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Vacation Q&A w/ Peter Marullo of Protagonist

protagonist.jpgA long-standing band is something to be praised and adored in today’s ever-changing world. With members scattered across the country, all dealing with life itself, South Florida’s melodic punk band Protagonist is still around with something to say…and plenty of fun to be had.

The band recently released their new record, Jean Jackets In June (who isn’t obsessed with the alliteration of the title?), and embarked on the Florida Vacation tour with fellow punk stalwarts New Found Glory.

Planet Stereo caught up with Peter Marullo (vox) to chat about the tour, how the band keeps it all together, and the new record.


Planet Stereo: How is the tour going?

Peter Marullo: Really well, thanks! It’s the last night of the tour for us tonight!

PS: Are you guys not going on the [Parahoy!] cruise as well?

PM: No, no cruising for us!

PS: Are you sad about that or happy because you get to home and relax now?

PM: I mean, I’ve never been on a cruise, so I’d be totally down to go on a cruise with Paramore and New Found Glory! But yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to a little relaxation and downtime…Well, that’s kind of a lie, because I wish I had, like, thirty more shows to go. This tour has been unreal.

PS: I imagine! I love that it was all Florida as well, because so many tours skip Florida.

PM: Yeah! As soon as it came up, and as soon as we were asked, we were like, “Oh, well, where’s the tour going to take place?” And when they said all Florida dates, we were like, “What?! That’s awesome!”

PS: A moment of happiness, because you realize you get to be in the sunshine!

PM: Yeah, and it’s a bit of a different situation for us, because, you know, we’re “based” out of Florida, out of Boca Ratone. We’ve always been a Florida band, but logistically, our personal lives, jobs, and careers, have taken us all over the United States. So being able to come back to the home state, the home turf, and basically all the major cities in the state, with New Found Glory, it’s been, literally, unreal.

PS: I’m also going to take a guess and say you’ve not had a dull moment, not even once with New Found Glory. We all know Brian [Forst] hasn’t! I hear he’s been quite the punk Rennaissance man.

PM: No! [T]hey really are a great group to be around, for sure. And Brian is wearing multiple hats on this tour. […] [laughs] He’s managing, he’s guitar-teching, he’s driving, and he’s playing in Protagonist.

PS: Oh my gosh…I hope he gets a massive cup of coffee as a reward.

PM: Well, he’s going on the cruise, so hopefully he’ll get some relaxation and downtime [laughs].

PS: Hopefully! Well, has there been a favorite day of the tour for you?

PM:  I mean, it’s funny, because, the first one in Pensacola…We’ve never previously had a great show in Pensacola, but the first night of the tour, from the first strum of the guitar, every night is a favorite night. I would say the stand out, though, last night, we played the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale, our home turf area, and, you know, same drill, it just went off. You know?

PS: A little bit of hometown pride going?

PM: Yeah! And, you know, we don’t get to play our hometown area that much. We haven’t played Palm Beach county in quite some time. The last two times we played down here was Propaganda in Lake Worth, which, is cool and has a great crowd and stuff, but it’s not really our home crowd.

PS: Yeah, and there’s nothing cooler than coming back to your hometown, performing, and being like, “Look! I made it!” And just going for it in front of everybody.

PM: Yeah, we had a great time!

PS: Good! I also heard that you teamed up with Smart Punk to release the new EP. What made you guys transition to them to release [the record]?

We previously released The Chronicles and States on Paper and Plastic, and then had gotten together with Less Than Jake, and got to play their Wake and Bake Festival, which is their yearly thing they put on in Gainesville, like their tribute to their hometown. We would do different kind of east coast tours, and stuff like that. In early 2014, we had a batch of songs, and we knew it was time to record and put something out, because it had been a few years. Ultimately, we decided to go into their studio with Pete Steinkopf from The Bouncing Souls, and so we headed into his studio, and after a week in there, we had five new songs. So we sent them out for a friend, Jamie Woolford, who used to sing in the band The Stereo, which is a Fueled By Ramen band. He runs a great studio out west, so we headed out to Arizona, and he mixed it down, it sounded great. We kind of sat on it for a while, and tried to figure out what the smartest thing to do with it was. With everybody everywhere, we kind of operate unconventionally and wanted to make sure that it was put out in a strategic way. Our buddy Jordan, who plays in the band Teenagers, he works for AJT Orlando, and a couple of guys there had recently acquired the “Smart” brand name, and decided to relaunch it as a label. We kind of just had a conversation one day, and just figured, “Yeah, let’s give this a shot.” The 10”, the vinyl, just came out in time for this tour.

