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PODCAST: Martian Mashup, Episode 10 (ft. Splitbreed and Crossfaith)

Martian Mashup 2

Wow! Episode 10 already! Only two more episodes until the season 1 finale!

Covering music news of the week, interviews with Splitbreed and Crossfaith on the 2015 Vans Warped Tour.
Featuring music from:
-Twenty-One Pilots
Cassadee Pope

#FlashbackFriday request from Jenna M. of Michigan by Weezer.

No songs, names, etc. are owned by Planet Stereo. No copyright infringement intended. All used with entertainment purposes.

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Cassadee Pope Releases New Music, Gives Fans a Chance To Star In Video

Cassadee Pope

Earlier today, Cassadee Pope released her brand new single, “I Am Invincible,” which you can stream below and purchase on iTunes.

She also announced that she would be releasing a lyric video for the song soon, and is giving fans a chance to star in the video.  Check out the post below:

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Cassadee Pope Announces New Single Release Date

Cassadee Pope

Cassadee Pope (The Voice, ex-Hey Monday) has announced her new single, “I Am Invincible,” which is set for release on July 24th. The track will be available on iTunes. Be sure to follow the track on social media with #IAmInvincible.

Below, you can view a fan-shot video of Cassadee performing the track live at Wolf Den in Connecticut.

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A Conversation With Aaron Parker

Photo Credit: JC Medeiros

Photo Credit: JC Medeiros

At the end of the summer, Cassadee Pope was touring around the country, taking along with her another amazing country artist, Aaron Parker. When I visited my regular haunt for the show (House Of Blues Orlando), I actually went for fun (not work, which is unusual for me) with family. To say we were all surprised by the power a man and his guitar had on an entire room of people, would be a lie.

Following an incredible show, both Cassadee and Aaron stayed behind and spoke to everyone. They didn’t rush off or act diva-esque, like many imagine artists to do; they genuinely wanted to speak to the concert-goers. I put on my journalist hat and watched this, realizing that a new breed of artist may actually be emerging: a relatable, approachable one. I ended up asking Aaron if he would like to do an interview, and we exchanged emails. To my surprise, he actually emailed back. When we arranged the interview, I expected ten minutes, done and dusted, just like many of my others. However, the “interview” became more of a conversation, which you can check out below:


PS: Thanks for doing the interview. How are you?

AP: Pretty good, thanks. How’s the weather in Florida today?

PS: Oh my gosh, it’s boiling today. I think it’s like…96 degrees today, so I’m dying.

AP: Oh man, that’s hot. We had fun down there. We really enjoyed the fans. They were just amazing people. I didn’t know so many people in Florida loved country music. It’s just a really cool, special place.

PS: It is…I mean, the amount of people that are country music obsessed down here is actually pretty brilliant. 

AP: Yeah, and to play the House of Blues in Disney, which is one of my favorite places on the planet, I get excited driving in! [laughs] It’s like, “Go here for Hollywood Studios,” or “Go here for Magic Kingdom.” It is just really cool. You don’t even have to be a kid, and you still get excited!

PS: Did you go into any of the parks?

AP: No, we just played and then scooted out.

PS: Yeah, we noticed your buses leaving, and we were super late leaving. I just kept thinking, “Wow, they must be exhausted.”

AP: You know what? We weren’t. Well, it doesn’t hit until about halfway down the road, and then it does, and you’re just like, “Ugh…I need a Red Bull or something…” I don’t normally caffeinate before shows, just because it’s too much. My heart feels like it’s pounding out of my chest when I add it with the excitement I already feel. Just to call this a job is amazing. I mean, I came from landscaping. When I was twelve, I started a landscaping company and I would go to other people’s houses and mow their lawn with their lawn mowers. I didn’t have a mower, so I’d find some sweet…elderly folks [laughs] and I’d go and ask if they wanted me to mow their lawn, obviously for a good deal, because I was using their equipment. So I mean, I’m used to the heat at least.

PS: So Florida was really nothing, weather-wise, to you.

AP: Not really, I would “work” in any weather! I find it funny calling it work. I have the best job in the world. I mean, I get to travel around and meet new people who love great music. That amazes me. I am so grateful for it.

PS: Well, you have such a knack for, not just writing songs, but for storytelling. I noticed during your show that you told little stories before each song, kind of telling the audience what the song was about. How important do you think the stories behind each song are?

