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Warped Tour 2013: Kairo Kingdom

I know. Warped Tour seems FOREVER ago. I mean, Halloween is tomorrow! My only excuse is that I’m a one-woman show who has had a very busy, stressful last few months. However, I am back on my game now and have found the finalized videos that had slipped away on my computer.

I got to chat to Frank from Kairo Kingdom, who was an absolute sweetheart! Check out my interview with him below! ūüôā


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TEASER: Lights & Motion’s Save Your Heart

Deep Elm Records just released a teaser video for LIGHTS & MOTION’s upcoming release¬†Save Your Heart,¬†due out November 12th! Check it out below, along with a message from LIGHTS & MOTION’s Christoffer Franzen:



“A year in the making and a many lonely nights have crystallized themselves into my new album Save Your Heart. In January, I gathered the courage to release my debut Reanimation and I haven’t stopped since. In fact, I’ve barely left the studio all together. This isn’t just music to me. This is¬†me. This is me doing the thing I love and sharing the things that I am most afraid of. Save Your Heart is about not giving up on those things that make you lose track of time, feel alive and realize there is something that you were born to do. Music is that way for me, and it has always been. At the same time, I know it’s easy to give up on your dreams, because it takes courage and plenty of sacrifice. Vision and inspiration demand execution. So this new album isn’t just eleven songs gathered in one place. It’s my past and my present, it’s my confidence and my insecurities, it’s my brightest days and my darkest nights. Every day, I do my best not to lose sight of my dreams.”

“I wanted Save Your Heart to have more of a blueish or violet color in terms of sonic identity. In comparison, Reanimation had more of a yellowish tone. I realize that may come across as somewhat abstract, but I often think of music in terms of colors. I consider myself to be more and more of a painter of sound. It always starts out with a simple brush stroke. Depending on the mood, I change the color and intensity of each following stroke and suddenly the whole impression of what that piece was drastically changes. I compose with layers and depth, and it’s often the slightest thing that makes the whole song turn into a new direction, often one I didn’t see coming. I get this overwhelming urge to communicate something. That turns into a vision that’s clear to me, but at the same time it’s blurry in the periphery. I know where I want to go, and once I’m there, I just feel it. On Save Your Heart, I wanted to push the sound of Lights & Motion further out, reaching upwards towards the stratosphere, higher up in the ether of space while daring to be bolder in both statement and style. Save Your Heart takes off where Reanimation left off, yet it retains a familiarity that is the Lights & Motion sound.¬† I’m happy, excited and humbled to be sharing with you what I have been dreaming about lately…”


Imagine having a sophomore full-length ready for release just several months after releasing what several critics called “the greatest debut album in post-rock history” and “album of the year”?¬† Few artists would yearn to be standing in shoes that big, smothered in pressure, knee deep in expectation. On his own, Franzen created every song on Save Your Heart in real-time during late night insomniac sessions awash in pure accident, imagination and improvisation. And the result? History. Tears of wonder, respect and admiration for the sheer magnitude and utter beauty of Save Your Heart will run down many a face after just one listen, as they did mine. This is what it sounds like in Heaven above. This is the music of angels.

Coming 11.12.13″

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The Company We Keep Streams Their New Album “Sound / No Sound” on Property Of Zack

The Company We Keep is now streaming their new album Sound / No Sound in full on Property Of Zack. The album comes out on October 29th on Easy Killer Records. Check it out HERE.


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VIDEO: Kevin Rudolf – Here’s To Us

Like many of you, I remember Kevin Rudolf from my middle school years when he released “Let It Rock (ft. Lil Wayne).” I¬†loved¬†that song as a kid, just for how in-your-face it was. Now, Rudolf has a new single that has captured the attention of millions, especially if you’ve been following the World Series as closely as I have!

“Here’s To Us” is a fresh take on Rudolf’s unique style, presenting an indie/folk-rock sound, which has become so popular as of late. Below, you can see the lyric video, and keep pressing that “replay” button!


