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TDR Records Release Free Compilation EP, ‘Ashley & Michael’

tdr recordsTDR Records just released a special digital EP, entitled, Ashley & Michael, to celebrate the marriage of Michael Hollins (TDR’s founder) and his fiancée Ashley. The EP features an acoustic rendition of a brand new or classic song from Punchline, Valencia, With The Punches, The Promise Hero, Barely Blind, and July.

[Fun Fact: It was even given out as a wedding favor!]

The wedding compilation is a truly unique listen, and each song, whether you were already in love with it or not, has a fresh new style to it. Considering the fact that people limit themselves to the same 10 wedding tunes, these songs open up the pool a little more, especially for rock/pop-punk lovers.
The EP can be downloaded for free HERE, and you can view a complete track listing (and EP artwork) below:

1. Punchline – Turntables of Love
2. With The Punches – I Told You Already (Acoustic)
3. Valencia – The Space Between (Acoustic)
4. The Promise Hero – All I’m Searching For
5. July – What We Signed Up For (Acoustic)
6. Barely Blind – When I See You
Congratulations to the new Michael & Ashley Hollins on their wedding, once again. Be sure to download the EP now!
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15 Songs From July ’15 You Have To Hear


Ah…July. The summer month of fun, independence, and, of course, thousand sun weather. But don’t panic! We’ll keep you “cool for the summer” with some of the best tracks from July that you’ve got to hear before the month ends!

1. PVRIS“Fire”

Can I just say how amazing PVRIS is? I love this band, and the new single, “Fire,” only makes me love them that much more. It’s gritty, powerful, and anthemic. Who doesn’t love a track like that?

2. Divides “Echoes Fade (ft. Chris James)”

Divides are a recent obsession for me. On “Echoes Fade,” we hear the pairing of CJ Marie and Defeat The Low’s Chris James, eliciting a nostalgic vibe reminiscent of early 2000’s rock hits, when the female-male vocal face-off was more of a guarantee than a surprise. Must hear!

3. Vance Joy“Fire & The Flood”

Beautiful song with a soft sensibility about it. When you think of a good love song, please let this be what you remember about 2015. The song picks up with ease, and becomes this alternative/folk-pop, light-hearted tune. Let’s just put it on repeat, please!

4. Knuckle Puck – “Pretense”

I’m starting to think that Knuckle Puck can do no wrong. And that it might be dangerous for me to listen to them for too long; it makes the pop-punk lover/angsty thirteen year old want to shout along to the lyrics…while at home, or, you know, on a run.

5. Nate Ruess“Great Big Storm”

You can’t deny it, Nate Ruess has some catchy vocals. I think he could start singing restaurant menus and we’d all want to join in. He’s also got a fantastic storytelling ability that should be praised.

6. State Champs – “Secrets”

The song and the video both make me want to go to a show right now. But can we just take a moment to acknowledge that pop punk is having one hell of a year? Because it really is, and State Champs are making that even more likely of turning into one hell of a erif they keep it up.

7. MC Lars“The Ballad of Hans Moleman”

The single from MC Lars’ forthcoming, The Zombie Dinosaur LP, is probably his most pop-culture-centric song yet, paying tribute to the old man from The Simpsons, referencing Artie Ziff, footballs to the groin, being mistaken for a leprechaun, and more.

8. Emarosa“I’ll Just Wait” (Reimagined)

I’ll admit it, I’m a little obsessed with this song. The piano, the vocals, just the richness of the instrumentals are enough to make any music lover melt.

9. Cassadee Pope“I Am Invincible”

The new track from pop-punk-gone-country powerhouse Cassadee Pope. It’s infectious, but also filled with so much raw talent. The vocals will just blow you away (and before you say it, yes, she does sound exactly the same live. She’s ridiculously talented).

10. Bring Me The Horizon – “Throne”

Electronic element are just kind of slipping in everywhere as of late, and BMTH’s new single, “Throne,” is no exception. It’s actually a welcome surprise from the group; it’s refreshing. I love the overall vibe of the song and how anthemic it is. Be warned, the video is super eery at times!