AP: I think there are songs that you write that you have a real, physical, emotional connection to; you know, autobiographical. And those are really special because often you’ll find that others have been there and experienced it as well. You know, whatever happened, whatever kind of car it was, the location, it doesn’t matter; it’s what the experience was and the people you were with. It’s about being able to resurrect that in someone and make them want to come back again and hear it. I think it’s very special that you craft that when you write your songs. I try to take the approach that my heroes took. Garth Brooks and George Strait, some of those guys let the best song live; if they wrote it or didn’t write it. I try to mix the two; my songs and my experience. If we write a good song that day, you know [laughs]. Some days, you don’t write a good song at all! [laughs] If you do, and it works, then it’s great, but if it doesn’t, you try and find something in the marketplace, in Nashville, with the writers that can give you that feeling that your going for. “What does the world need to hear?” is a question that I ask myself everyday when I go in to write. What do they need to hear? It’s not about me. I mean, yes, my voice is coming through the speakers or the PA system, but really, to me, metaphorically speaking, it’s about that single mom in Illinois, who works at Blockbuster, and what is she doing in her normal day? A lot of people cannot relate to someone moving to Nashville to play their guitar, but someone can relate to the hardships of normal life; someone can relate to waking up and going to work at six in the morning and landscaping all day long, and construction work, and stuff I grew up around. I strive to take the spotlight off of me that sense, and try to emote something that runs true for humans, something the world needs to hear.

PS: You are probably one of the first musicians I’ve ever spoken to that takes that approach, and it’s a very powerful one, I think. Do you think other musicians could really benefit by trying to approach their audience from that perspective?

AP: Yeah, I mean, I don’t know if other musicians would benefit, because that’s their decision, I guess. It’s just such a blank canvas of an industry. I mean, you can really do whatever you want. Thirty albums a week are released to Spotify. People are making records at the nicest studios in the world and from their closets in their home. So different artists do have different ways of approaching it, but, I’m not reinventing the wheel or anything; I’m trying not to anyway, I’m just doing it the way my heroes have done it. There’s a way to do things, and there’s a way that works, and with Frank Sinatra, he never wrote anything, Kenny Chesney wrote a little bit, George Strait didn’t write anything, you know? And that’s not to credit or discredit singer us singer/ songwriters, but even Elton John had Bernie Tolpin and Bon Jovi had Desmond Child. To try and out-write a talent, that’s beyond me and beyond any ego I may have. I approach it with, “Hey, man, you guys are virtuosos in writing and connecting with humans.” Again, “What does the world need to hear?” We just go in and have fun with a stack of songs we like, and just weigh it out, and decide which one is the best. Some of your favorite songs weren’t written by the artist, which is not to say he isn’t credible, because it resonated with the world. It’s really about speaking to the normal guy. That’s what I am. I just picked up a guitar at nine years old and quit guitar lessons, stumbled through high school and college—I didn’t even graduate college! And now we’re on tour. I’m just a normal human trying to play normal human music. I guess what I mean is that I’m interested in making human music, not just country music. I’m from the south, and I love it, but there are songs you and I both connect to that are considered country, but they’re not really country, they’re human. No matter where you’re from, you can connect to it. It’s been a long road, but I hope I answered your question [laughs].

PS: I like longer answers! [laughs] You know, you said about touring, and you just wrapped up touring with Cassadee Pope. What was that like?

AP: Oh, she is such a talented sweetheart. And I mean, she can sing! Her voice is amazing, first of all, and she’s so approachable and her fans really see that in her. That’s why they come back. She has something that connects with them. She wants to be part of their lives; I noticed she has a genuine interest in people. Whether or not that’s common, I’m not sure, I’m sure you can answer that, but it’s cool to see and it’s refreshing. She was really nice to me, and, I mean, I was in Disney World, so anytime I’m there, I’m excited [laughs].

PS: Did she teach you any tricks of the trade?

AP: We met briefly and we hung out for a little bit, but we both had a lot of things we had to get done as far as daily routine and then, there’s showtime and load out, so we hung out in passing. There wasn’t really enough time for her to delve into her Jedi ways as far as touring [laughs].

PS: One thing I think you both did brilliantly when you were at the venue: you stayed and spoke to everyone. I think every single person in attendance got the opportunity to meet you guys and speak to you. You asked me if that was common, and it’s not, it’s really rare. My family and I all commented on that, because a lot of artists play and then get out. Do you think it’s important to connect with fans one-on-one when you can?