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GUEST BLOG: Rachel Lynn on Starting Out



Before I moved to the enchanting, unrelenting, incredible, unforgiving city of New York, I was a student at The University of Maryland, College Park. I studied art history and vocal performance, so I knew I was going to make millions.** I’ve always been an artistic person; it was only a matter of time before I started down my chosen career path, sure to be paved with hard work, financial struggles, a lack of security, undeniable passion, and hopefully some happiness.
It wasn’t until about six months after graduation that I felt I had saved up enough pennies to make the jump, so that’s when I finally packed the UHaul and drove my ass to The Big Apple (an endearing nickname for New York City that lost its popularity right around the time of Justin Bieber’s birth). As a classically trained singer and songwriter wishing to pursue a career in contemporary music, I was finally going to fulfill (part of) my destiny: being broke in New York City, singing for quarters, and chasing a dream.
I booked my first NYC gig before I even moved to the city. It was on June 13, 2011 at a small bar no one I knew had heard of or been to before. Still, I remember being nervous. I also felt incredibly driven by my own sense of initiative. I knew I was proving my determination to myself and only growing hungrier for musical success.
I’ve played quite a few shows since then, and I’m still that girl who packed up the UHaul and decided to put music before everything else. This industry is difficult. It doesn’t care about your feelings. And this city can be cruel. It waits for no one. Still, I can’t imagine doing anything with my life other than attempting to flourish in this thriving city through making music and sharing it with whoever will listen.
I‚Äôm currently working on a new EP that I feel showcases the¬†growth I‚Äôve experienced in my two and a half years in¬†NYC. I know I will¬†continue to grow as an artist, so I hope that people will want to connect with¬†my music and grant me¬†the opportunity to continue to play for them. When I was¬†younger, my uncle (a professional guitarist) said to me, ‚ÄúIf you¬†can wake up in¬†the morning, and all you have to do that day is play music…that‚Äôs the life.‚Ä̬†Now I‚Äôm going to go make¬†myself that life.
**This is sarcasm.

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Black Birds Join Hindsight Records and Announce New EP




Hindsight Records have just announced the addition of Black Birds, a band from Perth, to their roster of Australian artists. In the last three years, Black Birds have released a self-titled EP, as well as a single, “What a Way,” and played exclusively throughout Western Australia, only increasing in demand, even being labeled a “must-see.”

The band have also announced a second EP,¬†Falling In Waves,¬†which was recorded and mixed by Laurie McCallum at Sumo Studio (Echo Kid, French Rockets, Lanark), and mastered by Bill Henderson (Balance & Composure, Title Fight) and Don Bartley (Silverchair, The Vines). ¬†The EP will be available for pre-order this Wednesday via Hindsight Records’ web store, with a premiere of the title track.

