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Electric Litany To Release New Album, Stream New Single

electric litany

London-based four-piece Electric Litany are critical darlings, considered to be a “cult band on the rise,” with the likes of Alan Parsons (The Beatles, Pink Floyd) describing them as “the next Radiohead.”

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REVIEW: Electric Litany – Enduring Days You Will Overcome



The “Intro” is a short track, with soft guitar strumming that brinks on the psychedelic. The vocals on this track are drawn out, which presents a sleepy element that seems to allow the album to warm up. “Silence” seems to blend perfectly with the introduction, introducing electronic vocals reminiscent of the early-2000s. While there is a steady pace, the vocals seem to dabble in dramatics, as if to contrast the two sounds.

“Hold Fast To Dreams” may be titled like a rock song, but there is a “dreamy” (pardon the pun) tone to the entire track. There is a definite build-up throughout the song, and it might possibly be the most enjoyable on the album. “Vanish” is also an interesting, melodic tune. Electric Litany took it down a notch on the theatrics, bringing pure soul to the song, and creating something that could easily find its way onto an indie film soundtrack. The build-up that crashes like a wave seems to make the track, alongside the echoing, haunting vocals.

With a mix of cultural infusion (“The Soul Remembers Everything”), nostalgic melodies and beats (“In The Morning,” “Empty Sea”), and an original spin on psychedelic sounds (“Feather Of Ecstasy,” “You Make Me Feel”), Enduring Days You Will Overcome showcases a variety of styles and a dramatic range that is difficult to ignore.

“Name” was a much appreciated addition to the album, with a notable air about it. More than that, the enunciation and clarity of the lyrics presented here were something I wished for more of throughout every track. The song fades into the title (and longest) track of the album, and again sweeps in the hazy tone. I wasn’t sure how I felt with some of the additional sounds at first, but once the vocals kicked in a bit, it seemed to make a bit more sense. “Enduring Days You Will Overcome” is basically an overture or an interlude to the album, breaking it down to Volume I and Volume II.

The first three songs seemed to fade into the other perfectly, which is definitely something to appreciate. The final track, “Farewell (To Setting Flowers)” is truly my favorite from the album, just for the pure artistry it contains. Enduring Days You Will Overcome is probably not the album for me, but this song changes a lot of feelings for me; suddenly, it doesn’t sound like the Electric Litany is trying so hard (almost too much so). Suddenly, the rest of the album seems to fall into place, and I can appreciate it for what it is: someone’s art.

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