AP: Absolutely. It is so important. I can only speak for me and my band, but I think it’s important for country folks. Where I come from, you know, we’re a buncha huggers. Like, when you come to the house, we’re gonna hug you. It’s not usually a shaking of the hand, it’s a big hug, it’s a “welcome home,” even if you’re not from the area. I kind of think that’s only natural for me to take that approach when it comes to my fans. The fans that come out to hear the music come out for that; when I go out to a show, I want that! [laughs] I’m still a fan! I’ve stolen everything I could from James Taylor, Bob Seiger, Garth Brooks and those guys when it comes to the connections with fans. It’s a special time. Now, in the world that we’re in, it’s more important than ever.

PS: That is so cool to hear. Obviously, when you were playing, I noticed a lot of female attention on you, and definitely some freaking out…

AP: [laughs] Yeah…that happens sometimes.

PS: How do you deal with the attention like that?

AP: Um…well, you know, it’s funny, because I’m happily married, and I have a little boy. So the attention is wonderful. I’ve been touring since I was in tenth grade. I toured with a band, we were called Slap Out, named after a town in Alabama. Slap Out, Alabama. It was the smallest town you could find in the state. You could drive through it and not even know you went through. So we thought that was a cool name, and then we went around to all the frat parties we could. We toured Southern Miss, Auburn, just everywhere. We tried to go everywhere we could in the southeast. It was really a 90’s rock/pop cover band. That’s where I got my start in performing when you’re in the frat party arena, there is definitely some funny nights and…attention. So I don’t know if that changes it, but I mean, they’re so sweet to me, and I am so thankful for that. Without people who are following and interested, there is nothing, so I’m very grateful.

PS: Aww, that’s very sweet. You know, you just mentioned you had a little boy. Does he understand the concept that, you know, “Dad is a touring musician” or is he too young for that?

AP: Oh, he’s seven months old.

PS: Oh yeah, way too young!

AP: He’s a little peanut [laughs].

PS: Well, congratulations.

AP: Thank you very much. He’s one of the biggest blessings I’ve had in my life, and truly, probably the biggest blessing, and one of the happiest moments. Every time that little guy looks at you with those eyes and he smiles, it’s the purest smile you’ve ever seen, and that’s what babies do. They’ll make a grown man talk like a child, it’s so funny. It’s really funny to watch when I’m at Starbucks, because I’ll take him with me, and people walk by and are like, “Ga ga ga ga ba!” [laughs] I really just want to make a video of people’s reactions, and compile it together just to watch it back to back to back. I think it would be really funny to be like, “What is that person doing?

PS: Please make that video. The world needs it [laughs].

AP: [Laughs] I might have to. But he is so sweet, he is amazing. He’s my heart!

PS: Have you asked other musicians that are parents how to cope with being a touring musician and a parent, or are you winging it?

AP: It’s definitely been a transition to learn how to do that. Children are truly the main spotlight in your life. When all this is over, when the music is over and I can’t tour anymore, my family is all that I have. Family is really all we have anyway, in the end. So learning to balance while getting things done is definitely tough for a creative to learn [laughs]; a business-minded, truly left-brained person probably wouldn’t have as much difficulty, but me, I’m always creating, always trying to make something. So it’s a balancing act, but it’s been fun. It’s a fun transition.

PS: I can only imagine. Kids are so fun, especially once they start talking. Some of the things they come out with are incredible.

AP: Oh, I can’t wait. He’s not there yet, but I can’t wait.

PS: Will you be encouraging him to pick up an instrument or start singing or are you going to just let him find it himself?

AP: You know, I’m gonna go with number two. I’m not going to push him, because we’re all born with different gifts. We all have an opportunity to use them and to perfect them. We’re all born with something. I don’t want to…force him in any direction that may not be his gift, but, rather, help him find what it is he is naturally good at. That takes a lot of different exposures, whether it’s football, guitar, baseball, I mean, heck, hockey, I don’t know, painting. I just wanna find what he’s naturally good at. I think that’s what takes a lot of the frustration out later in life. I mean, not graduating college for me, I don’t recommend that, but I was not an average student, because I was always trying to create something in class [laughs]. In fifth grade, I got in trouble for drawing an airplane in class. I was so proud of it. I mean, you were looking at it straight on from the nose, and, it was probably a lot crappier than I remember it, but in my mind, it was a masterpiece…but, yeah, I got in trouble for drawing that plane because little known to my attention span, the teacher was doing math problems on the board, but I was pretty busy trying to create this masterpiece. So, you know, we obviously always get in where we fit in, in life. I’d like to help him, in that way.

