REVIEW: Love Crushed Velvet–Delusions EP



Starting off like the theme song to Dr. Who, “Revolution Time” makes me stop in my tracks. Did I click on the right album? But as it kicks up, my ears pique, and my head begins to nod. A.L.X.’s gruff voice coming through the speakers, along with the steady drum beat is hard to ignore. Then, of course, there is a serendipitous, melodious moment, accompanied by piano, and gospel-esque sounds. This is rock and roll at its finest.

“Bye Bye Baby” is all about the end of a relationship. The chorus is ridiculously catchy, and by the second time it comes around, it’s easy to find yourself singing along happily. Considering the fact that the song isn’t about the most cheerful of topics, something about this song, perhaps its boppy energy, makes it come off as a happy one.

Continuing on with “Spotlight,” Love Crushed Velvet manages to captivate attention. This track is easily the most haunting, if not almost hypnotic, especially basing this off of the verses and the simple, repetitive plucking of the guitar.

“Jane, Your Light Won’t Change” is a like a flashback to the early days of grunge. It’s alluring, smooth, and blends beautifully into the rest of the EP. Easily a standout track that is poetic lyrically, and intriguing musically.

“Love Leave The Lights On” takes on an almost-beachy tone during its introduction. Then the drums kick in alongside the guitar, and something takes me back to the days when ska dominated my iPod, and I half expected a trumpet to come blaring through the speakers. The piano melodies on this track are also worth noting, alongside the “Na na na na na na na”s sung by A.L.X. towards the end. Each element adds to the infectiousness of the song.

Finishing the EP off with “One Hundred Days” was a genius idea. It seems made to cap off the album. It’s catchy and fun, but is a total contradiction, much to my amusement. This is the song that you blare as you cruise down the road, with the windows down, the sun streaming in, and a scream begging to be released. If freedom could be written into a piece of music, this would have a fighting chance of being it.

Delusions is like a small book, a novella, if you will. Each track seems to be a narrative told in first person. It’s the perfect follow-up to Love Crushed Velvet’s acclaimed debut; it lives up to the expectations placed before it, and the subtle stylistic changes have proven to be a genius idea.

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