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VIDEO: Cam Anthony – “Silent Night”

cam anthonyLike many, you’re probably getting ready for the holidays, and getting yourself in the mood for the season with holiday tunes. In that case, we have a new video for you from twelve year old YouTube sensation and Ellen Degeneres find, Cam Anthony for “Silent Night,” recorded at the two-day Youtube Creator/Songwriter event.

Check out his cover below, which will be featured in the Special Holiday Playlist on the Youtube Kids App until January 7th 2016:
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Todrick Hall Releases “4 Gaga” Video

todrick hallTodrick Hall is at it again! And he’s stepped up his game for this new video in his “4…” Series, this time with costumes. In his video “4 Gaga,” the YouTube star effortlessly blends many of Lady Gaga’s biggest hits, and obviously throws in some of his excellent choreography.

You can watch the video, directed by Hall and Braden Summers, below.

And don’t forget to tune in to MTV Monday’s at 10:30/9:30c for a brand new #TodrickMTV.

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Todrick Hall Releases “4 Rihanna” Video

todrick hallTodrick Hall is at it again!

To kick of Rocktober, the YouTube sensation/MTV star just released another “4” video, this time “4 Rihanna.” The video has an Instagram theme, that you have to pay attention to, because the comments are hysterical. But along with hilarity, Hall once again showcases his epic vocals and fantastic dance skills, this time, choreographed by Ricky Lam.

Check out the video below:

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Check Out This Guy’s INSANE Cover of Ellie Goulding’s “On My Mind”

Ellie Goulding is streaming songs from her new album, and getting ready to release her official music video for “On My Mind.” But while you wait, check out this incredible cover by an artist called Ben Schuller, who gave the track an acoustic, piano-driven spin. With stunning vocals, rich instrumentals, and pure artistry, Schuller makes his cover, simple as it is, unforgettable. Check it out below and be sure to subscribe to Ben Schuller on Youtube.

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Afrikan Boy Releases “Eje Aiye” as Part of Gemma Cairney’s ‘Body Of Songs’

Afrikan Boy

Radio 1’s Gemma Cairney has started to curate songs inspired by the mysteries of the human body to form her incredible new music project, Body Of Songs. The collection is a groundbreaking fusion of music and science, bringing together some of Britain’s most talented musicians to create a group of songs inspired by our inner workings.

All of the acts involved have met with specialists, doctors, et cetera, to explore the body and get inspiration for new musical projects. Check out more on the project below:

Afrikan Boy is the latest artist to unveil his track, featuring Bumi Thomas and Adio, for the project, inspired by blood. “Our song is named ‘Eje Aiye,’ which means ‘life blood or the blood of life’ in Yoruba, and is inspired by the three main functions of blood; protect, repair, and transport,” he explains.

You can stream the song below:

You can check out the Body Of Songs: 10 Major Artists, 10 Songs, 10 Body Parts, HERE.

The results of the experiment were incredible; from the moving, cinematic sounds of Dave Okumu’s “Grateful Heart,” to Afrikan Boy’s fusion of UK and Africa in “Eje Aiye.”

The artists’ scientific journeys have been guided with help from inspirational clinician, Professor Hugh Montgomery, Director of the UCL Institute for Human Health and Performance.

With a line-up of incredible artists, curated by Gemma Cairney (Radio 1), Llywelyn Ap Myrrdin (composer) and Beth Clayton the remaining four songs and body organs from musicians at the peak of their creative powers will be released ahead of the final album in summer 2015.

Body Of Songs is supported by the Wellcome Trust and Arts Council England. With special thanks to University College London Hospital and the NHS.

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Q&A: Brady Parks of The National Parks

the national parks

Breakout folk-pop trio The National Parks are breaking barriers and making a name for themselves. The Utah-based band’s debut album, Young, peaked at lucky number 13 on the iTunes singer/songwriter charts, already solidifying what we knew about this interesting group: They’re ridiculously talented. With stunning music videos on Youtube and a unique sound, The National Parks are poised for stardom. Check out Planet Stereo’s interview with Brady Parks:


Planet Stereo: Thanks so much for doing the interview. How are you?

Brady Parks: Fantastic!


PS: Your new video for “Helsinki,” has recently been released and it is beautiful. How involved in the process of creating the video were you?

BP: Normally, we’re extremely involved in every step of the process, but this one was a little different. Jonathan Turner (director) contacted us and told us he was a huge fan and wanted to make a video. We hadn’t met him but we know his filmmaking resume, so we were definitely interested. He had ideas for a few songs, but when he pitched the idea for “Helsinki” and told us he wanted to take a crew to Finland to shoot on location, we were sold. Jonathan kept us in the loop as they fleshed out the concept, made casting decisions, etc., and then during the post-production process too, so we were involved but primarily just in terms of giving approval throughout the different steps.


PS: Young was such an incredible album. Do you have a favorite track?

BP: Thank you. It’s hard to pick a favorite because each one has a unique memory, situation, or experience attached to it that makes it special in some way. I think I feel most attached to the song “Bird’s Eye” on the album. It’s one that means a lot to me and has taken on several different meanings to me as time has gone on.


PS: What is your favorite part about going into the studio?

BP: I love everything about the studio. My favorite part is watching a song come to life as different ideas are poured into it. It’s amazing to bring in a core idea and then watch it explode into something new.


PS: Would you mind walking me through the creative process?

BP: For me, the creative process starts with an emotion that sparks a general idea for a song. When this happens, I grab my guitar and start finding chords and melodies that fit that emotion. The lyrics then seem to fall into place like a puzzle. After the song is written, I bring it to the band and we all play it and polish it. I then like to create a demo of it where I can experiment with new sounds and ideas before taking it to the studio where the magic happens.


