghosts.” The track features some amazing guitar work, and a back and forth voice-off between Luhr and McKinnon, which is definitely enjoyable. ADTR/ABR tour anyone?

6. Parkway Drive – “Vice Grip”

This is the kind of song I can just imagine being a hit live…especially in an amphitheater. “Vice Grip” just radiates power.

7. The Wonder Years“Cardinals”

Once again, The Wonder Years prove how amazing they are. “Cardinals” is a powerful track to begin with, and the video just adds to it. Send it to a friend if you’ve not been great recently.

8. Knuckle Puck – “Disdain”

A catchy as hell punk track. If you’re looking for a song to revive the angsty, punk-loving teenager that resides in all of us, this could be the song to do it.

9. Sorority Noise – “Art School Wannabe”

Quirky, painting a colorful picture with vivid, illustrative lyrics, and fantastic instrumentals. I could just play this again and again. It’s awesome, and it’s a commentary on stereotypes, in my opinion.

10. Highly Suspect – “Lydia”

One of the best videos I have seen in a very long time. It is beautifully shot, and Marina Kazankova (the girl in the video) does an incredible job. When fans commented on the video, which was filmed in ONE take, at how long she could hold her breath, the band sang her praises, commenting on how she could actually hold her breath for upwards of six minutes!

11. Disturbed – “The Vengeful One”

Disturbed are back from their four-year hiatus with a new song, “The Vengeful One,” and the accompanying animated video from award-winning filmmaker Phil Mucci. It’s hard to ignore.

12. As Cities Burn – “Prince of Planet Earth” 

This is the first new song the band have released in six years! And it is IN YOUR FACE, in a great way. Parts loud and chaotic and part melodic, it’s an intriguing listen.

13. Delta Rae“All Good People”

A protest song without being obnoxious. In protest to the tragedy that occurred in Charleston, the band wrote and recorded this song, “All Good People,” as a means of expressing their “outrage, sadness, and insistence that things must change.” It is extremely powerful.

14. Hundredth – “Inside Out”

All I can say is: Just look at the video.

15. The Ivory – “I’m a Mess”

This song is a total ear worm! Alesana’s Shane Crump shows that he’s just as talented as a singer as he is a bass player. “I’m a Mess” is such an amazing track, and yes, that is Sierra Kusterbeck in the video with him.


Mike Posner – “Be As You Are”

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It would be very easy to say that the month of May has been manic…and with good reason. Thankfully, that craziness also means some great new music! Below, check out 15 tracks from this month that you have to hear.

1. The Story So Far – “Phantom”

The short, slow track is beautiful…and somewhat soothing to listen to. In fact, the more I listen to it, the prettier the song seems. It definitely has a cinematic effect to it that just paints vivid pictures in my mind, all in shades of blue.

2. Taking Back Sunday – “Better Homes and Gardens”

You can’t go wrong with a Taking Back Sunday track, even when the subject is as melancholy as the disintegration of a relationship. The video is brilliant, but it’s the raw emotion behind the song itself that make it stand out as a great addition to Taking Back Sunday’s extensive discography.

3. Neck Deep – “Can’t Kick Up The Roots”

Neck Deep have mastered pop-punk storytelling, and it’s wonderful. In some ways, this reminds me of All Time Low circa So Wrong It’s Right. It’s definitely worth the listen!

4. Twin Shadow – “I’m Ready”

Twin Shadow’s new single is a striking listen anyway, but the black and white video, directed by Lance Drake, features Twin Shadow stepping up to a superhero role, facing off against his enemies in an attempt to save the city…and it’s AWESOME.

5. Handsome Ghosts – “Steps”

There is something so spectacular about this melodic pop single. I don’t know if it’s the gorgeous lyrics or the entrancing melodics, but I could listen to “Steps” all day long. It’s the kind of song you listen to 10 years from now and say, “Damn, 2015 was a good music year.”

6. A Promise To Burn – “Broken Bones” 

Broken bones? More like springs in your legs that make you want to jump around. A Promise To Burn have managed to change up their style and put forth a refreshing single that still rings true to their overall sound.

7. Sterling Fox“Freak Caroline”

Super-producer Sterling Fox has crafted an edgy/retro sound (might I add with some stellar vocals) that leaves me completely entranced. “Freak Caroline” gets better with every repeat.

