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REVIEW: Japanese Fighting Fish–Day Bombs


Imagine, if you will, being in a theatre as a show is about to start. You take your seat, there is the hum of the crowd, conversations all blurring into a steady “buzz…” The lights go down, the chatter comes to a hush, and the curtains open. Suddenly, the lights come on, and a show brings a story to life. Japanese Fighting Fish’s new album, Day Bombs, seems to toe the line of rock album and rock soundtrack to a Broadway show. Each song seems to be a new scene within an act; a narrative brings the verses to life.

“Bloody Fingers” kicks off with heavy percussion, along with the vocal vibrato of Karlost (vocals), adding a cinematic element akin to the opening of an action film. The song is sarcastic, theatrical, and mocks those who dare take themselves too seriously. There is an underlying tie to early-90’s grunge, which is sure to entrance listeners.

“He Doesn’t Know What He Wants” seems a bit more “upbeat,” musically. While catchy, I admit that the chorus is slightly repetitive. Then the guitar comes crashing in, and suddenly, it makes sense. Something about this track is catchy and intriguing, making it a stand-out on Day Bombs.

Japanese Fighting Fish takes on a darker, more guttural tone on “Greatest Excuse,” which has some surprisingly romantic lyrics. “I’m already there for you, my love,” Karlost croons. The sentiment comes seemingly out of nowhere, an enigma, slowly revealing itself through headphones; for this reason, this may be my favorite track on the album.

“They Lie” brings the energy of Warped Tour, with a theatrical element that is almost hard to resist. This feels like it should be a major musical moment for the villain in a Broadway show. Each line, each stage-worthy verse, paints an image, bringing a show to life in one’s mind. “New Song” later follows with a similar element.

Japanese Fighting Fish begin on a slower tempo, with an acoustic guitar strumming slowly, before kicking in with the sound that listeners will have become accustomed to by this point. However, the energy of “Flick The King” is different. It’s still intense, but with less of the aggression that had been apparent in other tracks. “Ben” follows behind with that same energy. The narrative style of the album continues, making Day Bombs feel like a novel or show.

“Legs” brings back the more aggressive undertone, accompanied by haunting group vocals chanting in the background. While far from my favorite on the album, it’s an interesting listen, and fits in with the other tracks. “Senses” caps off Day Bombs in a similar fashion.

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GUEST BLOG: Downfall 2012 Track-By-Track



“Everyman For Himself: Issue 2” Track-by-Track


“Gone For Now”

The general concept is the absence of a hard working man taken advantage of by a selfish materialistic shallow wife. She, who he risks all for, risks their relationship nightly on her escapades of lust and self indulgence. As he fights for their survival, she fights to forget his existence.



The breaking point in which you have endured so much disappointment that you must escape, even if it means leaving your own empire behind. This song was originally released in 2011, and received some Texas radio play.



The “single.” This is a smash, bang around, punk meta,l instant classic that will grab the attention of any person who enjoys aggressive music. The riffs and structure were put together by Boo Rogers in literally 15 min after an extreme road rage moment on the way to the studio.  Within an hour of that Casey had orchestrated the drum arrangement and by the weekend Danny had a machine gun speed vocal that accompanied the song perfectly. Lyrics were formulated in response to a group of Hecklers at a show. It translates well into the story line of Mr. Everyman as he encounters a “Non-Yes man” on his venture to escape the stresses of leadership in a corrupt political environment. The songs chorus was rewritten in post production after countless attempts to introduce more melody. Not sure that’s what we ended up with but it already has become a great “scream along” at our concerts. Fists in the air!


“Behind The Mirror”

Originally slated as a transition this song won the team over and became its own track in post production. It is a “lead-in” to the next track and a conceptual introduction to that part of the story. Creating this piece was the most unique process of all the tracks.  Boo was given the instruction to create a bass driven transitional piece alone in the studio. Upon completion, Casey mapped out and performed synth and percussive loops in the studio alone well. Once completed Danny spent an evening with the piece and wrote and performed all of the vocals. The band along with producer Jim Finley listened and loved it. That exact project was then sent to mix-down and made into its own track.



