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Firestarter Official Photo Blog

Photo by Harrison Lubin

Photo by Harrison Lubin


New York-based pop punk band, Firestarter, are currently on the road with Trophy Wives, Nominee, and Such a Mess for a month-long US tour, which kicked off on February 13th. The band has been kind enough to give us the exclusive to their photos for an official photo blog. Check it out below!


What’s up everyone? We are Firestarter from NY and here are some pictures of our time on the road!


The captions read…

1. Tina Beltcher’s favorite road.
2. Lazy Moon Pizza, the home of the tastiest pizza slice bigger than your head!
3.Trying to escape the northeast ice & snow, but it’s not working.
4. Jeff needs an adult.
5. Two of our brand new guitar cabs thanks to Mills Custom!
6. Every tour at least one of us earns this prestigious award.
7. I wonder if you can tell how bad we smell from this picture…
8. Why can’t the sunrises in NY look like this?
9. Part of the world’s biggest clarinet…and us in New Orleans.
10. We have hand grenades. Tyler does not.
11. This sign is for Matt Bliss.
12. Your girlfriend/boyfriend would look fine in our merch.
13. We know we are in Austin, TX when we get to see this guy.
14. Just gonna leave this here for ya.

1(B). Completely abandoned mall in Memphis, TN
2(B). Jeff keeping it classy last night of tour
3(B). Last Cookout of tour, hush puppies I’ll miss youuu
4(B). Selfies with Marky Poo
5(B). Skies over Tucson
6(B). Exactly…
7(B). This day was a good day.
8(B). Fourth time in a year, cool with us!
9(B). Quite possibly the most beautiful view of tour
10(B). Cold & grey in Cleveland, OH
11(B). The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, it’s v chill
12(B). #tourmishaps
13(B). This drive was sick…not!
14(B). In’N’Out hangz with Such A Mess
15(B). Da beach in San Diego
16(B). The Canyon is most certainly Grand
17(B). A simple summation of tour


Keep checking back for more photos from Firestarter’s tour!

firestarter tour

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Firestarter Announce US Tour



Pop-punk band Firestarter announced that they will be hitting the road for a month this winter on a US tour with Trophy Wives, Nominee, and Such a Mess. The tour kicks off on February 13th in Poughkeepsie, NY, finishing up on March 8th in Henderson, NV. For more information and to buy concert tickets, please visit: www.firestarterband.com.

You can see a full list of dates below!
Earlier in 2014, the band released their latest EP, Forget The Past, and the follow-up, recorded by Jay Maas (Counterparts, Defeater, State Champs) is expected to be released this year!
firestarter tour
Tour Dates:
**More dates to be announced soon**
Feb 13 – Poughkeepsie, NY @ My Place Pizza *
Feb 14 – Amityville, NY @ Amityville Music Hall *
Feb 15 – Baltimore, MD @ Trash Mansion *
Feb 16 – Richmond, VA @ Canal Club*
Feb 18 – Charleston, SC @ Upstairs at Joe Pasta *
Feb 19 – St. Augustine, FL @ Planet Sarbez *
Feb 20 – Sunrise, FL @ Anonymous Guitars *
Feb 21 – Orlando, FL @ Backbooth *
Feb 22 – Odessa, FL @ The Goat House *
Feb 23 – Pensacola, FL @ The Handlebar #
Feb 24 – Houma, LA @ Spanky’s Music Hall #
Feb 25 – Houston, TX @ Harrisburg Studio ^
Feb 26 – Austin, TX @ Gypsy Lounge ^
Feb 27 – Denton, TX @ J and J’s Pizza #
Feb 28 – San Antonio, TX @ The Ten Eleven ^
Mar 1 – El Paso, TX @ The Spot #
Mar 2 – Tucson, AZ @ The Rock +
Mar 3 – Mesa, AZ @ The Underground +
Mar 4 – San Diego, CA @ Woody’s +
Mar 5 – Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction +
Mar 6 – San Francisco, CA @ Submission Art Space +
Mar 7 – Bakersfield, CA @ Jerry’s Pizza +
Mar 8 – Henderson, NV @ Eagle Aerie Hall +