8. Up The Chain“Windows Into Worlds”

The video is a beautiful visual to accompany the stunning track, filled with beautiful harmonies, lyrics that read like poetry, the love song is framed by melodic piano. It is perfect. Every piece of it is cinematic and simple all at once, if that makes any sense. It is quite possibly one of the best tracks I’ve heard so far in 2015.

9. The Color Morale – “Between You & Eye

The Color Morale have crafted an anthemic sound on “Between You & Eye.” I can almost see this on the soundtrack for a superhero movie, and god knows there’s enough of those going around!

10. Taylor Swift“Bad Blood”

Taylor Swift just released the star-studded video for her single, “Bad Blood,” from her hit album, 1989. The video isn’t quite as in-depth as I thought, but it’s still full of some cool appearances, and the song is ridiculously catchy!

11. Phases – “I’m In Love With My Life”

The unabashedly upbeat track is sure to bring some life back to your playlist, and the video is so clever, it will leave you wondering, “How the hell did they do that?!”

12. Daniel Johns – “Cool On Fire

I am so glad that Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns has released new music. In fact, “Cool On Fire,” is the perfect new release just because of how it sounds both modern and reminiscent of the 90’s all at once. It’s brilliant and full of such great beats.

13. Rachel Potter“Jesus and Jezebel”

This is Rachel Potter’s way of standing up for the people that the Baptist Church (which she grew up in) discriminated against. It’s a quirky song and video, and will not soon be forgotten!

14. Leona Lewis “Fire Under My Feet”

New music from Leona Lewis, and, believe us, it’s catchy as anything and has this really amped up sound to it. I could play this a million times and not get tired of it.

15. Coliseum – “Dark Light of Seduction”

With an interesting title, you don’t really want to skip out on this track. It’s got a very…strange sound. My opinion on it changes every day. Some days, I really like it. Other days, I’m not so sure. Just give it a try.

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Dustin Rabin Photography, Refused, Dustin Rabin

Four months into 2015, and the spectacular new music just keeps on coming! Here are the 15 tracks you HAVE to hear for April 2015…and the accompanying music videos you have to see:

1. Panic! At The Disco – “Hallelujah”

If you’re looking for incredible, booming vocals, a gospel-esque soundtrack, and, of course, something you can sing along to this spring, check out Panic! At The Disco’s latest single. It carries on the

2. This Century – “Soul Sucker”

A new single from This Century, finally following up to their debut. Featuring plenty of falsetto, pop-anthem flare, and big, sing-along choruses, the single was definitely worth the wait!

3. Refused – “Elektra”

Back from the grave, Refused brought out their first single in 17 years, “Elektra,” leaving many fans jumping for joy. April seems to be the month for bands reemerging. Thank goodness for Spring.

4. All Time Low – “Missing You”

The strikingly different track from All Time Low’s latest album (and UK No. 1), Future Hearts. With alternative rock/indie blends, each line will show you a new side to the band’s already lovable style.

5. The Weepies – “Sirens”

Folk duo The Weepies are back with their amazing new album, Sirens, and the title track is a must hear (for life, not just for April). Stunning, angelic vocals, rich instrumentals, and raw beauty encompass this song in every line.

6. Blessing A Curse – “Down The Rabbit Hole”

The new music video for “Down The Rabbit Hole,” showcases both the band’s musical talents and a dark creativity, with a plot revolving around a murderous villain whose face remains concealed by a creepy bunny mask, and, of course, there’s an awesome plot twist.

7. Lost Element – “Twenty Five”

“Twenty Five” is catchy, perfectly illustrating the emotions of the average “twenty-something.” Lost Element has a nostalgic sound, while also still showing elements of exploratory tones, which only adds to their charm.

8. Redlands – “Adventurer”

“Adventurer” is dedicated to Chase Martinez, who plays bass in Redlands, and his wife Brenna Martinez, whom he lost in a motorcycle accident on March 28th of this year. The track is a beautiful addition to the band’s growing discography, and will make you want to hit the repeat button a million times over.

9. Come & Rest – “Slowburn” 

A new kind of performance video, featuring cinematics, and of course, a track that bares all emotions without hesitance.

10. Rachel Potter – “Tail Lights”

Stunning country vocals, a track worthy to be on a road-trip mix, and lovable as hell. There’s really not much more that can be said for this amazing new single.