This is the bands favorite song on the record. We feel this depicts our style and current intention at the highest level. It contains a lot of very dark overtones and subject matter.  Illustrating the evil that one man is not only capable of, but capable of concealing. To dismiss all things at face value and decide against looking deeper into something could cost you your future, freedom, and life…


“Picture Perfect”

This is probably the angriest sounding Downfall 2012 song to date. It is the climactic point of the record and story followed by a somber outro helping further explain. (The storm and then the aftermath…) Concluded with the lead in to the next record “Everyman For Himself: Issue 3” coming this winter. 


The EP “Everyman For Himself-Issue Two  now available on CD Baby.  Get yours today. For more information visit:

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VIDEO: The Bora “Only One”

This video isn’t that new, but it really is that surprising. When I first clicked on the link to The Bora’s video for their song “Only One,” I wasn’t sure what to expect when I pressed play, but the sound that I encountered was worth it. Check it out below!


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MUSIC VIDEO: “Summer Lovers” by Monsieur Minimal

What do you think of the new Monsieur Minimal video for his single “Summer Lovers”?


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Cody Kahmar Releases New Single “Last Time”

Produced by Projay (Robin Thicke, Jennifer Hudson), the pop/dance track will be the perfect wake-up call for those of you just getting out of your 9-5 funk!


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Quiet Company Announce Tour Dates & Plans To Return To The Studio



Quiet Company, an Austin-based indie-rock band, just announced their plans to return to the recording studio to work on a new full-length album, as well as announcing a new set of U.S. tour dates.

Following their stint at Toronto’s NXNE Festival, the band will be giving audiences a taste of their new material, performing at upcoming festivals, including YES, INDEED! (Houston, TX), OTHERFEST (Cleveland, MS), Waco Cultural Arts Fest (Waco, TX) and both CMJ and CBGB Festivals in New York City. 

For a full list of upcoming tour dates and more information, check out:

Upcoming Tour Dates:

9/06 – AUSTIN, TX – Threadgills (Special Acoustic Set)

9/07 – FT. WORTH, TX  – Shipping & Receiving Bar  (Special Acoustic Set)  

9/13 – SAN MARCOS, TX – Triple Crown 

9/14 – HOUSTON, TX – YES, INDEED! Festival at Last Concert Cafe

9/15 – LAFAYETTE, LA – Artmosphere Bistro

9/20 – LITTLE ROCK, AR – Sticky Fingerz Rock N Roll Chicken Shack


9/24 – AUSTIN, TX – ALL ATX Benefit for HAAM at ACL Live

9/27 – WACO, TX – Waco Cultural Arts Fest

10/03 – TULSA, OK – The Vanguard

10/12 – NYC, NY – TBD – CBGB Festival

10/19 – NYC, NY – TBD – CMJ Festival

10/23 – WACO, TX  – Common Grounds*

10/24 – BRYAN, TX – Grand Stafford Theater 

10/25 – AUSTIN, TX – The Belmont*

10/26 – DALLAS, TX – The Prophet Bar*

10/27 – HOUSTON, TX – House of Blues*

*With Alpha Rev and The Reynolds Number

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Vans Warped Tour 2013: Stick To Your Guns ft. Beau Bokan

Finally, a new video! At the 2013 Vans Warped Tour, I got the chance to speak to Stick To Your Guns’ Josh James. We talked about the tour, his guilty pleasures, and even played a game or two, which resulted in the involvement of blessthefall’s Beau Bokan. Check it out below!


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Tyler Layne Releases Video for “Boom Boom”

Tyler Layne, Take 2 Radio’s Pop Artist of The Year just released a music video for the single “Boom Boom,” which you can check out below.



What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

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Jodi Good Releases Video for “Definitely Different”

Jodi Good is an amazing talent who Planet Stereo had the pleasure of working with to review her EP Definitely Different.

Now, Jodi has released the video for the single of the same name, and Planet Stereo is pleased to share it with all of you! For twenty-two, Jodi has a voice and songwriting skills that could rival some of her “more experienced” counterparts.

The video for “Definitely Different” packs a punch, encouraging viewers/listeners to embrace what makes them different, as Jodi has chosen to do.


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