PS: Oh, that’s awesome! I bet you guys have been selling a lot of the vinyl, because that’s become really popular again.

PM: Yeah, yeah, and Smart Punk did a really good job with it. We have a screen-printed Florida Vacation Tour variant, and been getting a lot of good response from it. It’s weird, you said vinyl has become popular again, and we had a guy at the show last night, and he was buying merch for his two-year-old son. Sort of, investing in it for the future, so that when he’s like thirteen or fourteen, he would have a pretty cool collection of punk shirts and merchandise going.

PS: That is so smart! I have never thought of that, but that it so clever!

PM: Yeah, like me and Jordan, who has joined us to do merch at the shows, were chatting and we were like, “That is so awesome. By the time his kid is like, fifteen years old, he’s going to have a crazy record collection, a crazy wardrobe…,” and it could be dated by then, but it will be cool.

PS: Oh, yeah, I mean, you think of the kids now who are going out and going online to buy AC/DC, Wolfmother, etc. shirts, and it’s like, “You weren’t even alive!” It will be even cooler now, like, “Oh, well my dad actually collected these for me.”

PM: [laughs] Yeah! It’s pretty cool.

PS: I also have to high-five you through the phone for the alliteration in the EP’s title. It’s just amazing.

PM: Thank you!

PS: The nerd in me was very excited.

PM: What comes to mind to you when you see those words?

PS: When I see the words Jean Jackets In June, I think of my own denim jacket that I wear all the time in the summer, because it goes with everything. I also think of the opening sequence of Pretty In Pink, when they take you through the high school, and there’s two teenagers walking through the door, holding hands, and they’re wearing jean jackets.

PM: You know, I haven’t thought of that scene in a while, and I was going to go and see the movie when they re-released it on Valentine’s Day, in the theaters, but I know exactly what you’re talking about! And the relation to the image.

PS: The film buff in me immediately thought of it, and just kept thinking, “Damn, that is so cool,” but also made me wonder, is there a story behind the title?

PM: Um…it just kind of…That’s a layered question, to some extent. Me and my brother have kind of had the concept of that song around for a few years. Like, we’ve always wanted to do a song called “Jean Jackets In June,” and we haven’t. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the song, but it has this opening rift that goes like…[*provides soundeffect to showcase opening rift*] and that’s all we had was the title and the opening rift.

And literally, like three weeks before we went into the studio with Pete to record it, my brother sent me the first demo of the song. I was sitting in the airport, flying back from a wedding–I live in Massachusetts, and was flying back from Fort Lauderdale–and I put the demo on, the first time hearing the song, and a big chunk of lyrics just came to me. I was like, “Alright, this is exactly what this song is supposed to be.”



PS: When I heard the song, I honestly just thought it was perfect for my summer playlist.

PM: Awesome! And I guess the concept, which I like to leave open for people’s interpretation, has a few possibilities, but there’s this overall theme of being able to attach an emotion to a physical, tangible item. And that item represents a memory, like this person wearing that jean jacket, and it suddenly brings back all these thoughts. Maybe not even from their life, but from a past life, or a distant memory.

PS: So [Jean Jackets In June] really plays on the feeling of being away from home. I believe the press release said the “dissociation of location,” which is really the best way to describe it. As a musician, do you struggle being on the road a lot?

PM: You know, I think it might actually feel more opposite, like yearning to be on the road more. In an unconventional way, we’ve been in this band for a long time, and within the five of us, there is a deep core unit. [W]e all live in different places, and have careers and jobs, and, like, life going on, and our own personal stuff. But we all try and get together a good amount of time throughout the year, and whether that’s recording or playing a batch of shows, or, in this case, playing on a tour with New Found Glory, we all make it work. I think part of the press release references “Hide Away,” which is the second track off of the record.