11. We Came As Romans – “Tear It Down”

Bitter is the word and revenge is the game. However, it’s easy to like the song. I kind of just want to listen to it at the gym during a heavy lifting session. Sounds ideal.

12. New Found Glory “Vicious Love (ft. Hayley Williams)

I sincerely love this video. It’s both funny and ridiculously cute all at once. Bonus for Hayley Williams being involved!

13. Slaves – “Burning Our Morals Away”

The lyrics on this track are incredible, and i can’t really find fault in it at all. It’s so cleverly put together. If you weren’t a Slaves listener before, you will be after this track. I don’t think you can go wrong with powerhouse vocals on a song…ever.

14. Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa“Stayin’ Out All Night”

Now here’s a track I would actually want to hear in the club, because, good grief, there is some shit out there. Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa work beautifully together, and for those of us who didn’t get to catch them on their Boys Of Zummer tour, this is enough to pacify that, I think.

15. Demi Lovato – “Cool For The Summer”

A new, somewhat provocative look for the songstress. The track is pretty catchy and perfect for summer.


Drew Cayla – “King”

Mayday Parade “Keep In Mind, Transmogrification Is A New Technology”

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JULY Release New Single ft. Devin Moody



Canadian pop-punk band JULY released a new single called “Go Fall In Love With Someone Else,” which features singer Devin Moody, who departed earlier in the year. Below, you can stream the song and read a statement from the band.


To purchases the song on iTunes click here: http://smarturl.it/GoFallInLove
Bandcamp – http://tdrrecords.bandcamp.com/track/go-fall-in-love-with-someone-else


Statement from July:

“Every band has its ups and downs. They have good and bad experiences. And with every let down, they’re expected to get back up. Sometimes this can take a little longer than anyone expects. We’ve been silent for a long time and unfortunately haven’t had the opportunity to return from that silence, yet.
It hasn’t been easy on us. Not touring, not playing shows and barely writing. It’s as upsetting for us as it is for you all. We feel like we’ve let ourselves down, even though it’s out of our control. But worst of all, we feel like we’ve let you down. That’s not to say that we’re not trying. It’s definitely not to say that your support means nothing. The very reason we keep trying and hustling on is for you guys. The overwhelming support and opportunity you’ve given us over the past few years has been immeasurable. We’re just four, occasionally five, currently three guys in a basement writing about what makes us happy or sad—and we don’t want to stop doing that. We’re trying our hardest to keep going.
Today marks the one year anniversary of our first full length, What We Signed Up For. This album took us halfway across the world and all over Canada and the US. It’s a collection of memories, ideas, experiences and sounds that helped us carve out a little chunk in each of your hearts and minds. While we know this one new song may not do much, we hope you all will like it. We hope it gives you as much hope that we’ll return as it gives us.
“Go Fall in Love With Someone Else” was written while we were on tour in Japan and finished when we got home. We recorded it in the summer of 2013 for a split EP, but due to circumstances out of our control, it never saw a proper release. It’s personally one of my favorite songs that we’ve ever written and I’m very happy that we now have the chance to share it with everyone.
We have no intention of stopping. But right now, we need to step back and properly figure out how to take a few more forward. Having a handful of new songs and no one to sing on them is a major curse to a band. It’s a person without a soul—a car without an engine. So, we want you to know that this is by no means a “goodbye” so much as it’s a “see you soon.”
So, see you soon.
-Sam, Andrew and Marc of July”


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Anberlin Post Song Lyrics and Meanings



We all have that moment listening to a song, or even an album, where we think, “I wonder what the real meaning behind this is…” There might also be a few moments of “Did he just sing about a heart’s speedo?” Mastering the lyrics and getting the meaning behind our favorite tunes is normally a hit or miss, but Anberlin fans don’t have to worry about that!

The band’s singer, Stephen Christian, has posted each track, verbatim, on his new blog, and BONUS! He’s even thrown in the meanings to each song.

