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“Hello, it’s me…”: A Q&A of Where The Hell I’ve Been

I know what you’re thinking:

“Woah! Liv, it’s been FOREVER!”

Yes, yes it has.

In fact, this hiatus has lasted so much longer than I anticipated. Now, I’m not expecting this return to be front page, top feature news, but I am back…kind of.

Before I deal with that, I’ll try to answer some of the questions I’ve received since my departure.

Q: Liv, where are you/where have you gone?

A: Anyone who follows me on my social media has probably noticed that my normal Florida background has been replaced with various countries across Europe, but mostly Scotland. That’s where I am; I live in Scotland now, working in television.

Some of you might know my struggles with US immigration, but some don’t. You can click that helpful link to read the full tale. The short of the story is that despite the fact that I grew up in the States, and didn’t know different, US Immigration is a flawed system (essentially, the more you cheat the system, the more it works for you – honesty didn’t get my family anywhere, which really sucks), and after years of trying to work through it all, I couldn’t get past the roadblock of being treated like garbage…So my mom and I sold our house, and I came back to the UK.

I lived in England for a couple of months, with a short stint travelling around Italy, France, and Spain (I highly recommend people travel around these three countries with thirty-some-odd strangers, because it is my most magical experience to date).

I then got a job at BBC Scotland, so I relocated. Since graduating my Apprenticeship, I’ve kept working in Scotland, moved in with my Scottish/non-kilt-wearing boyfriend, and bought a car…so I think I’m sticking around for a little while…?

Obviously, this crazy moving about, working like a mad woman, et cetera, hasn’t really left much time for the unpaid, full-time job that Planet Stereo truly became over the years.


Q: Why do you want to get paid for Planet Stereo? It takes no time!

A: Actually, Planet Stereo can take a ridiculous amount of time to run/create content for. It’s not just publishing articles or occasionally interviewing people; it’s chatting to PR companies, labels, managers, bands, listening to albums/singles, watching videos, researching artists, writing reviews, typing up interviews, editing interviews, attending live events, taking/editing/publishing pictures, filming/editing interviews, creating/editing podcasts, managing social media, responding to readers, trying to come up with cool new features, etc.

At its height, Planet Stereo was the accumulation of 60 hours a week worth of work on the regular, and on rare occasions, 80 hours! Factor this in with my human need to sleep, eat, exercise, and my freelance photography/training work, and it definitely took a toll. There are wrinkles on my forehead that no amount of moisturizer or anti-wrinkle cream can combat!

So yes, it would be nice to get paid to do some of this stuff. Wouldn’t you want to get paid for your full-time/part-time jobs?


Q: Why haven’t you updated in forever?

A: Again, lots of things going on: transatlantic move, starting a new career, starting over in a new country, and just working round the clock.


Q: Why do I see you posting things about Everest?

A: In May of 2018, I will be running the Tenzing-Hillary Mount Everest Marathon. Yes, a marathon on Mount Everest. If you want to know more, or wish to donate to the cause, please click HERE.


Q: So, like, what, do you hate music now?

A: Of course not! I love music! It’s still one of my greatest passions! Once you love music enough to dedicate a crazy amount of your short life to it, believe me, it doesn’t go away overnight! If anything, I’ve expanded my love of music to include even more artists/genres/etc.