It’s basically about that disassociation of location, as we’ve grown older, as we’ve moved out of our home state, and sort of things at headquarters, at homebase, sort of disintergrate, znd whether that’s a familial breakdown […], friendships and relationships that you used to have, it’s sort of the yearning for that home, and we sort of explore that theme on our record States. There’s sort of that theme going on. Like, there’s a lyric on that record, “I’m pleading for a home to return to,” about being between two locations and trying to figure out which is home, or what is home.

PS: You referenced the length of time that you guys have been a band, and considering you have been on the scene for so long, and seen so many of the changes, how have you guys adjusted to that?

PM: I want to say sort of via the war of adapting, so I think Protagonist specifically has done a good job in adapting to [social media]. Take last night, for instance, we actually Live Stream-ed the show on Facebook, which is a new feature, and we streamed the entire set. At one point, we had, like, 600-700 people watching at one time. I think we’ve figured out a good way to find a balance between both [eras of promotion]. Like, I was just at a record store next to the venue, and brought copies of Jean Jackets In June, and sold them to the record store for consignment, and we brought a bunch of posters to hang around the cities we’re playing. So we’ll go around hanging up posters, visiting record stores, making sure the EP is directly in record stores we’re hitting up. I think because we were a band before the social media and technology side took over, we’ve been able to do a really good balancing act of both.

PS: Well, it’s funny because I spoke to Will Pugh (Cartel) about the exact same thing, and he said it’s the weird thing of being between eras, and trying to find the footing. Have you found it difficult to find the balance, or was it a straight dive?

PM: That’s a tough question…I like the physical side of things, I like handing out fliers, being able to sell the record to someone, or, after a show, have a kid come up to where we’re selling merch and buy our record, and they get to leave with this physical document or representation of what they just saw on stage. But I also like being able to send out a Spotify link to a family member or to a friend that lives across the country. A lot of the [social media] makes it easier, like, the fact that you can go online and search, ‘Protagonist Jean Jackets In June,’ and it’s going to pull up a Youtube track, or a Spotify link, Apple Music, iTunes, Pandora, it could bring up this interview, and then a kid may be in Wisconsin, who’s never seen us, that’s getting into punk, has heard of us, and will be able to sit and understand some of the stuff and the subtext of what’s going on within the band and on the record. It’s hard to pick a side, I think, and diving in headfirst into both areas is the smart thing to do.

PS: Because you have been together so long, and are now based in different states, how do you manage to keep everything functioning as a group?

PM: I guess the latter side, technology. Being able to hit a button and have someone who is 1500-2000 miles away in front of me, and able to have a conversation. Stuff like GarageBand, a lot of the Cloud sharing stuff, I mean, I can record a vocal for a demo sent to me, and then send it out to the members of the band. It’s definitely hard, but it’s not as hard as people think it is. It’s not as hard as buying plane tickets, and trying to figure out everybody’s schedules. A lot of the other stuff is sort of easy…or maybe it’s becoming easy!

PS: I was going to say, I’m sure it’s a lot easier with demos now that you don’t have to wait for things to be sent via Snail Mail.

PM: [laughs] Yeah, which is pretty wild, but even on this tour, it’s the last night, so I’m grabbing a couple of copies of the record for people that I haven’t seen in a while, people that were involved in the recording, producing, etc. I still get a big thrill out of going to the post office and sending off records and t-shirts.

PS: Everyone likes to get mail!

PM: Yeah! Everyone loves a good mail day!

PS: I have one last question for you, before you go and get ready for the final performance. I have to put a little asterisk on this one, so I don’t get sued! [laughs] This is in no way a threat on your life, anything/anyone you love or hold near and dear, it is simply a philosophical question.

PM: [laughs]

PS: I can feel your nerves through the phone [laughs].

PM: I’m open! [laughs]

PS: If you knew this was your last conversation with another human being, your last chance to say what you needed to, what would you choose as your final words, and why?

PM: One word or a statement?

PS: A statement. No pressure.

PM: Hmm…I’ve got to think about this for a second…last conversation with a human being…hmmm…Like, I know I’m going to die?

PS: Yeah, like a cartoon anvil is about to smash you on the head, and these are your final words to Earth.

