REVIEW: Machines Are People Too–Nickels & Dimes EP




From the get-go, Nickels & Dimes is happy-go-lucky, with an infectious beat. “Get Up” is a love song to its core, asking for acceptance, and getting together with the person you’re crazy about before you lose your nerve. The chorus, while repetitive, fits brilliantly, and is perfectly framed by each verse, which all read like poetry.

“Wait” follows with a similar energy. This time, however, the band is telling you to “wait” rather than “get up” and go. This really seems like the ultimate “Forever young” anthem, and a flashback to the ultimate “guy-gets-girl” moment in a fantastic John Hughes’ film.

Slowing it down a bit, Machines Are People Too flow into “I’m Alright.” Much as the title suggests, the track is fairly optimistic. This is the song that will probably be used on a Microsoft commercial (a la Alex Clare’s “Too Close”), but it may find its way onto a film soundtrack, if not the trailer. Truthfully, I have a soft spot for this song, as it utilizes beautifully timed beats, and my favorite thing ever, group vocals. Add in the whistling and the fact that the lyrics are poetry, and I’m a pretty happy set of ears.

“Do What You Love” is essentially an extension of “I’m Alright,” but despite how similar they sound, this song takes the cake for the best on the EP. It’s happy, the lyrics are relatable, and it’s just wonderful. This track is all about following your dreams, and sticking to the old saying, “Find a job that you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Who doesn’t love a song like that?

“Can’t Keep Running” is the most melodic track on the EP, with gentle piano, faded group vocals, and then the steady approach of the drums. It’s like the beginning of something great, a preview of what could be coming for listeners. MRP2 give an indie-feel here, providing you with the perfect song for a night drive (lights and ferris wheel not included).

As someone who adores CDs, people have to work hard to convince me to get a full CD on iTunes, but knowing that “Our Time” is the bonus track, I may be easily swayed. It’s an ideal ending for the EP, summarizing the light tone beautifully.

Overall, Nickels & Dimes is a fantastically made EP that is deserving of every bit of praise it receives. If you’re having a bad day, week, month, year, decade, whatever, blast this, and for those few minutes, you will be able to forget whatever is bringing you down, and I guarantee you will have a smile on your face.

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