Anberlin will be releasing their final album, Lowborn, on July 22. At the time of its debut date, Christian will update the blog to include the last songs of the band’s incredible career.

Still taking the hit of their “too-soon” retirement? Don’t worry! Listeners still have a full summer to see the band live at this year’s Vans Warped Tour, which Anberlin will be on now to July 6th, then one more time from July 16th to August 3rd!  Check out all of Anberlin’s final tour dates and purchase concert tickets here.

You can purchase a CD here, and keep reliving the glory days by playing it over and over again.

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HIT THE LIGHTS Announces “Skip School, Start Fights” Tour Support



HIT THE LIGHTS, the pop-punk five piece from Ohio, have announced the supporting acts for their “Skip School, Start Fights” tour, as well as launching a VIP pre-sale for the dates. Below, you will find links to the bands touring, as well as tour dates.

Major League 
Light Years 


5/30 – Asbury Park, NJ @ Asbury Lanes
5/31 – Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance
6/01 – Worcester, MA @ The Palladium (Upstairs)
6/02 – Hamden, CT @ The Space
6/03 – Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall
6/04 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Altar Bar
6/05 – Lakewood, OH @ The Foundry
6/06 – Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
6/07 – Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
6/08 – Columbus, OH @ Woodlands Tavern

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Alternative Press Premieres July’s In-Studio Performance Of “Second Best”


Earlier today, Alternative Press premiered an in-studio shoot with July performing their single, “Second Best,” during the band’s downtime at King Sound Studio in Paducah, KY. As part of King Sound Studio’s Alternative Press Instagram takeover, the studio invited July to film several in-studio videos.

“We had such a fantastic time down at King Sound Studio. Rick has such amazing facilities and he and his created created a fun and professional working environment that allowed us to create this awesome in-studio shoot!” says singer Devin Moody.
July recently won a contest on RyanSeacrest.com for having the best group cover of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and also finished a tour supporting Canadian solo artist SayWeCanFly. The band will be announcing a new tour in the coming weeks along with plans for new music.
The band’s debut LP, What We Signed Up For, is now available on TDR Records – http://www.tdrrecords.com/july


Click HERE to watch.

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July To Perform on Canadian National TV Tomorrow; Announces Tour w/ SayWeCanFly!

Tomorrow morning, July will be performing on Canada’s “Breakfast Television” (a Canadian Good Morning America, if you will). The band will be performing an acoustic rendition of the title track of their debut LP What We Signed Up For, which is available now on TDR Records.


Along with that exciting news, July will be heading out on a mini-tour in February with SayWeCanFly. You can find out if the tour is coming to your town by reading below.

2/14/2014 Toronto, ON @ Cage Club
2/15/2014 Ottawa, ON @ Cafe Dekcuf
2/16/2014 Belleville, ON @ Parkdale Centre
2/18/2014 Oakville, ON @ TB High School
2/19/2014 London, ON @  Norma Jeans
2/20/2014 Burlington, ON @ YMCA
2/21/2014 Waterloo, ON @ Maxwells
2/22/2014 Newmarket, ON @ Jam Spot


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REVIEW: July – What We Signed Up For



The “Intro” perfectly transitions into “What We Signed Up For,” the title track of July’s album, which has a vibe fit for the Warped Tour. The drums and guitar make for the ideal “jumping” anthem, and the lyrics are catchy as hell! It’s all about taking risks to get what you want most. I love the slow acoustic moment that rounds out the song beautifully.

“West Coast Pimpin’” is another fun song that is both the anthem for any bands just starting out, but also is one it’s easy to imagine a crowd going nuts over. Songs about moving west or making it on the west coast are a dime-a-dozen, but July give it a fresh, crisp attitude; a complete reboot that is very much appreciated. Now please tour with All Time Low.

With a more melodic approach, “Right Here For You” is a love song to its core, but also captures the fear that comes with young love; the contradiction in the hesitance that has made many a novel and numerous films. Kiddies in school who are adamant they’re falling in love! Want to prove it? Play this song and see what happens. It’s cute, but definitely avoids coming on too strong.