PM: Um…I think I would say something along the lines of, maybe it sounds cheesy, but like, “Treat other people how you would like to be treated. You only get back what you give, so really make everything you do and every ounce of energy that you put into what you love, make it count.”

PS: That’s very good. You honestly can never fail with this, as long as you don’t answer “YOLO.” [laughs]

PM: [laughs] Oh no.

PS: You laugh, but I’ve had that answer before.

PM: Oh Jesus.

PS: I was tempted to hang up on this person [laughs]. Joking…

PM: [laughs] That’s funny.

PS: The best was “Not in the face.”

PM: Intense. [laughs] It sounds very Goodfellas, you know, so like his mother can give him an open casket funeral.

PS: That’s what I always think! Like, okay, Joe Pesci.

PM: [laughs] Yeah!

PS: [laughs] Alright Pete, well, I’m going to let you go, but thank you so much for doing the interview! Good luck tonight, I’m sure it will be amazing!

PM: Thank you for taking your time to do the interview!


For more on Protagonist, click HERE.

To purchase Jean Jackets In June, click HERE.


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Top 20 Music Videos of 2015

michael persallEach year, our favorite artists give us music to enjoy…and, more often than not, some amazing music videos to go along with it.

At Planet Stereo, music videos are one of the top things we get asked to cover, and most of the time, that’s fine by us! This year, the normal “Top 15” list had to be extended to 20! There were just too many amazing videos to choose from! Check out our picks below and let us know in the comments what your favorite music videos were this year!


1. Highly Suspect – “Lydia”

Highly Suspect’s official video for their single “Lydia,” from their album, Mister Asylum. It really is filled with incredible visuals, and was filmed entirely underwater…in one take! It’s beautifully shot, and Marina Kazankova (the girl in the video) does an incredible job. And hey, the song has been nominated for a Grammy!

2. Sam Smith – “Writing’s On The Wall”

Considering that this video was teased relentlessly, its release was like a moment from the “Hallelujah” chorus. The video is stunningly cinematic, much like the track itself…and of course, it helps that Sam Smith can do no wrong and that the track is for a Bond film!

3. Tillian – “Satellite”

Animated by John Howe, “Satellite,” is both a wonderful, unique video, and a definite stand-out for the year!

4. PVRIS“White Noise”

I cannot praise PVRIS enough; there’s just too much talent to even begin to try. And the video for “White Noise,” which pays homage to the horror film Poltergeist, is excellent.

5. New Found Glory – “Vicious Love (ft. Hayley Williams)”

Not only is this video incredibly funny, but it features guest vocals (and an appearance) from Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams (a.k.a. the Future Mrs. Chad Gilbert). The track itself is incredibly catchy, but the video is both comedic and full of great Halloween ideas.

6. The Maine – “English Girls”

Yet another clever video! The Maine’s video for “English Girls” shows the members of the band on a pretty crazy night out, leaving everyone wondering: Who did John O’Callaghan wake up next to?

7. Marianas Trench“One Love”

There’s something about Marianas Trench’s music video for “One Love” that is so 2003…in the best possible way. The track has a powerful sound, and, when added with the great visual, how could you not love it?

8. Adele – “Hello”

Adele is back, and she came back with a simple, “Hello.” The video broke the records set by Taylor Swift’s VMA-premiered “Bad Blood,” and is stunningly pieced together.

9. Lady Gaga – “Till It Happens To You”

Lady Gaga’s new Grammy-nominated track, “Till It Happens To You,” is an extraordinary song with a strong presence. The video brings the song and the scary statistics about sexual assault on college campuses, to life. The song is from The Hunting Ground film, which is available now: http://bit.ly/1E6XAFl The video warns that there are triggering, graphic scenes depicted, and I will reiterate that now: TRIGGER WARNING. This video contains graphic images that may act as a trigger for some people.

10. Ella Henderson – “Mirror Man”

The soulful track is powerful, memorable, and the video is just as strong. Ella Henderson’s vocals are golden.

11. Bring Me The Horizon“Throne” (…and “True Friends,” just for the storyline.)

The Game Of Thrones vibes from this video are all there, and the quality is unreal. The editing is perfect, with everything timed excellently.