PS: Can I ask, why the name The National Parks (other than your surname)?

BP: Well, my last name is definitely a factor. [However,] we also feel that a lot of our music has been inspired by nature and the parallels that can be found between nature and life, love, religion, etc. So overall it just seems to fit us.


PS: Your songs seem to have a lot of soul and emotion packed into them. Do you ever find it difficult to bare your soul to such a vulnerable extent?

BP: I actually really enjoy that part. There is something cathartic about being able to express something out loud that you would have trouble just saying in a normal way.


PS: What would you like people to come away with when they hear your album?

BP: We want people to enjoy it, of course, but also we hope that it can be inspiring to some degree too. We want it to be more than just entertainment so hopefully the music can help them in someway. We are very excited for our new album and we hope that people will be able to relate to it and be able to take something away from it that will benefit them in their lives.


The National Parks – “Meridians (Acoustic)”


PS: Do you have a favorite song to perform live?

BP: Right now I would say that our single, “As We Ran,” is my favorite to play live. It has been the song we open our shows with for a while now and it never gets old to play. There is a lot of energy from the beginning of the song that the crowd really reacts to. It seems to break down the invisible barrier between us and the crowd which sets the tone for the rest of the show.


PS: How did you get involved in music?

BP: I’ve always loved music. I took piano lessons when I was a kid and then picked up guitar in high school. Since then I’ve been writing songs and really got serious about it in college. The music scene in Provo is amazing and has really helped us grow as a band.


PS: If you could work with any artist, past or present,who would it be and why?

BP: I would pick Justin Vernon. I would love to sit down with him and just pick his brain. Collaborating with him would be amazing.


PS: As artists who really seem to utilize YouTube, what advice would you offer other artists in regards to promotion?

BP: We find it helpful to remember that we were fans way before we were artists. Quite often, we’ll ask ourselves, “What kind of things would I want my own favorite bands to be doing?” and then we just do those things. That sounds pretty obvious [laughs], but it really has helped. And that definitely applies to YouTube – we love watching good music videos and we personally use YouTube to discover new music all the time so we wanted to allow fans to enjoy and discover our music that way too.


For more on The National Parks, please click HERE.

You can purchase tickets and buy CDs HERE.

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VIDEO: Jessica Domingo – “Masterpiece”

jessica domingo

Seattle-based singer-songwriter Jessica Domingo has just released the music video for “Masterpiece,” the title track off her upcoming EP, slated for a release later this year. Jessica, best known for her YouTube videos, including a cover of Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You,” premiered the video on Examiner. The video features choreography by prominent Bay Area/Los Angeles dancer Chris Ho Nguyen, and music produced by multi-platinum Grammy-award winner Mikal Blue (Colbie Caillat, One Republic). You can view the video below:


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CMA Highlights: Meghan Trainor + Miranda Lambert

Last night, at the 2014 Country Music Awards (CMAs), Miranda Lambert, reigning Queen of Country (and Female Entertainer of the Year for the 7th year running) and Meghan Trainor took the stage to perform the hit single, “All About That Bass.” The fun performance came as a surprise, giving way to pop on country’s biggest night. You can check out the performance below:


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CMA Highlights: Ariana Grande + Little Big Town

At the 2014 CMA Awards last night, Ariana Grande took the stage with country superstars, Little Big Town, to perform the hit single, “Bang Bang.” The performance was a smashing success, with light up suits that captured everyone’s attention on country’s biggest night. Check out the performance below:


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The Paramedic Welcome Chris Hollywood On Guitar

The Paramedic announced the addition of Chris Hollywood (formerly of Black Veil Brides) on guitar earlier today. This move has been years in the making as guitarist Jake Nolan commented, “Chris and I grew up and learned how to play guitar together. We know each other inside and out as musicians and people. We were in a shitty punk band growing up and ended up parting ways for some reason. Him and Andy got BVB going and I got The Paramedic going. When we wrote Diary Of My Demons, I put in so much guitar work without even thinking about who was going to play the extra guitar parts. When it came down to it and we had to play the songs live, I knew there was only one person I had to have backing me up. So I gave him a call. I’m happy to be back on stage with him.”
Chris also checked in to say, “I’m so excited to re-join The Paramedic after being out in LA for several years with my old band. Diary Of My Demons is a powerful and emotional record that I immediately fell in love with. I grew up with Jake from an early age and have always believed in his talent and I’m pumped to be able to share the stage with him and the rest of the guys in the band.”
Their new album Diary Of My Demons is out everywhere now and is streaming at YouTubeSpotify and Rdio, CDs and exclusive merch are at the Bullet Tooth webstoreBest Buy and FYE, and it can be downloaded at iTunesAmazon or BandCamp.
The Paramedic Diary Of My Demons (August 12, 2014)
1. Prologue
2. Have A Nice Day
3. Who I’ve Become
4. Proud
5. Make Me Feel
6. Lying To A Liar
7. Fire Red
8. I’ve Been There
9. Captivate
10. My Life In A Bottle
The Paramedic is:
Mike Luciano – Vocals

Jake Nolan – Guitar
Sean Salasny – Guitar

Chris Hollywood – Guitar

Colten Terrell – Drums

Brandon Wallace – Bass

The Paramedic Music Videos:
• Who I’ve Become” from “Diary Of My Demons” (2014)
• Eddie Would Be Proud” from “Smoke & Mirrors” (2012)
For More Info:
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