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15 Songs From September ’15 You Have To Hear

avion roe

September…Otherwise known as “The Month Before Halloween,” or “The Beginning of Pumpkin Spice Latte Season.” Whatever you call it, September churned out some amazing new music. From the new 007 theme song to Ryan Adams covering Taylor Swift’s 1989 in its entirety, this month has been an interesting one in the world of music. Check it out!

1. “Gone”JR JR

Looking for a tune to make you smile? This is it. It’s got this adorable sound, but a very triumphant spirit. This is the kind of song that makes you want go on a drive and sing loudly. It’s what you should be dancing around your room to this, singing into a hairbrush, using chopsticks as drumsticks, or playing air guitar to, no matter who you are. Plus, the video is epic.

2. “Smile”Jasmine Jordan

Jasmine Jordan has a beautiful voice, and with passionate storytelling, “Smile” is a breath of fresh air. I love the jazzy instrumentals. The track reminds me of Corrinne Bailey Rae, if I’m honest.

3. “Die Trying” – Jule Vera

Just wow. “Die Trying” is a hauntingly beautiful song, and the video’s post-apocolyptic theme just adds to how memorable it is. Jule Vera is poised for massive success.

4. “Through Your Eyes” – Michael Jayson

Michael Jayson’s piano-driven single, “Through Your Eyes,” is full of rich instrumentals with cinematic quality, and some stellar bass. It also features wonderful lyrics and an upbeat tone, resulting in an infectious optimism that provides a whisper of encouragement.

5. “Into The Rest” – Avion Roe ft. Kellin Quinn

The first official release from the band since they announced that they’d signed with Epitaph Records, and it’s glorious. Bonus points for Kellin Quinn joining in. Seriously, if you haven’t already been in love with Avion Roe for a while, you will be now.

6. “One Love”Marianas Trench

This track is so amazing and incredibly catchy. I have to say that I was completely floored by Marianas Trench when I heard “One Love.” It’s emotional, vibrant, and rich in instrumentals…as well as flawless vocals. I just keep playing this on repeat, and I recommend you do the same!

7. “Epic Love”Todrick Hall

This infectious new electro-pop single is infectious, and the music video is incredible. Referencing some of the great love scenes/movies from great films, Todrick Hall just proves time and time again why he won the Internet…and theater…and television…and, oh, hell, the world.

8. “Alive” – Sia

Sia’s incredible vocals make me happy. She has this quiet power about her that is just awe-inspiring, especially on an underdog anthem like “Alive.” Considering National Suicide Awareness Week and International Suicide Prevention Day all fall in September, I feel like the release of this track had A+ timing.


CAPPA and REMMI, along with producer Foldy, collaborated on a mash-up of the pair’s two tracks, “Killin It” and “Star Spangled.” The mash-up is incredible and a total ear-worm! The two songs flow so nicely together, it’s almost difficult to imagine why they’d ever be apart!

10. “Powers” – Lostboycrow

So I stumbled across this gem on Soundcloud, and there is no going back. Not only is it instrumentally stunning, but it builds and just has this gorgeous sound that beautifully showcases some well executed vocals. Honestly, this song should be all over the radio.

11. “Here (Vincent Remix)” – Alessia Cara x Vincent

Talk about catchy as hell. I love a good remix as much as the next person, and this is a damn good remix, and I already liked Alessia Cara’s tongue-in-cheek track. Of all the sing-along tunes of September 2015, this is a major one, especially on a day when you’re feeling particularly badass.

12. “Can’t Control The Weather” – Fairground Saints

The multi-talented group that is Fairground Saints have already proved how epically talented they are (time and time again), but this single will remind you. You know, just in case you momentarily forgot.

13. “On My Mind” – Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding’s new sound is strangely entrancing. There’s something about “On My Mind” that just pulls you in and has you kind of bobbing and singing along. Plus, the video is gold. Who wouldn’t want to ride a horse into a building like a badass?

14. “Writing’s On The Wall” Sam Smith

The new 007 Spectre theme song we’ve all been waiting for by the magnificent human being that is Sam Smith. Seriously, if his vocals don’t make you melt, you are made of stone. Anyway, the new theme song is beautifully cinematic, if not utterly haunting, so you need to check it out.

15. “Victorious”Panic! At The Disco

The single is a sports-worthy anthem. If you’re looking for a clever #winning song, Brendon Urie has done it once again and answered your prayers. In typical Panic! At The Disco fashion, “Victorious” is theatrical, catchy, and just awesome.

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Hozier Releases “Jackie and Wilson” Video

hozierHozier just released his brand new music video for “Jackie and Wilson,” from his hit self-titled debut. The video showcases multiple performances the artist and his band have done over the years, as well as some fun behind-the-scenes tour moments. You can view the video below.