12. Panic! At The Disco“Emperor’s New Clothes”

The makeup and cinematography of this video are…wow. I mean, Brendon Urie becomes a devil.

13. All Time Low“Something’s Gotta Give”

This was easily one of the best videos of the year, no questions asked; it’s funny, it has zombies (zombie makeup!), and, of course, a catchy track to go along with it.

14. DIVIDES “Echoes Fade”

My favorite thing about this video (and all of DIVIDES’ recent videos)? They’re all made in-house. The band filmed and edited the whole thing, and it’s extremely impressive. “Echoes Fade” is the kind of video that you just find yourself mesmerized by, and rightly so.

15. Taylor Locke – “Call Me Kuchu”

“Call Me Kuchu” is soulful, and reminiscent of classic rock. Inspired by the documentary of the same name, the song and video come together in a stunning metaphor; shedding light on the lack of basic human rights in Uganda, where being gay is considered criminal. The music video, directed by art/editorial photographer Logan White, acts as a satire, featuring Dr. Kuchu, a turn-of-the-century magician and snake oil profiteer.

16. Michael Persall“The Move”

The Move,” an upbeat tune that perfectly captures a sweet courtship, all the while showcasing some of Persall’s enviable vocal talents. The indie-pop/rock single is radio worthy, with perfect timing, a happy-go-lucky charm, and a fantasy appeal, as seen in the music video.

17. Hands Like Houses – “I Am”

“I Am” is a video that proves “a little goes a long way.” It is so simply put together, but carries such a weight visually (and musically). It’s truly minimalism at its finest.

18. Halsey – “New Americana”

This video has the post-apocolyptic edge that I imagined Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” would have. It helps that the song is ridiculously catchy.

19. Set It Off – “Ancient History”

Set It Off have released some pretty cool videos recently, but “Ancient History” works so well with the whole time-travel kind of thing (very fitting for the year of Back To The Future). 

20. Jade The Moon – “U Take Care”

Jade The Moon’s “U Take Care” video has a stunning, haunting feel to it. The video, written and directed by Chad Rook, is wonderfully symbolic, working well as a metaphor for the effects of love and hurt. With soaring vocals, the electro-pop track is sensational.

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Tumblr Releases a List of Top 20 Most Reblogged Bands

tumblr bandsTumblr just released a list of the 20 most reblogged bands on the site in 2015. Just like in 2014, 5 Seeconds of Summer and One Direction have held their spots at the top, followed by twenty one pilots, Fall Out Boy, and Panic! At The Disco, all rounding out the top five of the list.

Many bands found their way onto the list, even My Chemical Romance, despite their disbanding (or maybe because of their disbanding).

Check out the full list below:


1. 5 Seconds of Summer | Official Tumblr
2. One Direction | Official Tumblr
3.  Twenty One Pilots | Official Tumblr
4.  Fall Out Boy | Official Tumblr
5.  Panic! At The Disco | Official Tumblr
6.  All Time Low
7. Fifth Harmony | Official Tumblr
8. My Chemical Romance
9. The 1975 | Official Tumblr
10. Bring Me The Horizon
11.  Paramore | Official Tumblr
12.  Pierce the Veil | Official Tumblr
13.  Arctic Monkeys
14.  Black Veil Brides | Official Tumblr
15.  Odd Future | Official Tumblr
16.  Sleeping With Sirens | Official Tumblr
17.  Little Mix
18.  Nirvana | Official Tumblr
19.  The Beatles
20.  PVRIS | Official Tumblr

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Warner Bros. Records To Release Original Cast Recording for ‘School Of Rock – The Musical’

school of rock musicalWarner Bros. Records announced that they will release the Original Cast Recording for School of Rock – The Musical on December 4th. The stage production, which opens on Broadway at the Winter Garden Theatre on December 6th, features songs from the popular 2003 film School of Rock (written by Mike White, directed by Richard Linklater and starring Jack Black), as well as 12 original songs written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyricist Glenn Slater, with a book by Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey). School of Rock – The Musical is directed by Laurence Connor (Les Misérables).

The album will be produced by Webber and three-time Grammy Award-winner Rob Caballo (Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Goo Goo Dolls, Phil Collins, Gary Clark Jr.), and features songs from the stage production, as well as three songs from the film, all original songs were written by Webber and Slater.