PS: Well, bringing it back to you and performing, you were very comfortable considering it is, quite literally, just you and your guitar. Is it a stylistic choice to perform like that or would you prefer to have a huge backing band?

AP: When you go just you and your guitar, there’s no room for…messing up. It’s just you out in the open [laughs], but I think there’s something with an acoustic instrument that you can’t really get with a band. That is this intimate, raw thing, that, at this point in our lives, with everything that we have, from iPhones to YouTube to the radio to Spotify, even billboards are electronic now. Very few things are analog and raw or acoustic. I think that’s why it kind of makes it a spectacle [laughs]. I also do love playing with a full band when we’re able to do that, because you’re able to let loose, not thinking about making the right chord every time, or the things you do when you’re solo. There’s no room for messing up when you’re solo, you really do have to be on the whole time [laughs]. I am not a born-guitarist guy, I had to work for it, because I am not naturally fast with my fingers, so anything I’ve got, I worked very hard for.

Photo Credit: JC Medeiros

Photo Credit: JC Medeiros

PS: Well, you were really good. Everyone was amazed.

AP: Well thank you very much.

PS: The fact that you can capture a room’s entire attention with just a guitar is impressive in itself.

AP: I’m just honored that people came and listened and so thankful that people respond. It lets you know that you’re going in the right direction. It’s something an artist definitely craves. As artists, all you’re doing is singing their story. There is no wall. There is no wall between the crowd and me. What I mean by that is that I’m just singing about us.  That’s what I strive to do, sing songs about us, about growing up and learning lessons. I mean, everybody learns…I hope [laughs].

PS: Some people more than others.

AP: Yeah, exactly!

PS: Okay, so I have one more question for you: Do you have a favorite song to perform live, and if you do, why?

AP: Hmm…that’s a good question. Let’s see…You know, depending on the venue and where we are in the country and who we’re with, it all factors in. Either one can be different. I’m very new to people’s ears, so normally, it’s me coming out like you saw, and the reaction is whatever it happens to be. I think my favorite song to perform live is probably “Real Fast,” which is a song that I wrote about my grandfather and the story that he told me, just seeing my change in my personality whenever I met the girl of my dreams. He said, “Boy, you got a good one, I can tell by the way she put that smile on your face. It seems you’ve grown out of your old rowdy days.” You know, there are certain things that you don’t see, because you’re just changing with life, but people look at you, and they notice the difference. It’s usually your grandparents that notice that stuff, or if you’re real close with your parents. “Oh, yeah, I remember that, but then you settled down whenever you got her,” or “Whenever you got him.” So yeah, “Real Fast” is something that rings true because life is short. Even though my grandpa was a merchant marine for forty nine years on a ship, and had to leave his family for months at a time, which I can’t imagine doing, it’s one of those things that resonates with everyone, that life does go real fast and you better take note of it, you know, you better kiss her in the pouring rain and tell her that you love it. It’s things I think we look back on, it’s obviously 20/20 and you can’t see it in the moment, just tell your girl or your guy that you love them and just [laughs], don’t forget to do it. Neglect always lets the weeds invade our lives. “Real Fast” is very pertinent.

PS: Thank you so much for doing this interview, it has been a real pleasure to speak to you and kind of get to see how your brain works, which is one of my favorite parts about interviewing.

AP: [laughs] I hope I wasn’t too complicated. I’m so grateful. I just pick up a guitar, it’s the fans who give me a gift, the biggest gift, that allows me to do something I love every night, and I could never thank them or show them the amount of thanks I feel. It’s beyond words.

PS: Well it’s all back to you, you really deserve it, you’re a great person and very talented. This is your year, my friend.

AP: Thank you, Liv, thank you.

For more on Aaron Parker, please visit his official website.

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Motivation Monday Playlist

Monday Blues dragging you down? Well, flip that around: Mondays are all about motivation, and what better to get you pumped up than a great playlist? Hopefully, these tunes will brighten your busy day and add a little fuel to your fire.


