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REVIEW: Adryelle – “The Waiting Room”


Adryelle presents a series of moods in her new release, The Waiting Room, which was released independently earlier this year. The title track and opener of the EP, “The Waiting Room” is eery and entrancing, slowly drawing listeners in. It picks up with a steady rhythm, and proves to be lyrically sound. It is perfect timing for me to hear this; the frustration with the feeling of waiting around is almost palpable and extremely relatable.

“The Shoreline (Dream Pop Version)” is top 40 worthy; reminiscent of Ellie Goulding instrumentally, but pulls a stunning Tori Amos-esque vocal arrangement, which explores multiple ranges throughout the lyrics, which will make any lit-lover swoon. With poetic style and gorgeous piano, Adryelle’s slight reverb on the vocals adds that dreamy quality to the harmonies, rounding out the quality of the track as a whole and setting listeners up for the rhythmic, bold follow-up, “Storyline.” The dreamy quality is maintained, but the focus switches more to the beats and overall instrumentals, although it stands out as one of the most cinematic tracks thus far. It proves to be catchier than “Rainbows,” which doesn’t satisfy my craving for more of Adryelle’s impressive vocals.  However, the track maintains a steady, constant tone to it that is not to be understated. The raw demo-like feeling adds a power to the collection of songs.

“Never Let Me Go” has the kind of introduction that practically places a dance show in your head; artsy, rhythmic, strong vocals, back to the explorative tones seen in the first track and an eery romance to the track itself. I wish it could be mashed together with “Kiss The Daylight (SiL En Ce Remix).” The latter is stunning, cinematic, beautifully crafted, and cleverly remixed. Hands down, the best song on the EP. It proved to be ridiculously impressive and mesmerizing, both vocally and instrumentally, and setting the tone for the dance-driven “Black Chandelier (SiL En Ce Remix)” which closes out The Waiting Room with a strong pop element.

There is a very raw quality to this young lady’s talents. It’s interesting to hear and sparks thoughts of what we can expect to hear from her as her career progresses.


The Waiting Room is out NOW. To purchase a CD, click HERE.

For more on Adryelle, click HERE.

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1001 Songs Challenge: Day Eighty-Four

So my Nana flew to the UK today to be with her brother. I am thinking this week is going to be a very rough, very stressful week…which either means I will feel like shying away from this challenge or that I will immerse myself in it more than ever (like, filming more videos and writing more than one post a night). I don’t know how this is going to go…Good gracious.

1. River of Deceit – Mad Season

To say I love the guitar on this track would be a bit of an understatement. I adore it. In fact, I really enjoy the overall vibe and tone of the song in general. There is a soft edge to it that is so mainstream nineties, but in a way that gives it a unique character. I can imagine listening to this while walking around a town, or even driving along the coast. It has such a breezy sound to it that doesn’t seem to match its strangely dark title.

2. Dear Mama – 2Pac

The first time I can remember hearing this song, I was a sophomore in high school. My English 2 Honors teacher played it for us. She was a big 2Pac fan. In all truth, the narrative strength of this song is what makes it a classic. 2Pac tells his mother’s story and also illustrates aspects of his life; he essentially penned a song of gratitude for his mother, and the sacrifices she made for him, with a mixture of autobiography.

3. The Bomb! ( These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) – The Bucketheads

Boppy, typical, 90’s-electronic-dance music. All these dance songs with the same beats make me feel like I have woken up in a club, not my room in the America that exists in the summer of 2014. I think I am just growing bored with these songs that all sound the same.

4. Guilty by Association – Joe Henry and Madonna

I was surprised to see such a softness associated with Madonna. I really enjoyed this track for its simplicity, and even for the fact that Joe Henry really is allowed to shine and it is Madonna’s harmonies that are utilized, not having her step into the spotlight (as per usual). It is a shake-up that was both a pleasant surprise and beautiful to hear.

5. A irmandade das estrelas – Carlos Nunez

The guitar on this track is stunning. I cannot imagine being able to resist this. I am a sucker for a beautiful guitar tune, and this is it for me. It’s a unique musical track for certain, seemingly blending as much European/Spanish flair into one instrumental as possible. For me, it seems to paint images of striking dancing left and right.

6. Brooklyn’s Finest – Jay-Z ft. The Notorious BIG

No thank you. Just no. I know people will be all pissy that I’m not a huge Jay-Z fan (although I love the Linkin Park/Jay-Z crossover album), but I really don’t like this.  I am not a prude about language or violence, but a lot of the language on this is volatile. I’m sorry, I don’t care if he’s black, white, neon green, or orange, if “nigga/nigger” is a bad word to the rest of the world, it should not be said. To use it on a song is not appropriate to me. If it has such a negative connotation, why would you want to refer to yourself/your friends as one? It’s nonsensical. (…allow the political/personal bashing to begin…NOW.)

