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REVIEW: The Adversary – ‘Chapter 3: Falling Is Flight’

the adversaryThroughout the five-track release, The Adversary channel 80’s style (see “Coming On”), utilizing modern technology. On tracks like, “Coming On,” the nostalgic vibes are strong, as well as fantastically catchy.

However, it’s “Aural Fixation,” with opening bass notes remind me of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” and a very 80s sound, that is quite mesmerizing. It’s a very chilled track, which I can easily imagine in the opening credits of a film. Rhythmic, catchy, filled with plenty of other-worldly sounds to keep a listener entertained, especially once the haunting vocals eventually creep in, hypnotic in nature, and adding another layer to the song.

“Falling Is Flight” features systematic sounds, with a steady build. The husky tone of the vocals remind me of Muse’s Matthew Bellamy’s haunting drawl. The track acts as a beautiful reminder that holding on so tight to something is unhealthy, and sometimes, that plummeting fear of the fall is the only way to move on.

The last two tracks, “Can You Believe” and “When Doves Cry,” are very similar, to me. Both thrive on synth-driven, repetitive melodics and lyrics, which work in their favor. In all honesty, this collection of music is something you want to move to, not necessarily sit around listening to. So, listen to the music, get off your butt, and get dancing in your room, like humans were obviously built to do!

Chapter 3: Falling Is Flight is available NOW.

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Brendon Urie and Dillon Francis Collaborate

Stream the brand new song, “Love In The Middle of a Firefight” from Dillon Francis and Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco!

Showcasing Urie’s excellent vocals alongside EDM beats, the track is irresistibly refreshing (just in time for that crisp autumn air). From start to finish, Planet Stereo guarantees you’ll be rocking out to every note.


Pre-order Dillon Francis’s new album, Money Sucks, Friends Rule, on iTunes and instantly receive “Get Low,” “When We Were Young,” “Set Me Free,” and “I Can’t Take It.” http://smarturl.it/FriendsRuleAlbum

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REVIEW: Night Riots–Young Lore EP



“Back To Your Love” hits me like an unexpected wave. It’s light; a song to dance to, a song to sing to, a song to drive to. It pulls you under, and intrigues you. The rest of the EP has high standards to live up to, especially to a track that could easily be found on the radio being requested again and again.

“Remedy” is reminiscent of a piece of an 80’s film soundtrack. It’s watching Farmer Ted slowly pull the car out of Jake Ryan’s garage, even though he can’t drive stick. It’s seeing Ferris Beuller stealthily avoid adults in his life to insure that he has the best day off. At its core, this is a love song. “You’re my remedy, you’re my cure,” is not exactly an original sentiment, but the way Night Riots present it, you’d never know.

Let me admit something right now: I hate spiders. They creep me out beyond belief, and just seeing the word makes me itch. I did not have high hopes for “Spiders” as a track, but then it began playing, slow and steady, with guitar parts seemed to sing the 60s and mimic the 80s. Despite being my least favorite creature, “Spiders” may be my favorite track on the EP, if not just for the purity of the sound and the lyrics. Something about it is hopeful, it’s powerful, and it’s impossible to ignore.

“Masks” is another on my list of possible favorites, though I’m not sure how to explain why. My biggest peeve with this song is that it seems to fly by too fast, despite being almost four minutes long. Whether or not it’s because it’s easy to get lost in the sound, I don’t know. “Does Holy water make you pure?” Night Riots ask, almost challenging people to think. Songs like this remind me of why I love music; it makes you feel. It makes you think. The simple truth is that this is melodic and smart, adding to its appeal and allowing Night Riots to mark their territory on your iPod.

“Loyal Blood” is a happy, indie-esque track that does encourage hip swaying, head bobbing, and possible feet stomping. It also solidifies the idea that Night Riots should tour with Young The Giant. Just sayin’.

While the rest of the album carries an almost sunny-disposition, “Young Lore” starts off slower, with a soft tone, like the introduction to a feel good moment (peaceful choir sold separately). When it picks up, each line, each beat, is catchier than the next, finishing the EP off as strongly as it began.

Overall, I loved Young Lore, because it’s fun, it’s catchy, and wonderfully written. Five stars!

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Cody Kahmar Releases New Single “Last Time”

Produced by Projay (Robin Thicke, Jennifer Hudson), the pop/dance track will be the perfect wake-up call for those of you just getting out of your 9-5 funk!


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RH3 Releases Video For Debut Single

RH3 has officially released the music video for his debut single “When I’m With You” (ft. Myles Marcus). The video was directed by Dale Restigini.

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