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On September 17th, Chevonne and The Fuzz released their album,¬†Fire At Will,¬†a completely fan-funded work of art. Chris Ricci, one of the two vocalists of the band, stated that the record “wouldn’t have been possible without Kickstarter. The fact that it¬†is¬†fan-funded showed us that fans wanted to hear what Chevonne would do [following¬†The Voice].”
Chevonne participated on season three of NBC’s hit reality talent show,¬†The Voice,¬†as part of Team Cee Lo. After being knocked out during the last of the Battle Rounds, many fans were left wondering, “What now?” When Chevonne and The Fuzz came on the scene, the same people that had rooted for her on¬†The Voice¬†were thrilled. As the band began to start fundraising, people were more than willing to invest in their music. “It’s comforting to know there will be an audience for what you create when it’s complete (in reference to Kickstarter),”¬†Ricci says. “That component added a sense of responsibility to give those fans the best record we, as a band, can. We feel we’ve done that with¬†Fire At Will.
Beyond coming with the funds to create the album, the creative process is one that can ultimately dictate an album’s fate, especially in regards to whether or not a theme will come to be. “The title¬†Fire At Will¬†is basically us saying to the world, ‘Here we are‚Ķtake your best shot.’ We did what we did, and presented it with zero apologies. Above all, we’ve remained true to what we are as people: honest,” says guitarist Chris “Books” Bookstaver. “The overall theme for the album came out all on its own. During the writing process, we realized that all of the songs began to develop their own personalities individually. In the end, we were asking ourselves, ‘Do these really fit together?’ The overall consensus was that¬†we¬†liked the way they fit together, and it made us happy. But we understood entirely that having an album that’s so diverse may not go over with some audiences.”
Mike Sarkissian (bass), adds in, “The way the album came together was from that brilliant brain underneath all that crazy hair of Miss Chevonne. She would come to us with a song idea, be it chord progressions and words, or just humming a melody. After hearing it, me and the guys would put our stank on it!”
While many expected this to be Chevonne and her back-up, Mike is quick to dispel that thought. “We all look ourselves as equals and we all contribute evenly, which is the dream for anyone in a band. The boys would just be a group of sexy, tattooed, rock writing, whiskey drinkin’ drunks ¬†without her, and even though she’d still be amazing and making her mark without us, we like to think we give her that outlet to really rock and truly be herself.”
Along with contributing to the album equally, each member seems to be making their mark on one another, creating a perfect pathway for artist development.¬†“No one is stuck in their ways or unwilling to approach something a bit differently,” Mike says happily. “We’re literally meshing musicians coming from backgrounds in R&B, soul, classic rock, metal, post hardcore, fusion, jazz, Afro/Cuban. I think the “poppier” players in the band make the “heavier” ones more in touch with the melodic, and pretty side of writing. And the “heavier” players give the others a taste of rhythms, riffs and feel changes. Don’t get me wrong, the “pop” players in this band could kick your face in and the “heavy” players could serenade you to tears. But lets face it, everyone has their strong points and particular styles. And we’re all growing because of that each and every time we play.”
For Chevonne (vox), collaborating with other artists is not something she’s unfamiliar with, having worked as a backup dancer and singer for Lady Gaga, being on¬†The Voice,¬†and working with countless other professionals. “When I worked with Estelle (Grammy-winningAmerican Boy” singer from the UK), I learned the most about the industry and how to navigate it all. She will always be my role model. She hired me for my first-ever legitimate entertainment job, and I watched her do interviews, handle crowds, talk to executives, get through heinous travel days — she handled it all with grace, humor, and a gorgeous smile. ¬†She’s not just a writer, performer, apparel & merchandise designer–and now label head–but she’s also a philanthropist. ¬†She reminded the entire crew every day that music isn’t just about the show, it’s about giving back to those who need the healing powers of music and charity in their lives. ¬†The Voice and Gaga’s tour definitely prepared me for grueling rehearsal schedules, early call times, and the (sometimes frightening) spontaneity and pressure of A-list productions, but Estelle gave me a real education all around. ¬†I am so grateful to her for that,” she says honestly.
Chevonne singing back-up for Lady Gaga.

Chevonne singing back-up for Lady Gaga.

With influences ranging from Estelle, to Steven Tyler, to Missy Elliot, Chevonne and The Fuzz is more than equipped to put on an amazing live show that keeps audiences coming back for more. “My favorite part of performing is looking out into the crowd and seeing a sea of smiling faces all signing the lyrics back to us,” Books says. “I also really love the fact that I get to share moments like that with my best friends!”
“Preparing for a show is usually an all-day ordeal. From the minute I wake up to the minute I finish playing, it’s all I think about. Of course there are some nerves, but they’re only the best kind. At every show, prior to going onstage, we all get into a huddle and get ourselves in the same zone, making a point of saying how much we care for each other and expressing how happy we are to perform together,” Nick Potters (keys) explains. “It sounds cheesy, but it really sets the right tone and makes us a strong unit; we’re a family!”
With such a great relationship between the group, it would be easy to say that Chevonne and The Fuzz set the standard high for any band, especially considering the variety presented by each member. Perhaps the dynamic works well due to the lessons they’ve all learned over years of performing and working in the industry. “I wish someone had told me how important it is to just straight-up be¬†nice,” Chevonne says.¬†“Everyone’s always putting all this emphasis on being driven, or having the talent to take it to the top, or being destined for stardom. However, I’ve booked gigs at auditions where I was neither the best singer in the room, nor the most experienced or qualified, but some of those beautiful, talented, qualified people are not nice and not professional. The hard work, of course, is important, but if you invest yourself in this business through the ups and downs, eventually you’re going to get great work if you show up and respect the production people, the crew, everyone involved in creating the big shows you see on television and in arenas. ¬†Seriously — be nice.”
Nick chimes in, adding, “The best thing to is to surround yourself with music. Play with the best musicians you can find and work at your projects with everything you’ve got. Most importantly, never stop playing. I lost touch with piano for a bit, and when I came back to it, I regretted the time wasted. If you love it, don’t give up on it, no matter what obstacles present themselves.”
With grace and humility like they have, it’s easy to see that Chevonne and The Fuzz are poised for success. “[A year from now, we’ll be] opening for the Foo Fighters,” Chris jokes. “No, seriously, we’re hoping to be on a bigger tour with a band that can help expose us a bit more. We’ll be writing more and playing shows, and doing what we’re doing right now: grinding and trying to be your favorite band.”
For more on Chevonne and The Fuzz, please check them out on Facebook and be sure to give them a like.
For more updates on your favorite Planet Stereo artists, click here!