Did you see Hozier this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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Sam Smith Teases New Music Video for “Writing’s On The Wall”

sam smithSam Smith just dropped a brand new teaser for the “Writing’s On The Wall” music video. The track, the latest 007 theme song, is one of the most highly anticipated tracks of the year. The music video will be premiering in a few days.

Watch the teaser below.

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Pitch Perfect 3 Release Date Announced

pitch perfectPitch Perfect has become a phenomena that the world could never have seen coming. The pop culture favorite had people rushing to the theater this summer to watch the sequel, Pitch Perect 2, and running to the store to pick up the DVD, which came out last week.
Not long after the sequel’s theater release, the franchise announced that they would be singing on for a third film.

Today, Pitch Perfect 3 was given its official release date of April 4th, 2017. Check out the tweet below!

Are you excited for Pitch Perfect 3? Where do you see the characters ending up?

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Frida Selanders’ New Single, “Soon,” Out NOW

frida selanderFrida Selanders‘ brand new single, “Soon,” produced by Oskar Sandlund, is out now. You can stream the track below. “Soon” was recorded and mixed at A&O Recording Studio in Umea, by Sandlund and Anton Persson. The single is the third single from Frida Selanders’ forthcoming album, I Hear Sunshine.

You can stream the new single below:

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Music For Relief Presents ‘Relief Live,’ Celebrating Global Impact of Music

music for reliefThe non-profit organization Music For Relief, founded by Linkin Park, is inviting supporters and music enthusiasts to their tenth anniversary party, celebrating a decade of disaster relief and environmental preservation. Guests will be treated to an unforgettable evening complete with inspired cuisine, open bar, and up close and personal performance from Linkin Park and special guests.

DJ/Producer Steve Aoki will also be honored during the evening for his commitment to Humanitarian aid, including disaster relief, neuroscience research, and animal rights via his Steve Aoki Charitable Fund.

Proceeds from Relief Live will benefit Music for Relief’s disaster relief fund and clean/sustainable energy program, Power The World.

The event will be held at the following address:
Saturday, November 14, 2015
LA River Studios
2025 N San Fernando Rd
Los Angeles, CA 90065
Limited individual tickets are now on sale, purchase your tickets here:
VIP ticket holders and Sponsors will have access to a pre-event artists reception, for details visit 
Sponsorship opportunities are also available here:
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Panic! At The Disco Release ‘Victorious’

panic at the discoPanic! At The Disco just released their highly-aniticipated (and very much teased) new single, “Victorious.” The single is a sports-worthy anthem. If you’re looking for a clever #winning song, Brendon Urie has done it once again and answered your prayers.

You can stream the new song below, and be sure to purchase the song on iTunes.

I was never really great at sports. Never picked first for the team. Never had any game saving plays or tricks I could use to my advantage to then be hoisted upon my team mates’ shoulders in praise of my winning awesomeness. But what I missed in that regard, I made up for in passion and intensity. The guy who was known for turning up the crazy. The guy who said, ‘fuck it, I’ll do it.; That’s truly victorious. Giving it your all when it’s all you have. Giving ’em hell to get a taste of heaven. So I say give ’em a taste of your poison. Turn up the crazy. Tonight, we are victorious,” says Brendon Urie on YouTube.

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VIDEO: Memphis May Fire – “My Generation”

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Disney Release Charles Perry’s ‘Aristocats’ Cover Tune for ‘We Love Disney’ Compilation

charles perryCharles Perry is notable for working as backing vocals for some of the most legendary artists in music, from Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson to Usher and Luther Vandross. Despite being extremely busy working on his own full-length debut, produced by Neff U (Jackson, Dr. Dre), Freddy Wexler (Lil Wayne, Avicii), Jason Evigan (Maroon5, Jason Derulo), and David Foster (Whitney Houston, Michael Buble), Perry is working with Disney, appearing on the upcoming compilation album, We Love Disney.

The album will feature Ne-Yo, Ariana Grande, Gwen Stefani, Jessi J, Jason Derulo, Tori Kelly, Kacey Musgraves, Fall Out Boy, and more. Disney just released the audio for “Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat” by Charles Perry from the compilation, as well as an exclusive clip of why he picked the song, both of which you can view below:

Pre-orders for We Love Disney are currently available now.
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STREAM: Lawrence Trailer – “Wait”

lawrence trailerSinger-songwriter Lawrence Trailer just released his new single, “Wait,” which has been praised left and right so far. The track is a stunning introduction to Trailer’s smooth sound. There is an indie 90s vibe to the song overall, which will leave a smile on most people’s faces anyway, but add in Trailer’s impressive vocal intricacies and free-flowing instrumentals, and, who can possibly resist?

Not only is there a high standard of quality to the track, but also a strong, original presence, which is becoming quite hard to find in the modern scene. Trailer has a fresh perspective and sound, and it will be interesting to see where the next few months take him in his career.

You can stream “Wait” below.

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