11. Brand New – “Mene”

Fans, rejoice! Finally, a new song from Brand New! As of right now, I like it, but I’m not sure whether I’m going to add it to my list of favorites just yet. However, it is repeat-button worthy, and will leave you wanting more.

12. Twenty One Pilots – “Tear In My Heart”

The piano-driven love song utilizes comparisons to slasher films to drive the point home, and the video is no exception. This time, Quentin Tarantino’s style of cinematography plays a heavy hand in brining the love story to life.

 13. The Maine – “Am I Pretty?”

Another extremely catchy track from The Maine’s latest album, American Candy. With fun beats, beachy vibes, and clever lyrics, you don’t want to miss out on this song!

14. Adam Lambert – “Ghost Town”

Adam Lambert is back with his new single, “Ghost Town,” which perfectly fuses catchy dance beats and indie rock style. Of course, Lambert’s stellar vocals still shine, booming throughout the track.

15. Fall Out Boy – “Uma Therman”

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be an assistant to Fall Out Boy, this video shows you just how crazy it could get. Watch as the band’s “assistant” accompanies the guys on a variety of tasks, from Crossfit to indoor skydiving to crushing a truck, all while rocking out to the catchy single from American Beauty / American Psycho.

Honorable Mentions
Running Young – “Did You See

Busty & The Bass – “Models”

The Local Strangers – “Red Dress”

Kaya Stewart – “In Love With a Boy”

Ky-Mani Marley – “All The Way”

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Here we go again! 15 tracks you HAVE to hear for March 2015…and the accompanying music videos you have to see. This month, we’ve got some amazing new releases from some of the best artists. As the months go by, it’s getting harder to pick just fifteen.

Anyway, check out some of these amazing tracks below:

1. All Time Low “Kids In The Dark”

This just encompasses everything I believe music to be about: escaping your problems, and finding unity in the middle of the crowd. Add in how catchy this song is, and I don’t think you can go wrong.

2. Trophy Wives – “Threshold”

It’s a fast-paced track that just makes you want to bounce around like a crazy person, and the chorus comes in brilliantly. The vocals remind me of 2009/2010 punk, when the harder chord progressions and screamo undertones started to really come in.

3. Set It Off – “Ancient History”

The song itself is catchy and cleverly pieced together, and then you add this video which seems to hint at Adam Sandler’s Click, had I actually found that movie as enjoyable as this…

4. Sam Smith – “Lay Me Down (ft. John Legend)”

This was my favorite track on Sam Smith’s In The Lonely Hour, so when he released as a single, I was thrilled…and now he’s added John Legend?? Granted, some of the beloved theatrics is gone, but it’s still impeccable, and this video for Red Nose Day is so beautiful.

5. Hands Like Houses – “I Am”

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the pure power of this track? Yes, okay, wonderful.

6. The Maine – “Miles Away”

Another single from American Candy, and it’s wonderful. Kicks off the album as the first track, with a sing-a-long quality.

7. Cordelia & The Buffalo“Free”

There are no words to express how much I love this single; soulful vocals, ethereal instrumentals…magic.

8. Light You Up“All We’ve Ever Known”

This makes 14-year-old me extremely happy. It’s anthemic, catchy, and powerful.

9. PVRIS “White Noise”

Another play on the movies, this time tackling Spielburg’s Poltergeist with a top 40’s worthy twist.

10. Youth League – “Young/Old”

A perfect introduction to the new Cardigan Records signees, showcasing just what they’re capable of.

11. Cajsa Siik – “State of Low”

A stunning new track, filled with harmonies, and ethereal instrumentals. The song radiates quality and sophistication.

12. Ella Henderson – “Mirror Man”

Soulful track, visually stunning video…you can’t go wrong.

13. Meg Myers – “Sorry”

Looking for a break-up anthem for the month? This is it. Meg Myers has an enchanting way about her, and it’s completely underrated.

14. Sam Hunt – “Take Your Time”

Wonderful instrumentals, stellar vocals, and a new way at writing about the initial “bar approach.” It’s gorgeous.

15. Shawn Mendez – “Life Of The Party”

This was a great track that popped up towards the end of last year and now there’s finally a video. It effortlessly fuses the melodics of an indie act with the booming lyrical style of a top 40’s anthem.