“Centuries” – Fall Out Boy  


“Don’t Stop Me Now” – Queen (or McFly, depending on if you want the original or a great cover)


“Legendary” – The Summer Set


“Last Hope” – Paramore


“Angel With a Shotgun” – The Cab


“Proved You Wrong” – Cassadee Pope


“Don’t Give Up On Us” – The Maine


“My Body” – Young The Giant


“The Adventure” – Angels and Airwaves


“Dog Days Are Over” – Florence and The Machine


Like this playlist? Let me know in the comments below (or in a message if you’re shy!) and tell me what you want to see for next Motivational Monday!

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Cassadee Pope Debuts New Song



Cassadee Pope (ex-Hey Monday, NBC’s The Voice winner) has debuted a new song that a fan managed to capture on video during her live performance. Listen to “Like There’s No Tomorrow” below!


What do you think? New album in the works?

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Vans Warped Tour and idobi Radio Partner For Warped idobi Radio



The 2014 Vans Warped Tour Presented by Journeys will get a signal boost from idobi Network when the two team-up for all new programming with Warped idobi Radio (WiR).

Entering its 20th year, Vans Warped Tour is America’s longest running concert festival tour, known for introducing the next big artists, from No Doubt to Katy Perry, Blink-182 to All Time Low, My Chemical Romance to Eminem; fans saw them first on Warped.

idobi Network is the ideal partner to Vans Warped Tour. For fifteen years and running, idobi has consistently premiered the next big artists over their online airwaves. From Good Charlotte to Fall Out Boy, Cassadee Pope to Imagine Dragons, idobi has earned a reputation for predicting what’s next in pop-punk and alternative.

If fans see their favorite artists first at Vans Warped Tour and hear them first on idobi Radio, it’s only fitting the two should come together for the ultimate summer mash-up. Warped idobi Radio will kickoff on June 9th 2014 with five original weekly shows, in a coveted two-hour daily afternoon block.

Up first is Music Monday. Various idobi personalities will journey back through the best of nineteen (19) years of Warped. Each Monday features a specific year and will flash fans back to the music and highlights of that summer.

Takeover Tuesdays will get hijacked by WiR’s favorite artists. We Are the In Crowd, The Summer Set, Echosmith, and more will takeover the station to share an inside view of what’s new, what’s next, and what’s Warped.

On Q&A Wednesday fans ask their burning questions via social media, and get the answers—no matter how weird or insightful—they haven’t heard on any other outlet.

Talk in My Shoes (TIMS) Thursday is all about going behind-the-scenes for a walk on the Warped side. The first TIMS guest is not to be missed; Kevin Lyman will get the show rolling on Thursday, June 12th.

Feel Good Fridays give back by encouraging listeners to get involved. Each Friday, WiR will shine the limelight on charities, including Hope for the Day, MusicCares, It Gets Better Project, and many more.

Bookending the weekdays are The Best of Warped Weekend. Saturdays and Sundays feature recaps of the previous week’s programming. WiR will make sure fans never miss a thing.

Music fans, Warped Tour faithful, and idobi lovers, tune-in starting June 9th, 2014 at http://ido.bi/player

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The Strive Release New Song on Purevolume




Hailing from Kansas City, The Strive has exclusively premiered their new song “Keep Dreaming” on PureVolume today! “Keep Dreaming” will be available for purchase on iTunes starting April 15th. With a hard rock edge, The Strive is breaking ground with a fiery, infectious spin on today’s power-pop vibe, with their name coming from their never-ending drive to impact as many people as possible with the forward thinking aesthetic that goes into their soaring music. Their previously released EPs, Anything Goes and Caught Inside produced by Kevin Gates(Never Shout Never, The Ready Set) and Design The Road produced by Matt Noveskey of Blue October, are a testament to their unstoppable progress and vibrant energy. Listen to “Keep Dreaming” on PureVolume, here: http://bit.ly/1gLxvej 




The Strive, consisting of Brendan Stevens (lead vocals), Luke Davis (lead guitar), Greg Dowd (rhythm guitar), Michael Zenk (bass) and Nick Stacy (Drums), has lived up to its name by dominating the indie-rock/pop scene and the college market.They’ve developed a passionate following via explosive performances on bills with Cartel, Hawthorne Heights, Ivoryline, Madina Lake and Hey Monday, sharing the stage with All Time LowYellowcard, Blue October and Eve 6, and at Warped Tour on the Ernie Ball & Kevin Says stages.



