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It’s that time again: 15 tracks you HAVE to hear for February 2015…and the accompanying music videos you have to see. This month, we’ve got love, lust, hatred, and more; nothing the “month of Love” cannot handle, right?

Anyway, check out some of these amazing tracks below:


1. The Maine – “English Girls”

2. AURORA – “Runaway”

3. Microwave – “Stovall”

4. Fall Out Boy – “Irresistible”

5. Ashlinn Gray – “Battleships”

6. Austin Kolbe – “Lips”

7. Passion Pit – “Lifted Up (1985)”

8. Rory Indiana – “Empiricism”

9. Retox – “Let’s Not Keep In Touch”

10. Taylor Swift – “Style”

11. Echosmith – “Bright”

12. Falling In Reverse – “Just Like You”

13. The Veronicas – “Cruel”

14. Taking Back Sunday – “How I Met Your Mother”

15. Nate Ruess – “Nothing Without Love”

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VIDEO: Rory Indiana – “Empiricism”

rory indiana

Rory Indiana has a crazy week coming to them. Not only are they entering the studio to record their second EP, Ruling Class Crooks, with Chris Coulter (Acrane Roots, Jamie Lenman, EMP!RE), but the band has a show and festival dates to announce. Added with that, Bring The Noise exclusively premiered the brand new official video from Rory Indiana yesterday, for their EP’s title track “Empiricism.” Watch the full video below.
On April 4th, Rory Indiana will play at Press To Meco in Crawley.
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Rory Indiana Premiere Live Music Video

rory indiana


Brighton-based alt-rockers Rory Indiana have released a brand new live video for their latest single, “Ruling Class Crooks.” You can view the video below.

The band have also announced some exciting shows coming, including supporting tour dates for EMPIRE! on the Brighton date of their February tour and Press To Meco in April.



February 17th – The Hope, Brighton w/ EMPIRE!
April 4th – The Black Dog, Crawley w/ Press To Meco
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REVIEW: Rory Indiana: “Empiricism” EP

rory indiana


Rory Indiana

“Aρχή” kicks the EP off with a heavy, building introduction, that, while short, really packs a punch. With classic rock edge, the track comes in hauntingly slow, progressing, and setting a mood that carries throughout Empiricism. When “Sirens” comes in, it picks up without missing a beat. In fact, if you listen to the EP in order, you’d never know there was a break between the two tracks. Featuring the stunning contrast of classic rock instrumental and punk vocals, the song manages to fuse two different eras together beautifully, all the while showcasing clever lyrics. What I think I enjoy best is probably how high energy, and subtly provocative, the track is. Subtly goes a long way! In lines like, “tonight, I’m sleeping with sirens/Tomorrow, I’ll regret what I’ve done,” there is an evident feeling of reckless abandon, all based off of the powerful raw desperation, which adds a very human element to the overall EP.

“Empiricism” is an obvious choice for the title track, with a heavy, steady beat, and an overall sound equivalent to a battle-cry. This is Rory Indiana’s way of announcing their arrival, with an intricate instrumentality that deserves mountains of praise. Between the powerful overall style, fast-spitting phrases, and empowering tone, this is the weight-lifting track of the ages. This is that song that will amp you up enough to power through one more rep, one more day, one more moment of frustration. It is incredible. However, “Sanctuary” is easily my favorite track on the EP. It’s wonderfully melodic, but still manages to blend a stronger instrumental that keeps the collection of songs consistent. As a great twist on the classic framework of a love song, it really stands out amongst its counterparts. I’d love to see it performed live, if not just to see the powerhouse vocals that it showcases. There is a surprising level of talent that springs out on “Sanctuary”– band pushing further than before.

Empiricism is an EP that I didn’t really see coming; from start to finish, I found myself surprised by the capabilities of Rory Indiana, and further intrigued by their sound.

For more on Rory Indiana or to buy concert tickets, please click HERE.

Empiricism is out NOW.

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