Chevonne and The Fuzz

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VIDEO: Lost In Los Angeles – “Because Of You”

Lost In Los Angeles, who released their EP¬†The Hovering¬†in May, have released the new video for their single “Because of You.” The video premiered on NYLON, and was directed by the same director, Steven Lippman (All American Rejects, Incubus, Ben Harper), who directed their award-winning video for “Million Stars,” which you may recognize from VH1 and MTV. ¬†Check out the video for the radio-single “Because of You” below!


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13 Songs for Your 2013 Halloween Playlist

With Halloween getting closer and closer every day, meaning costumes, parties, and of course, playlists. Typically, when asked to make a playlist, most people tend to freeze, thinking, “Oh my gosh.¬†What¬†am I supposed to play?” Never fear! Planet Stereo has cooked up a pretty great collection of songs for your party!


1. “Thriller” – Michael Jackson –¬†What Halloween party would be complete without this song? From the minute it came out, it’s been a part of Halloween¬†tradition!


2. “Superstition” – Stevie Wonder – Another classic. Be warned, parents may try to join the party just to dance to this track.


3. “Somebody’s Watchin’ Me” – Rockwell – It’s essentially about a creeper, hence how suitable it is¬†for Halloween.


4. “Monsters” – Matchbook Romance – It’s creepy, it’s about monsters, and it’s just a good song in general.


5. “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” – Simple Minds/New Found Glory – Yes, it’s reminiscent of¬†The Breakfast Club¬†and all things 80’s. Just sing along as loud as you can, because we all know you already know the words. There are so many covers of this song, so take your pick.


6. “Superbass” -Artist Vs. Poet (cover) – This song is a guilty pleasure of mine, and of many people, but who can resist the Artist Vs. Poet cover?


7. “Where Did The Party Go?” – Fall Out Boy – It’s just a good party song. Nothing Halloween-y…unless someone’s dressed as a lifeguard or a celebrity.


8. “Yeah Yeah Yeah” – New Politics – Once again, just an awesome party song; this will get people jumping around like they’re crazy.


9. “Toxic” – A Static Lullaby -This is for all those Brittany Spears at your party…you know there will be a few!


10. “How Soon Is Now” – The Smiths – Most people will recognize this from the TV show¬†Charmed.¬†Halloween-wise, it’s perfect. Even though you’re all dressed as monsters and celebrities and…food items…you’re still human!


12. “Pour Some Sugar On Me” – Def Leppard/The Maine – This song is perfect for parties. Everyone knows it, it’s great for encouraging everyone to sing the chorus. I love both, but I’ve posted The Maine’s cover below, just so that you know!


13. “Dust To Dust” -The Civil Wars – After all that excitement, you need a nice slow song, if not for all those scary, ghoulish couples!


