STREAM: Emily Clibourn – “Fools Gold”

emily clibourn
LA-based pop singer-songwriter, Emily Clibourn, has released her new track, “Fools Gold,” the first from her self-titled debut album, set to release late Summer 2015. Clibourn was recently featured in Music Connection’s “Hot 100 Live Unsigned Artists and Bands,” where they praised her for her “clairvoyant song craft and vivid artistry.”

Clibourn began songwriting and recording at the age of 13, when her and her family moved to Los Angeles from a small town outside of Chicago. She first pursued an acting career, gaining credits in national commercials and receiving various roles, including one in the mini-series Heartbreak High, USA, and Children on Their Birthdays. Clibourn then decided to pursue a career as a musician, and has since recorded several albums under various projects. She’s worked with notable musicians and producers, such as Curtis Byrd (Baby Bash), The Lost Children of Babylon, Antoneus Maximus and DJ Motiv8 (Black Eyed Peas).

You can stream her new single below:
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