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It would be very easy to say that the month of May has been manic…and with good reason. Thankfully, that craziness also means some great new music! Below, check out 15 tracks from this month that you have to hear.

1. The Story So Far – “Phantom”

The short, slow track is beautiful…and somewhat soothing to listen to. In fact, the more I listen to it, the prettier the song seems. It definitely has a cinematic effect to it that just paints vivid pictures in my mind, all in shades of blue.

2. Taking Back Sunday – “Better Homes and Gardens”

You can’t go wrong with a Taking Back Sunday track, even when the subject is as melancholy as the disintegration of a relationship. The video is brilliant, but it’s the raw emotion behind the song itself that make it stand out as a great addition to Taking Back Sunday’s extensive discography.

3. Neck Deep – “Can’t Kick Up The Roots”

Neck Deep have mastered pop-punk storytelling, and it’s wonderful. In some ways, this reminds me of All Time Low circa So Wrong It’s Right. It’s definitely worth the listen!

4. Twin Shadow – “I’m Ready”

Twin Shadow’s new single is a striking listen anyway, but the black and white video, directed by Lance Drake, features Twin Shadow stepping up to a superhero role, facing off against his enemies in an attempt to save the city…and it’s AWESOME.

5. Handsome Ghosts – “Steps”

There is something so spectacular about this melodic pop single. I don’t know if it’s the gorgeous lyrics or the entrancing melodics, but I could listen to “Steps” all day long. It’s the kind of song you listen to 10 years from now and say, “Damn, 2015 was a good music year.”

6. A Promise To Burn – “Broken Bones” 

Broken bones? More like springs in your legs that make you want to jump around. A Promise To Burn have managed to change up their style and put forth a refreshing single that still rings true to their overall sound.

7. Sterling Fox“Freak Caroline”

Super-producer Sterling Fox has crafted an edgy/retro sound (might I add with some stellar vocals) that leaves me completely entranced. “Freak Caroline” gets better with every repeat.

8. Up The Chain“Windows Into Worlds”

The video is a beautiful visual to accompany the stunning track, filled with beautiful harmonies, lyrics that read like poetry, the love song is framed by melodic piano. It is perfect. Every piece of it is cinematic and simple all at once, if that makes any sense. It is quite possibly one of the best tracks I’ve heard so far in 2015.

9. The Color Morale – “Between You & Eye

The Color Morale have crafted an anthemic sound on “Between You & Eye.” I can almost see this on the soundtrack for a superhero movie, and god knows there’s enough of those going around!

10. Taylor Swift“Bad Blood”

Taylor Swift just released the star-studded video for her single, “Bad Blood,” from her hit album, 1989. The video isn’t quite as in-depth as I thought, but it’s still full of some cool appearances, and the song is ridiculously catchy!

11. Phases – “I’m In Love With My Life”

The unabashedly upbeat track is sure to bring some life back to your playlist, and the video is so clever, it will leave you wondering, “How the hell did they do that?!”

12. Daniel Johns – “Cool On Fire

I am so glad that Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns has released new music. In fact, “Cool On Fire,” is the perfect new release just because of how it sounds both modern and reminiscent of the 90’s all at once. It’s brilliant and full of such great beats.

13. Rachel Potter“Jesus and Jezebel”

This is Rachel Potter’s way of standing up for the people that the Baptist Church (which she grew up in) discriminated against. It’s a quirky song and video, and will not soon be forgotten!

14. Leona Lewis “Fire Under My Feet”

New music from Leona Lewis, and, believe us, it’s catchy as anything and has this really amped up sound to it. I could play this a million times and not get tired of it.

15. Coliseum – “Dark Light of Seduction”

With an interesting title, you don’t really want to skip out on this track. It’s got a very…strange sound. My opinion on it changes every day. Some days, I really like it. Other days, I’m not so sure. Just give it a try.

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STREAM: Dessy Di Lauro – “Let Me Hear You Say Hep Hep”

dessy di lauro
Singer-songwriter, neo-ragtime vocalist Dessy Di Lauro recently released “Let Me Hear You Say Hep Hep,” the new single from her forthcoming EP slated for release in August 2015. The track brings back the fun sounds of the ragtime era with a modern twist. If you’re looking for the track to help you swing into action this weekend, this is it:
Di Lauro’s next show will be in New York City for the annual Blue Note Jazz Festival on Friday June 5th at The Blue Note Jazz Club. Tickets are sold at . Di Lauro is also planning a North American tour this fall. Follow her on social media for more announcements in 2015!
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Leona Lewis Releases New Music Video

leona lewis
In case you missed it, multi-platinum, award-winning artist Leona Lewis is back with her new single and music video for “Fire Under My Feet.” The track, co-written by Leona and Toby Bad, is the first single from I AM, set to release later this year via Def Jam Records. You can pre-order your copy of the single from iTunes: (excl. US), out worldwide June 28th!
To coincide with the video release, Leona tweeted to her fans:
“I’m so excited to be able to share my new video with you, for my first single, #FireUnderMyFeet, from my new album, It was so much fun making the video and every story behind each person featured is truly inspiring. I hope it inspires you too xx.”
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STREAM: Purmamarca – “No Battles” (Radio Edit)

Brooklyn-based indie/psych rockers Purmamarca have recently released the reworked version of their popular single, “No Battles.” You can stream the radio edit of the track below:
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VIDEO: Ava Gold – “Havana”

ava gold
If you have any young kids at home, or at least spend time with younger kiddos, you might recognize Ava Gold as Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer, or Kiki of Nickelodeon’s The Fresh Beat Band. The Emmy Award-winning children’s show is now in its third season, with 60 episodes under its held, and a spin-off in production.