Honorable Mentions


And, just for my own amusement, let’s throw in Fall Out Boy’sA Little Less Sixteen Candles (A Little More Touch Me)”:

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New Beat Fund – Scare Me Instagram Horror Parodies

You may remember NeW bEAT FUNd from the SiriusXM Alt Nation hit “Scare Me” (or maybe my hilarious interview with them when they were on Warped). Now you may come to know them as the band that love Halloween¬†so¬†much, they’ve decided to roll out fourteen Instagram video parodies with scenes of the most “revered horror movies of all time,” which began on the 16th of October.

The band will step into an iconic role a day from such classic thrillers as: Carrie (1976), Child‚Äôs Play (1988), Cujo (1983), Frankenstein (1931), Friday the 13th(1980), Night of the Living Dead (1968), Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), Psycho (1960), The Birds (1963), The Blair Witch Project (1999), The Fly (1958), The Grudge (2004), The Ring (2002) and The Shining (1980). NbF will roll out these hilarious 15 second clips, one a day, leading up to Oct. 29, when all the videos will be combined into an alternate full-length video for the track. Meanwhile, the official video for ‚ÄúScare Me‚ÄĚ from their ‚Äú($) CoiNz‚ÄĚ EP, was recently added to MtvU.

Check out the first video!



Right now, the band is on the road with 3OH!3, The Summer Set, and Wallpaper. on the Journeys Noise Tour, which kicked off yesterday at Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park, NY and will hit 32 cities before concluding in Los Angeles on Nov. 26. All four bands collaborated on a new track titled, ‚ÄúTurn the Night On,‚ÄĚ which exclusively premiered yesterday on¬†

Prior to this, NbF just wrapped a run supporting blink-182, as well as being featured on several highly-acclaimed festivals (Riot Fest in Chicago and Denver; the KJEE Summer Round Up in Santa Barbara, CA; and the Epicenter Festival in Irvine, CA).

In June, NeW bEAt FUNd re-released its ‚Äú($) CoiNz‚ÄĚ EP. ¬†Fans can get a track for free at¬†

Journeys Noise Tour with 3OH!3, The Summer Set and Wallpaper.
Oct. 16                      Clifton Park, NY                        Upstate Concert Hall
Oct. 17                      Boston, MA                               House of Blues
Oct. 18                      Asbury Park, NJ                       StonePony
Oct.. 20                      Huntington, NY                        Paramount Theater
Oct. 21                      New York, NY                           Irving
Oct. 22                      Philadelphia, PA                    TLA
Oct. 23                      Toronto, ON                              Opera House
Oct. 24                      Silver Springs, MD                  Fillmore
Oct. 27                      Indy, IN                                      Deluxe
Oct. 28                      Cleveland, OH                          House of Blues
Oct. 29                      Detroit, MI                                St Andrews
Oct. 31                      Minneapolis, MN                    Varsity Theatre
Nov. 1 ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Des Moines, IA ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Wooly’s
Nov. 2                       Milwaukee, WI                       The Rave
Nov. 3                       Chicago, IL                                 House of Blues
Nov. 5                       Nashville, TN                            Cannary
Nov. 7                       Orlando, FL                               House of Blues
Nov. 8                       Ft Lauderdale, FL                    Revolution
Nov. 10                     Atlanta, GA                               Buckhead theatre
Nov. 11                     New Orleans, LA                     House of Blues
Nov. 12                     Houston, TX                              House of Blues
Nov. 13                     Dallas, TX                                   House of Blues
Nov. 15                     Albuquerque, NM                   Sunshine Theatre
Nov. 16                     Denver, CO                               Summit Music Hall
Nov. 18                     Boise, ID                                     Knitting factory
Nov. 19                     Spokane, WA                           Knitting factory
Nov. 20                     Seattle, WA                              Showbox at the Market
Nov. 21                     Portland, OR                             Wonder Ballroom
Nov. 23                     Reno, NV                                    Knitting Factory
Nov. 24                     San Francisco, CA                   Fillmore
Nov. 25                     San Diego, CA                          House of Blues
Nov. 26                     Los Angeles, CA                       House of Blues

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