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Rivers Monroe Grow Wild Tour Diaries

rivers monroe 2016If you know Planet Stereo, then you know how fond we are of Rivers Monroe! That’s why we were delighted when the band agreed to film some video diaries for us whilst they were on the Grow Wild Tour!

Check them out below!


Diary 1:

Diary 2:

Diary 3:

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Ariana Grande & Jessie J Release Behind-The-Scenes Look at ‘We Love Disney’

we love disneyThe long-awaited We Love Disney compilation, which is currently in the Top 10 on Apple Music, is available NOW. On the David Foster produced compilation, you’ve got Disney covers from Ne-Yo, Ariana Grande, Gwen Stefani, Jessie J, Jason Derulo, Tori Kelly, Kacey Musgraves, Fall Out Boy, Rascal Flatts, and more!

Pop superstars Ariana Grande and Jessie J have just released behind the scenes clips, dishing on their choice of tracks and all-time favorite characters. Check it out below!
Ariana Grande on her track choice:
Jessie J on her favorite Disney characters:
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Motivation Monday Playlist 2

Looking for a way to amp up your Mondays and get motivated? Check out this Motivation Monday Playlist! We’ve got all the tunes to get you going for the rest of the week and help you hit all the things on your “To Do” list and all of your goals.


“It’s Time” – Imagine Dragons


“Knock You Out” – Bingo Players


“Girl On Fire” – Alicia Keys


“How Far We’ve Come” – Matchbox Twenty


“Fighter” – Christina Aguilera


“The Fighter” – Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder


“I Got You (I Feel Good)” – James Brown


“Good Feeling” – Flo Rida


“Numb/Encore” – Jay Z & Linkin Park


“Run” – The Maine


For more, click onto the Motivational Monday page!

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VIDEO: Alive Like Me

A few weeks back, Planet Stereo finally finished posting all of the Warped Tour 2014 interviews. However, it was brought to attention that some of the videos were not working.

Well, fear not! They are being re-uploaded this week!

Up first is the interview with Alive Like Me, which you can view below!

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Ellen Leaks Brad Paisley’s “Shattered Glass”

Brad Paisley’s highly anticipated upcoming album, Moonshine in The Trunk, has been making waves left and right. He’s been leaking songs through various sources left and right. Yesterday, Paisley’s “Shattered Glass” was leaked via Ellen Degeneres. Check out Ellen’s tweet HERE.
Moonshine in The Trunk is set to be released on August 25th. You can stream the singles below:
“Shattered Glass”
“Gone Green”
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Challenge: 1001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die

So, if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’ve been coming up with some new ideas for Planet Stereo. If you don’t, this may be news for you.

Anyway, I have been debating whether or not to do this specific project for a while, but have decided, “Ah, why the hell not?” My first editorial for RibbitTV was all about musical resolutions, and venturing from my comfort zone, as well as listening to the classics. Hence why I am going to put my copy of 1001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die to good use.

For the next 100 days, I am going to listen to ten songs a day.

In 100 days, I should have gotten through the book.

I am hoping to jot down my thoughts about each track, gain better musical perspective, and also see what other genres I could fall in love with.

Every week or so, I am going to do a short video about where I stand feelings-wise on the songs.

I’m hoping that this challenge will act as an education for me, as well as maybe inspire some of you to try broadening your horizons and venturing into the classics, or even trying out some foreign music.

If you’d like to join me, please hashtag your posts (photos, blog, etc.) with #1001SongsPS or #100DaysPS on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter, or, if you’re doing this video WordPress, tag the post “Planet Stereo.”

Let’s do this!


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New Planet Stereo Site Up and Running!



Most of you know that I have been working on a brand new Planet Stereo website for the last few months. Finally, it’s done! It will be used in conjunction with WordPress, so don’t forget this address, but please go and check out the site. Also be sure to provide feedback. The more you tell me, the more I can make this a hub for listeners and musicians alike.




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St. Patrick’s Day Playlist



Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Martians! Today is the holiday where all things green are celebrated, Irish flags are waved on a whim, and of course, everyone gets a Dropkick Murphy’s playlist going.

If you’re looking for the perfect St. Paddy’s Day playlist, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s a party, or just a chilled Monday evening after a crazy day, Planet Stereo has the perfect collection of songs to set you in the right mood for whatever your celebration entails.


1. Dropkick Murphys – “I’m Shipping Up To Boston”: A classic. Every St. Paddy’s Day playlist needs Dropkick Murphys on it, and why not this amazing track?


2. The Script – “Before The Worst”: Of course, let’s not forget about this popular band from Dublin. Here’s one of their older, slower tracks…plus, it mentions Dublin. Win, win.


3. Da Vinci’s Notebook – “Another Irish Drinking Song”: This little beauty of a song is a classic for anyone looking to sing and party on St. Paddy’s Day. With a humorous tone to contrast against the gloomy nature of the lyrics, you can’t go wrong with this track.


4. BriBry – “Care”: An awesome single by a really great Irish artist, who has made quite a name for himself on YouTube. Just, please, watch this video.


5. The Pogues ft. Kristy MacColl – “The Fairytale of New York”: The most disturbingly perfect holiday/love/break-up song.


6. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “An irish Celebration Song”: Because who doesn’t love Macklemore & Ryan Lewis?


7. Flogging Molly – “If I Ever Leave This World Alive”: One of the most popular Irish-American bands. You can’t have a St. Paddy’s Day without them.


While there are many amazing Irish artists/songs, as well as some amazing St. Patrick’s Day inspired tracks, here are the Top 7 (lucky 7 for those of you that don’t see 13 as a lucky number).