Ava recently signed a deal with BMG as a songwriter, and is currently in the studio working on her solo project, collaborating with some of the industries best. In 2012, she released a self-produced album titled Not Gonna Wait – The Live Sessions, as well as The Fresh Beat Band (Music From the Hit TV Show) and The Fresh Beat Band, Vol. 2.0 (More Music From the Hit TV Show), both of which instantly became hits and reached #1 on the Children’s Music chart on iTunes.

Today, she released her brand new video for “Havana,” which you can view below:

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Marian Hill Releases “One Time” Video

marian hill
Critically acclaimed electronic duo Marian Hill, comprised of Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol, have just released their video for viral hit “One Time.” The track can be found on the band’s latest release, Sway.
After continuous features in the media, the buzz around the duo only continues to build, with over 22.5 million streams on Spotify and 45 million loops on Vine. Marian Hill also just wrapped a sold-out headline US spring tour, and will be performing at Firefly Festival this summer. But if you can’t wait until then, check out their new video for “One Time,” below:

Marian Hill Tour Dates:

6/18                 Dover, DE                               Firefly Music Festival
6/20                 Philadelphia, PA                      Union Transfer
7/11                 Montauk, NY                           The Surf Lodge
9/25                 Washington, D.C.                    U Street Music Hall
9/29                 New York, NY                         Bowery Ballroom
9/30                 Cambridge, MA                      The Sinclair
10/1                 Philadelphia, PA                      Union Transfer
10/3                 Columbus, OH                        The Basement
10/6                 Minneapolis, MN                     7th Street Entry
10/7                 Chicago, IL                              Chop Shop
10/8                 Kansas City, KN                     Tank Room
10/9-11            Austin, TX                               Austin City Limits
10/14               Phoenix, AZ                            Valley Bar
10/16               San Diego, CA                        The Casbah
10/17               Santa Ana, CA                        The Observatory
10/20               West Hollywood, CA               The Roxy
10/21               San Francisco, CA                 The Independent
10/23               Portland, OR                           Doug Fir Lounge
10/24               Seattle, WA                             The Crocodile
10/25               Vancouver, BC Canada         Fortune Sound Club
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REVIEW: The City Sound – Volume One (EP)

the city sound vol 1

I’m not big on surprises. I’ve never had a surprise party thrown for me, but I’m pretty sure I’d freak out. I don’t like when creepy crawlies surprise me by appearing in my room. However, there is one kind of surprise I really do like: when an artist surprises me, and The City Sound have done just that. With their new EP, Volume One, the Texas-based band pulled me in with just five songs. Each track has a power to it, and the band doesn’t shy away from showcasing their many talents from the get-go. “Keeping Me From Me” has a great fusion of melodics and a harder sound, all paired with PHENOMENAL vocals from Dean Barry, especially when you factor in the vocal harmonies.

On tracks like “Break The Mold” and “Almsman Circuit,” there’s an almost tangible angst, a frustration that steadily builds. “Break The Mold” leaves me feeling inspired, with the quietness of the vocals, and the wisdom of the lyrics. As the track picks up, I find myself feeling the angst that we all felt at fourteen stir inside of me. There is an artistic quality to the background of the tune, and the best is, it still feels like it links up with the first track. My nostalgia for the rock of the early 2000s, with clean vocals and edgy instrumentals, feels satisfied with the stunning work presented on this EP. However, it is really the lyrics that have me stopping in awe. “Phew,” indeed. The Madina Lake-esque “Almsman Circuit” is a bit harder in tone; a big, booming declaration in a chorus, with a transient sound, and solid bass, courtesy of Chris Reyes.

On “Live It Again,” there’s an incredible build of percussion from Chris Ellis that really pushes Dean’s vocal play. It’s an anthem, if I’ve ever heard one. This is what I picture kids screaming along to at concerts, pushing their fists into the air with adrenaline racing through them. The bridge sends shivers down my spine. When the song picks back up, it’s like getting off of a roller coaster and walking down a hill: a little disorienting. The guitar solo from Chris Ross adds a level of “festival worthy” to it, as well. However, it is “Just Like Everyone,” the finisher of the EP, that is poised to be a hit for the group. The instrumentals are incredible, there’s vocal play and distortion, and a more melodic sound with plenty of “ooh”s to make this an infectious, catchy track.

Volume One EP Is out NOW. For more on The City Sound or to purchase a CD, click HERE.

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Rob Drabkin Releases New Video

rob drabkin
Rob Drabkin has just released his brand new video for his latest single “Stay (The Morning Light Fades),” off his latest album Little Steps, available now via iTunes. Drabkin has quickly built up his fan following and gained a reputation as a master live performer, following the release of his acclaimed live album, Live at The Bluebird Theater 1.19.12, which was recorded in front of a sold-out audience. Check out his new video below:
For more info, tour dates and more:
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Alessia Cara Releases “Here” Music Video

alessia caraAlessia Cara, one of the emerging young stars of 2015, just released her brand new music video for her single, “Here,” from her upcoming album, Know-It-All. 

You can view the video below and pre-order Know-It-All on iTunes, Google, and Amazon.

More from Alessia Cara:

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Outlands Sign To Tragic Hero Records

OutlandsMetalcore band Outlands, comprised of James DeBerg (vox), Jordan Garza (vox), Alex Ortega (guitar), Kris Rendfro (guitar), Zack Harrison (bass), and Garrett Halvax (drummer) is set to release their debut EP, Grave Mind, later this summer.

The EP was recorded in North Carolina at Synch Sound Studios with Drew Fulk (Motionless In White, We Came As Romans). You can pre-order the EP HERE.

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