* = w/Trophy Wives
^ = w/Nominee
+ = w/Such A Mess                                                                                                                                          Credit: Viktoriya Tkacheva & Paul Runko
#  = Denotes Firestarter Only
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Top 15 EPs of 2014

2014 had a lot of great albums, but what about all those EPs? People tend to let smaller releases slip by unnoticed, but at Planet Stereo, the phrase, “nice things come in small packages,” is muttered throughout the year. (…that may be partly because I’m only 5’2″, but hey! It’s a valid argument!) Here are the Top 15 EPs of 2014. Here’s hoping 2015 brings some good ones too!


1. Savannah by Nick Santino – released December 19th, 2014.

Nick Santino

A quality EP that displays both artistry and originality throughout. There is pure character in each track, which gives Savannah  a cinematic quality/value. The stripped down sound provides a quiet, almost hushed tone that carries a lofty emotional weight.

2. Waiting For a Sequel by Beat The Heart – released on May 6th, 2014.


The epitome of indie/rock. There is an almost tangent energy to the EP, fusing together a cinematic, melodic style with the ballad worthy attitude of the 80s.

3. Strangers In Fairyland by Jocelyn Arndt – released October 27th, 2014.

Jocelyn Arndt

Jocelyn Arndt perfectly delivers wit and attitude, wrapped up in raw power. It’s a debut EP that showcases the pure talent of Arndt and an effortless mystery behind it all.

4. Sweet Talk by Sinclair – released on November 4th, 2014.


From the opening notes of Sweet Talk, it is obvious there is something very special about Sinclair. I had said in my review that I believed there was a star in the making; that this wasn’t a debut, “this is an explosion,” and I stand by that.

5. It’s So Much Friendlier With Two by The Millenium – released on February 23rd, 2014.


“[A] memorable EP. The effort and talent put into just five tracks shines through in every line, but, in a surprising twist, it doesn’t sound forced. This EP flows organically and sounds like the product of a group of very creative people collaborating. One listen, and The Millenium are difficult to forget, not that you’d want to. If this EP is anything to go by, we should all be expecting big things from this group in 2015. ”

6. Nonvesations by Summon The Octopi – released on November 17th, 2014.

Summon The Octopi

“Summon The Octopi have figured out how to do something many modern artists would deem impossible: they have managed to speak to listeners without having the need of a voice on every song. There is a true originality to every track, speaking for Nonversations, marking it as more than a debut EP, but more as a launch station for a talented group of musicians. ”

7. As You Were by Arc & Stones – released on June 10th, 2014.


“The more I listen to As You Were, the more I want to see a tour with Arc & Stones and Thirty Seconds To Mars headlining the bill. The EP is an instant classic, and, considering this is the first time I’ve ever listened to Arc & Stones, a perfect introduction. As far as first impressions go, the band has left a fine one on me, and I look forward to hearing what they come up with next.”

8. Commonweather by Commonweather – released on November 25th, 2014.


“Chicago is known for being home to some of the best artists, especially in the alternative rock arena, but even hailing from such a city, it is a rarity to hear a band that sounds so developed, and so confident in their sound on an EP. Just listening to Commonweather’s EP, it is obvious that we will see big things from them soon, because they already have enough quality in their work to compete with some of their more experienced counterparts. I, for one, cannot wait to see the results.”

9. Nikos by Nikos – released on October 21st, 2014.


As an introduction to the band, it is a wonderful preview at where they are headed, and how certain they are in their sound already. Their self-titled EP is delightfully melodic, energetic, and hauntingly brilliant.

10. All In My Head by Seaway – released on November 4th, 2014.


“As a debut, All In My Head is pretty much close to perfection, showcasing what Seaway is capable of musically, lyrically, and even style-wise. It is refreshing to hear a group who so obviously knows the direction they plan to take with their career, without imitating their icons.”