“Secret Is a Sleazy Word” brings the pace of the album back up. In some ways, it’s the perfect break-up, arrogant, “screw you” anthem. The “blooper” at the end also makes the track as fantastic as it is.

“Dance, Shuffle, Move Your Feet” really does make you want to dance, excuse the cliche`. The lyrics are bittersweet, and from the opening notes to the fade out, the track is infectious. It’s the ideal showcase for the energy that July seems to be going for, and poised for radio play. Have I mentioned the breakdown and the group vocals and everything that makes the song as brilliant as it is? If there’s ever a song I want to hear live, this may have to be it. Just to watch the crowd get involved in this would be nothing short of magical.

Behind the introduction, “Counting Ducks” is the shortest song on the album and acts as the interlude, before the band seems to literally bounce into “Eight Nine Eight,” a fast-paced, melodic track that will inspire lots of head banging, fist pumping, and feet stomping. With a synth breakdown, there’s something irresistible about this little number. It’s short, bitingly sharp, and has group vocals. Once again, you can never go wrong with group vocals.

“Second Best” carries the same tone as its predecessor, and is perfect in its sarcasm and cynicism. Finally, an upbeat tune for a breakup; the middle finger that needs to be lifted with a smile.

I wasn’t really sure what to think about “To All The Kids.” The title had me expecting something slow and emotional, but the introduction had me wanting to rock out. It’s not rare for a band to write a song for their fans and to say thanks “to all the kids who came out to the shows,” but July has a certain way with words, melodies, and music that makes this a memorable shout-out.

“Collapse” is an incredibly well-done acoustic track that showcases the vocals of Devin Moody wonderfully. The harmonies, the lyrics, everything about the final song on What We Signed Up For caps off the album with as much power as it was started off with. A classic, serenade-worthy love song, July have hit the mark. The beautiful guitar part that comes crashing in (courtesy of Andrew Falcao and Marc Sautter), accompanied by the skillful drumming of Sam Guaiana, brings the song full circle.

What We Signed Up For is, in all truth, a near-perfect album. If ever an album was poised for a live show, it may be this one.

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NEW VIDEO: July – “What We Signed Up For”

JULY has released their video for “What We Signed Up For,” the title track from the band’s debut LP What We Signed Up For, out now on TDR Records.

July recently wrapped up a successful Canadian tour with VEARA.  You can also read their exclusive PropertyOfZack Track-By-Track and were recently a part of The Gunz Show. The band will also be taking part in an upcoming station takeover on idobi Radio.

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July just keeps coming up with ways to keep all their listeners entertained.

Next month, the band will be embarking on a Canadian tour with VEARA on “The Eh Team Tour.” They’ll visit provinces including Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec.

As if they don’t already work hard enough, July has launched a weekly cover series; every Tuesday, the band will be releasing a new cover, and it will be a free download!

This Tuesday, July released their first cover, for Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” If you want to see the video, click HERE.

Remember to keep your ears open, as July will be releasing their debut LP, What We Signed Up For, on Nov. 12th via TDR Records. The EP was an exclusive Japanese release earlier this year on Kick Rock Invasion, and the band has toured extensively, including being a part of the Japanese label’s annual “Beyond The Blue Tour” featuring Hit The Lights, We Are The In Crowd, Divided By Friday, and Set It Off. July has also done two US tours this year, with Broadside and Giants At Large respectively, and numerous Canadian festival appearances including Warped Tour, Koi Fest, Sounds Of Burlington, Koi Con, and supported Sydney at their sold out reunion show.

“The Eh Team Tour”:
Nov. 1 – Quebec – L’Autre Zone
Nov. 2 – Charlottetown – North River Fire Hall
Nov. 3 – Moncton – OC Nightclub
Nov. 4 – Fredericton – iRock
Nov. 5 – Montreal – Piranha Bar
Nov. 6 – Ottawa – Luneta Café
Nov. 7 – Kingston – Bar 53
Nov. 8 – Toronto – 460
Nov. 9 – Hamilton – Club Absinthe
Nov. 10 – Brampton – TBA

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