7. Novacaine For The Soul – Eels

I really wasn’t sure where this was going. There is a monotone sound to the vocals, offset by the light sound of the music. However, the vocals soon step it up, thank goodness, becoming a good track to listen to. Lyrically, this is a great 90’s song; even just the line, “Jesus and his lawyer are coming back…” GENIUS.

8. Ready Or Not – Fugees

I love this. Lauryn Hill’s soulful vocals mixed with clever lyrics delivered by an articulate rapper…perfection. Lauryn Hill also surprised me with her rapping skill. She is good. Seriously, how can anyone not enjoy this song?

9. Firestarter – Prodigy

Repetitive, and pretty boring. It sounds like part of a soundtrack for a really bad sci-fi movie.

10. Professional Widow (Arman’s Star Trunk Funkin’ Mix) – Tori Amos

Well, Tori Amos is a legend, but I’m pretty sure I would have been happier listening to the original rather than a remix. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good remix as much as the next person, but there’s only so many I can cope with before I get bored. Thankfully, Tori Amos has an entertaining quality to her vocal stylings that makes this a little less painful.


As Sunday comes to an end, I am ridiculously grateful to crawl into my bed, although I know there will be very little time to sleep. Back to the usual grind tomorrow, and I cannot wait to train and clear my head. What songs do you like to listen to when you work out?

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1001 Songs Challenge: Day Eighty-One

I’m actually really excited about today’s playlist. Granted, this could be because I see some 90’s favorites on the list, but I digress. Today was a busy day made only more stressful when I checked my emails. Don’t you hate when that happens? I’m half waiting for people to pop out of my computer screen with tasks for me to do…like a digital Hunger Games.

Anywho, before I scare myself imaging me doing flips with my laptop and shooting articles out like arrows, I’ll get onto the playlist.

1. Doll Parts- Hole

I’ve never really been huge on Hole or Courtney Love, but I must admit, this is a song I’ve got a soft spot for. It’s edgy and has a dark, melancholy tone to it that makes it stand out to me. It captures the feeling of rejection and insecurity perfectly.

2. 7 Seconds – Youssou N’Dour ft. Neneh Cherry

The introduction to this song had me thinking of a 90s/early 2000s spy film, for some bizarre reason. Overall, the track is beautiful. There is a depth to the lyrics “a child […] doesn’t know the tone of skin…” It certainly seems to illustrate a more equalized view of race and sexuality than songs from the past.

3. Live Forever – Oasis

Ah, another good group from Manchester. Oasis is iconic…although “Wonderwall” is normally the track that comes to mind when Oasis is mentioned. While they do have an alternative-rock sound, there is something that seems to scream pop-punk about Oasis…It might be, in my opinion, Noel Gallagher’s vocals. I’m not 100% sure. This is, like most of their tracks, pretty catchy, and has a deeper meaning. I think that might be the theme of today’s playlist: looking beyond the surface.

4. Cut Your Hair – Pavement

I really like this one, maybe just for it’s boppy “Oooh ooh”s at the very beginning. It just goes to show that songs that appear to be about mundane things (like haircuts) can have a different meaning or at least be entertaining to listen to.

5. All Apologies – Nirvana

Anyone that knows me knows I adore Nirvana. I have a love of their iconic grunge style and well-written lyrics. Kurt Cobain has a set of pipes that are so distinguished, I dare say I could pick them out of a blind playlist playing all the songs at once. I love this song as well. Attitude isn’t in it; grunge is epitomized.

6. Hurt – Nine Inch Nails

Could this be the beginning of “emo” as we know it? Nine Inch Nails have this ability to sound tough even when being a bit more “vulnerable.” I believe that to be a very enviable skill that is perfectly showcased on this track, especially when the beat kicks in a bit stronger, the vocals become a bit more certain, and the overall sound just becomes louder, if not fearless.

7. Black Hole Sun – Soundgarden

This has a bit of a…trippy sound, to begin. It is a very familiar song, because anyone who likes 90s music knows of Soundgarden. I love how strong the vocals are; they contrast perfectly with the gentle instrumental.

8. Interstate Love Song – Stone Temple Pilots

A perfect road trip song? Sign me up! With a classic rock vibe, this is an entrancing song that almost comes across like an autobiography. I could honestly listen to this on repeat with no qualms. The urge to get in a car and just drive until the car runs out of gas is tempting.

9. Waterfalls – TLC

A classic 90’s tune! Who doesn’t love this song? The lyrics are powerful, touching on the AIDS epidemic and social issues left and right. Not only is it very well written, but it’s catchy as hell. TLC were talented as hell. I can happily listen to them all day…as can THIS guy, obviously:

10. Cornflake Girl – Tori Amos

Another classic, Tori Amos has stunning vocals. She has a soulful power that she seems to demonstrate with ease in “Cornflake Girl.” The more I listen to this song, the more I love it.


Well, my Internet may hate me, as it is now playing up and going super slow. For now, I will sign off, but be prepared for Day 82!

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