11. Thieves & Lovers by Thieves & Lovers – released on September 23rd, 2014

Thieves and Lovers album artwork

“Thieves & Lovers are fiercely talented, seemingly avoiding the over-produced quality that so many artists seem to be floating towards these days. With their self-titled EP, the band definitely stands out, and leaves listeners waiting for a full-length album.”

12. I Woke Up by Nominee – released on October 14th, 2014.


Nominee’s sophomore release is wonderfully original; a well-made addition to the band’s discography. The EP had an irresistible style, with a dynamic and infectious attitude that further emphasizes the overall quality.

13. Balloons by Ruby My Dear – released on October 14th, 2014.


There is a soulful beauty to this EP, and every track had something to offer. The music and lyrics of Balloons work together, fitting like pieces of a puzzle; there is not the typical competition of which will win the heart of the listener.

14. At Night by Choir Vandals – released on October 27th, 2014.

Choir Vandals EP

Between the mixture of emotional intensities, explosions of raw power, and a brooding undertone, Choir Vandals are the musical Heathcliffs of the scene…if, you know, stages could stand in the moors. The intricacy of their sophomore EP makes them one to watch.

15. HEART by Alexz Johnson – released on February 18th, 2014.


“One thing I really enjoy about HEART is the raw, melodic tone each track has. Unwaveringly honest and powerful, this EP encourages listeners to not only sing along, but to feel what is being sang about. Alexz Johnson is an artist who has a very recognizable voice, and her songwriting rivals some of the greats. HEART is more than an EP; it is a statement. It might say different things to different people, but one thing is undeniable: whatever it’s saying is coming through loud and clear.”



The Acoustic EP by Jake Furia

Move Now by Marshall Crenshaw

Lucy Scholl by Lucy Scholl

Chemistry by Plaid Brixx 

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REVIEW: Nominee – ‘I Woke Up’


  Despite its hauntingly slow beginning, “Requiem” is jam-packed with energy, and acts as a perfect start to I Woke Up. Chris McLelland proves to be an unexpected power-house of vocal strength. This is the kind of track it’s easy to imagine being played on a stage at Warped Tour to a crowd who screams the lyrics back to the band, which is a constant image in my mind as the album continues, especially with tracks like “Converging Light and Matter.” “Cliffhanger” maintains the energy of I Woke Up, with a sound reminiscent of old Anberlin tracks that acted as the soundtrack for summer days as they faded into early mornings walking down a hallway (see also “Sandpaper”). The arena-worthy drumming, courtesy of Andrew Echavarria, builds at the bridge, giving an edge to the song that makes it stand out beautifully. This is probably one of the most pop-punk songs I’ve heard throughout all of 2014, although “Suffer” is a very close second. There is an homage to the bands that Nominee has obviously grown up listening to, but without a hint of imitation. Producer Paul Leavitt‘s fingerprints are all over this though, which may just put Nominee at an advantage. Easily my favorite track on I Woke Up, “Without You In Front Of Me” has everything that a quality alternative rock track should have: group vocals, heavy drums, epic guitar parts (Nathan Pozen, Stephen Flynn), and lyrics that demand to be sang loudly at concerts. Definitely a noteworthy track that deserves to be played again and again. Not unlike its predecessor, “Suffer” is a strong tune, showcasing the talent of each member. The instrumental alone contains a surprising amount of energy and power throughout. Bass-dominant (provided by Cameron Kisel) “Sandpaper” has a style to it that makes you want to sway and sing along. With lyrics that read like poetry, and a tone of raw emotion, it’s hard to resist, although the same could be said for each track on the album. “Wreckage” bookends the album brilliantly with rich instrumentals, further solidified by the strings featured. Finishing off I Woke Up with stunning precision, Nominee’s sophomore release proves to be a wonderfully original, well-made addition to the band’s discography. With irresistible style, a dynamic style, and an infectious attitude, Nominee may just be your new favorite band. For more on Nominee, please click HERE.

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