Alex Brightman will star as Black’s character, Dewey Finn. You can view Brightman and the cast give a preview performance of ‘Teacher’s Pet’ from School of Rock – The Musical HERE

More info about the album will be revealed in the coming months.
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Back-To-School Playlist 2015

3-11-all-time-low-2Back-to-school is a crazy busy time, and we know a ton of you are headed back this Monday.

So welcome back early mornings, long classes, and, of course, homework.

Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect playlist to get you pumped up for your first day back…and maybe even as a soundtrack for your first walk back down the hall. Check it out below!

  1. “Homecoming” by Hey Monday, Hold On Tight (2008)
  2. “Teenagers” by My Chemical Romance, Welcome To The Black Parade (2007)
  3. “All The Small Things” by Blink-182, (2000)
  4. “Paper Chase” by The Academy Is…, Fast Times At Barrington High (2008)
  5. “Oxford Comma” by Vampire Weekend, Vampire Weekend (2008)
  6. “Art School Girl” by Stone Temple Pilots, Tiny Music…Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop(1996)
  7. “Phoenix” by Fall Out Boy, Save Rock and Roll (2013)
  8. “Scandalous Scholastics” by Gym Class Heroes, As Cruel as School Children (2006)
  9. “crushcrushcrush” by Paramore, Riot! (2007)
  10. “What I Go To School For” by Busted, Busted (2002)
  11. “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World, Bleed American (2001)
  12. “Coffee Shop Soundtrack” by All Time Low, Put Up Or Shut Up (2006)
  13. “STAT-60” by MC Lars, The Laptop EP (2004)
  14. “Billy S.” by Skye Sweetnam, Noise From The Basement (2004)
  15. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana, Nevermind (1991)
  16. “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift, 1989 (2014)
  17. “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars, Uptown Special (2015)
  18. “Congratulations (ft. Matty Mullins)” by Sleeping With Sirens, Feel (2013)
  19. “Hands Down” by Dashboard Confessional, So Impossible (2001)
  20. “High School Never Ends” by Bowling For Soup, The Great Burrito Extortion (2006)
  21. “If You C Jordan” by Something Corporate, Leaving Through The Window (2002)
  22. “Four Years” by Jon McLaughlin, OK Now (2008)


“Fat Lip” by Sum41, All Fill No Kill (2001)

“Ocean Avenue” by Yellowcard, Ocean Avenue (2003)

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VIDEO: Loren – “Echo”

As humans, we love to compare things. It helps us gage our expectations. For example, most people describe the latest female-fronted band as “the next Paramore,” regardless of whether or not they’re even the same genre. Fifteen-year-old Loren often receives the comparison to New Zealand’s Lorde. While these comparisons are far from bad, Loren is setting a standard all her own, beautifully fusing classic and modern influences to provide the perfect level of angst that you need while listening to music.
You can pre-order her upcoming EP, The Dareon iTunes and get an instant download of her latest song, “Echo,” which you can see the hauntingly beautiful video for below:
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VIDEO: New Found Glory – “Vicious Love (ft. Hayley Williams)”

new found glory

New Found Glory just released their brand new video for “Vicious Love,” featuring Paramore’s Hayley Williams. You can view the video below. The single comes from the band’s upcoming album, Resurrection: Ascension, which is available to preorder now on Hopeless Records and will be out October 9, 2015!

Preorder it from iTunes: http://smarturl.it/NFGascension
Preorder it from Hopeless: http://smarturl.it/NFGmerch

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Countdown To The APMAs, New Exhibit for AltPress


The second annual Journeys Alternative Press Music Awards, fueled by Monster Energy Drink, will be taking over the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio next Wednesday on July 22nd, 2015. Tickets are on sale now via ALTPRESS.COM/APMAS.

The awards will be broadcast live on AXS TV at 6:30 PM ET, and will be streamed globally on YouTube (outside of North America) and features LIVE performances from:





MOTIONLESS IN WHITE and many more surprises be unveiled!