BONUS, because why not:

BriBry w/ Dodie – “You’re Alright”

Leon Bridges – “Come Home”

Oh Honey“Sugar, You”

Mariana’s Trench – “Here’s To The Zeros”

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It’s that time again: 15 tracks you HAVE to hear for February 2015…and the accompanying music videos you have to see. This month, we’ve got love, lust, hatred, and more; nothing the “month of Love” cannot handle, right?

Anyway, check out some of these amazing tracks below:


1. The Maine – “English Girls”

2. AURORA – “Runaway”

3. Microwave – “Stovall”

4. Fall Out Boy – “Irresistible”

5. Ashlinn Gray – “Battleships”

6. Austin Kolbe – “Lips”

7. Passion Pit – “Lifted Up (1985)”

8. Rory Indiana – “Empiricism”

9. Retox – “Let’s Not Keep In Touch”

10. Taylor Swift – “Style”

11. Echosmith – “Bright”

12. Falling In Reverse – “Just Like You”

13. The Veronicas – “Cruel”

14. Taking Back Sunday – “How I Met Your Mother”

15. Nate Ruess – “Nothing Without Love”

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15 Songs From January ’15 You HAVE To Hear

Can you believe the first month of 2015 is already over? Feels like it was only last week we were kissing Christmas goodbye and ringing in the New Year with our favorite Must Hear Artists.

Planet Stereo’s rounded up the top 15 of January 2015. You’ve gotta check these out:


1. All Time Low – “Something’s Gotta Give”

The band’s first single from their upcoming album, Future Hearts. It’s catchy, full of fun, and the video has a plot twist.

2. Sleeping With Sirens – “Go Go Go”

Electrifying, energetic track, with a funny as Hell video. Let this be a reminder to wave at the people who spin the signs or have to wear silly costumes on streets as advertising.

3. Alec Chambers – “Whole Again”

The 19-year-old’s single has been making waves all month with a ridiculously catchy chorus and pure pop style.

4. Enter Shikari – “Anaethetist”

Entrancing in sound, as well as visually. Stemming from the band’s album, Mindsweep, which came out earlier this month.

5. Kids – “Second Star On The Right”

Who doesn’t love a good Peter Pan reference? This track will certainly make you want to return to Neverland to become a Lost Boy.

6. Hannah Gill – “I Feel Awake”

Finding out that Hannah Gill is seventeen makes your jaw drop when you hear her soulful vocals.

7. Fall Out Boy – “The Kids Aren’t Alright”

My favorite track from their latest album, American Beauty / American Psycho. It’s got an incredibly sophisticated sound, while still maintaining the lovable pop-punk style of FOB.

8. As It Is – “Dial Tones”

The band’s label debut, and it sounds awesome. With pure emotion in every line, As It Is prove that they are definitely one to watch by showcasing their immense talent.

9. The Rocketboys – “Viva Voce”

The incredible single that you heard on the final season premiere of Glee. Yes, you read that right, on Glee.

10. Real Friends – “Summer”

For those of us who are so sick of the winter weather and want the blistering heat of the summer back, listen to this tune, and dream of sunnier days ahead.

11. Gerard Way – “Don’t Try”

Ah, the relief of hearing Gerard Way singing through your speakers once again. Is there no greater joy?

12. The Downtown Fiction – “Don’t Count Me Out”

Rhythmic, catchy new single from The Downtown Fiction’s album, Losers & Kings, which is out now. Bonus points for the intro begin filmed in Orlando!

13. Nathan Angelo – “Carolina Save Me”

Stemming from the singer-songwriter’s upcoming Carolina EP, there is a country twang to this single that will make you melt….and maybe miss summer even more.

14. Greg Holden – “Hold On Tight”

A beautiful new track from the singer/songwriter…But am I the only one to notice the play on words here? (Holden – Hold On)

15. Wild Party – “Outright”

If you’re looking for a new indie-rock tune to dance to for the rest of the year, this may have to be it.


Honorable Mentions:

Martin Callingham – “Knots”

Wildhart – “Stuck In a Second”

Kelly Clarkson – “Heartbeat Song”

Summer Scouts – “Facepaint”

Spencer Sutherland – “Nothing Can Hurt Me”

The Heydaze – “Don Juan”

The National Parks – “Helsinki”

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