Have you got any cool songs that you like to play on St. Patrick’s Day? How about some unknown Irish artists you think the whole world should know about? Be a gem and either comment below or send us a message on Facebook!

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FROM THE ARCHIVES: Jarrod Molnar – Keys and Blacktops



Nowadays, anyone can go on Youtube an upload a video of either pure talent or pure stupidity (you know who you are…). Jarrod Molnar (a.k.a. jmole59) is part of the “pure talent” group.
The Australian sixteen-year-old has been posting videos of his piano-playing for about nine months, and sounds as though he has been taking lessons for years. However, he has only been playing for about a year, and, much like another Planet Stereo artist (Greg Skalak), he plays by ear.
“I practice for a couple of hours (at least) every day, especially in the nighttime, when I just sit in my room and play all night,” says Molnar.


With a professional sound, it seems all those late-night practices are paying off. With 477 subscribers thus far, Molnar is reaching out all over the Internet, promoting his talent and his passion for music, as well as basketball, posting videos of his piano playing and basketball highlights.
“When I’m not playing piano, I’m usually playing basketball or weight-training,” he says. “[Basketball is] pretty much my life, other than piano. I plan to go to college in America and play basketball there.”
Along with being a driven person, Molnar was also surrounded by the piano, with his two best friends inspiring the passion for the keys that he now has. “My best friend Nick Bowser was such an inspiration for me. He was the first person I ever heard play a piano…it was just amazing. I knew I wanted to play [piano] when I heard him,” Molnar says. “My other best friend, Greg Skalak, inspired me even more. I’ve never seen anyone do what he does on the piano! They have both been huge inspirations for me.
“I started out watching piano tutorials on Youtube to get the feel of playing songs, and then I started to learn by ear. It was really hard to do at first, but as I kept on doing it, playing just seemed to become easier.”


In a sea of musicians who sludge about, covering songs miserably, Molnar seems to take a unique approach at playing songs people enjoy. “I just pick songs from all the artists I love. If I hear a nice song with piano in it, I immediately have to learn it,” he laughs.
After covering numerous songs as a solo-act, Molnar claims, “I’m working with a couple of people on Youtube at the moment, mostly singers; I’m going to be playing piano for them as they sing. That’s something I love doing.”
Along with collaborations, Molnar has an original in the works. “I have made up a couple of songs. I’ve been working on one in particular, and I plan on uploading it soon.”
Maybe one day viewers will also be able to see the artist branch out beyond the piano. “I’ve recently decided that I’m going to get back into playing the guitar. I played for four years, and took lessons, and then I stopped. I’m going to teach myself now, like how I do with piano,” he explains. “I don’t sing, but one day I hope to learn.”
If you’ve never seen his rendition of Adele’s “Turning Tables,” or Chris Brown’s “Open Road,” check them out below and maybe go subscribe to jmole59.


For updates and more music, please go to his Youtube channel and Facebook!

*NOTE: This article is from September 2011.

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FROM THE ARCHIVES: Talk With Your Fingers



In the recent years, Youtube has become the hub for up-and-coming talents. From Shane Dawson to Chester See, Youtube viewers have seen it all. But have you seen Greg Skalak? The Australian-Youtuber began playing piano at age six, and hasn’’t looked back since. Though he was trained in classical-piano, Skalak now posts videos performing more modern songs, ranging anywhere from Howie Day to Katy Perry, all of which he learns by ear.

“Well after my grade-eight exam last year, I was really sick of playing classical music, and so I started to play only modern, lyrical songs. [But] one day, searching around on YouTube, I was lucky enough to find Valentina Lisitsa. She really opened my eyes and ears to the magnificent world of classical music, and what it can truly be, with the right amount of dedication and passion. She inspired me to learn pieces like ‘Chopin’s ‘Fantaisie Impromptu’’ and ‘Rachmaninoff’s ‘Prelude in G Minor.’’ Through this, I developed a much better understanding of the piano itself and was able to incorporate some of the new skills I had learnt from these pieces into my YouTube covers.”




Learning songs by ear is quite a feat for most musicians, but for Skalak, this seems to come naturally. “It really depends on the song, sometimes it just ‘works.’ I can think up a good left hand very quickly and all I have to do is figure out the melody for the right hand and add the harmonies,” he claims. “Ironically, I find it hardest to learn songs by ear that already have piano in them, because I feel obliged to copy them exactly. Again, it depends on the song; some are more repetitive than others. I usually find mainstream songs very easy to learn because I hear them on the radio all the time, so I subconsciously know them better than others.”

His piano covers of songs like ‘Born This Way’ by Lady Gaga and ‘Hero/Heroine’ by Boys Like Girls has earned him, to date, 751 subscribers, as well as thousands of views per video.



“So far, almost all of [the reviews] have been positive. The only problem I’ve encountered so far is, because in my earlier videos I left my classical sheets on the piano while recording, people have accused me of using them, and not learning by ear. However, watching my video “E.T.” by Katy Perry, I have a feeling it’s just a matter of time before someone accuses me of speeding the video up,” Skalak laughs. One look at any of his videos, and it’’s obvious to see Skalak needs no help from a video-editing software. What is not obvious, however, is how he manages to maintain a life separate from Youtube.




“When I’’m not making videos, I’m promoting them,” he laughs. “Actually, my second passion in life is athletics; I do sprints and jumps. I can honestly say, other than school, everything I do in my life is somehow related to piano and athletics. I can’t even remember the last time I just sat down and watched TV.” His dedication to his art is paying off, as more people are clicking the “subscribe” button every day. If you haven’t already seen, check out his channel at Youtube.com/user/TalkWithYourFingers and keep your eyes and ears open for more of him on Youtube and Planet Stereo.


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