And the APMAs is proud to announce new performances and special appearances by members of Shinedown, the Wonder Years, Nothing More, Escape The Fate, Transit, the Rocket Summer, Issues, Our Last Night, the Cleveland Cavalier Girls and Corey Graves of the WWE.

Presenters at this year’s event include members of ‘68, the Amity Affliction, As It IsAsking Alexandria, August Burns RedBeartooth, Bullet For My ValentineCrossfaith, Drama Club, Every Time I Die, Man Overboard, Major League, Mayday ParadeMemphis May Fire, Metro Station, Miss May I, Motion City SoundtrackNeck Deep, Never Shout Never, New Politics, New Years Day, Parkway DriveReal FriendsSenses FailSet It OffSilverstein, State ChampsThis Wild Life, We Came As Romans and While She Sleeps.

The APMAs AXS TV Red Carpet coverage will be hosted by Every Time I Die’s wisecracking frontman Keith Buckley and New Years Day’s striking frontwoman Ash Costello. The pair will interview many of this year’s stars as they make their way down the red carpet and into the main event.

There are still some tickets left for the event—get yours now before they are gone! APMAs Early Bird discount tickets, Ultimate Monster Travel Packages and Vans Warped Tour bundles are already sold out, but remaining available options include reserved seats at $59.99, premium seats at $79.99, general admission pit passes for $199.99 (which now include early entry) and special VIP packages are $249.99. Head to www.altpress.com/apmas for all ticket offerings and details on each option listed above.

As previously announced, Alternative Press Magazine will be honored by the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame And Museum with the unveiling of a special new exhibit, Never Give Up: Alternative Press Magazine At 30, presented by Roadrunner Records, Fueled By Ramen and Jakprints. The exhibit opening will kick-off with a special Sonic Session featuring Danish alt-rock group New Politics and one of AP’s “100 Bands You Need to Know In 2015,” Vinyl Theatre.


7:00pm – Doors open to the public

8:00pm – Outdoor concert featuring New Politics and Vinyl Theatre begins

11:00pm  Museum closes

The exhibit opens on the eve of the APMAsJuly 21stFor more information, ticket options, and in-depth details about the exhibit, visit www.rockhall.com.

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Q&A: Like Mike’s Dan Wilson

like mike

Back in August 2011, Georgia-based pop-punk group Like Mike formed. The group quickly found their footing, with their first two singles recorded and plenty of shows planned in their hometown of Marietta, by October of 2011. Like Mike has hardly slowed down since their inception, performing alongside the likes of Cartel and Set It Off, performing at dates on the Vans Warped Tour, and releasing two EPs to date. The band is currently in working on their third EP, with their new single, “Knuckles Deep,” which is out now. Dan Wilson (drums) sat down with Planet Stereo to talk about the band’s new music, their plans for the summer, and much more.

Planet Stereo: Thanks so much for doing the interview. How are you?

Dan Wilson: No problem! I’m doing great, thanks.

PS: You’re preparing to release your third EP soon. What are you most excited for?

DW: I’m so excited for people to hear what we’ve been working on the last few months. This EP, unlike the last two, is all music we wrote together in the same room and the songs are better for it. I think listeners will be able to hear that. Other than that, I’m just ready to play all of it live. We’ve already started to incorporate some of the new stuff into our live set and it feels so good.

PS: Your new single, “Knuckles Deep,” recently came out. What made this song stand out as a single for you?

DW: I think it was just a good introduction to what’s next for us. It foreshadowed the slight shift in direction and even the quality of the new music we’ve been writing. Although I didn’t write the lyrics, they struck me as more personal and hard hitting than anything we’d released prior and I think you’ll hear more of that kind of writing in the new EP as well.

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Paramore’s ‘Riot!’ Celebrates 8th Anniversary


Paramore’s breakout record, Riot!, celebrated its eighth anniversary yesterday, June 12th. Many will remember that era of the band’s career, but few will remember it as clearly as Hayley Willams, who took to Twitter to reminisce on her favorite memories from the time. The front woman writes about her signature hairstyle, fashion choices, and even about the band’s first TRL (RIP) appearance. You can view her tweets below:

Are you feeling nostalgic? Share your Riot! memories below!

If you’ve somehow missed this gem of an album, Riot! is available on iTunes.

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