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PLAYLIST: 19 Songs For Turning 19

On February 28th, I turned nineteen years old. Many things have changed over the years, but my love of music hasn’t, and nor has my insane desire to create a playlist every year. It’s the only way I really allow myself to fuss over my birthday. Anyway, here are nineteen songs I thought were right to ring in my nineteenth birthday. Enjoy!

1. “Like It’s Her Birthday” by Good Charlotte (2010)


2. “Ocean Avenue” by Yellowcard (2003)


3. “Birthday In Los Angeles” by The Maine (2013)


4. “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” by My Chemical Romance (2004)


5. “Run Don’t Walk” by Hey Monday (2008)


6. “Chocolate” by The 1975 (2012) (Yes, I am aware what this song is supposed to be about, but it’s catchy!)


7. “Brave” by Sara Bareilles (2013)


8. “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds (1987)


9. “It’s My Birthday” by Pixie Lott (2011)


10. “Happy Birthday” by The Click Five (2007)


11. “She’s Got Something” by Greg Holden (2009)


12. “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen (1975)


13. “She’s So High” by Tal Bachman (1999)


14. “High School Never Ends” by Bowling For Soup (2006)


15. “Alone Together” by Fall Out Boy (2013)


16. “This Car” by Cassadee Pope (2013)


17. “First Time” by Boys Like Girls (2012)


18. “Poppin’ Champagne” by All Time Low (2008)


19. “The Very Last Country Song” by Sugarland (2008)


*BONUS: “Weightless” by All Time Low (2009), because this year is mine.

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Top 13 of 2013!


Image courtesy of Tumblr.


2013 is coming to a close, and it’s been an incredible year music-wise. There have been some fantastic releases that, while very difficult to pick, stand above the rest. As you prepare to say goodbye to this year, and start a new chapter in 2014, here are Planet Stereo’s Top 13 albums and singles that have come out.


Albums: (in no particular order)

1) The Maine – Forever Halloween: As someone who loves The Maine, I am slightly biased; I think all of their albums are brilliantly put together, but Forever Halloween really showcases the band taking a brand new, somewhat darker direction, and it is extremely well-done.

2) Fall Out Boy – Save Rock and Roll: The band’s first album following their seemingly-eternal hiatus. With guest appearances that leave most artists green with envy, catchy tracks that make you want to play the album over and over, accompanied by a progressive story in each music video, it seems that Fall Out Boy cannot be beat.

3) All Time Low – Don’t Panic: It’s Longer!: Obviously, this is just an extended version of the band’s 2012 album, Don’t Panic!, but I couldn’t resist. The new songs on this bonus edition make it feel like a brand new album, and it’s fun learning new lyrics. All Time Low have progressed as a group, and this album makes that evident.

4) The Wonder Years – The Greatest Generation: The surprisingly raw new album from an band I cannot say enough about. It’s extremely blunt, not shying away from depicting the true ugly in life.

5) Sara Bareilles – The Blessed Unrest: With her signature melodic flourish, Sara is a powerhouse both vocally and as a pianist. It’s a bit more adventurous than its predecessor, but allows listeners to see another side of the songwriter. No wonder it’s been nominated for Album of The Year!

6) Paramore – Paramore: A fresh start for the band with their self-titled release. There’s a distinct new attitude meddled in with the signature flare that has made Paramore so famous.

7) Frank Turner – Tape Deck Heart: Another amazing addition to a wonderful artist’s discography. If you want to hear an album with spirit, that truly captures the thinking in every human, this is it.

8) Lady Antebellum – Golden: I’ll let you in on a not-so-secret-secret: I love country music, and am a huge Lady A fan. Golden is one of my favorite releases of 2013, because every song has an undeniable soul to it. So well-made!

9) Sleeping With Sirens – Feel: Showing off their songwriting chops, Sleeping With Sirens wowed everyone with this incredible album, with some spectacular guest appearances.

10) Hands Like Houses – Unimagine: Not only do they make incredible shirts, but they also make pretty spectacular albums. Unimagine is a finely crafted collection of music, setting itself apart from the other releases of 2013.

11) Panic! At The Disco – Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! This album may have launched Panic! At The Disco into the Top 40’s, but never fear! The signature style is still very much alive, with frontman Brendan Urie’s vocals shining through beautifully as always.

12) Cassadee Pope – Frame By Frame: Following her win on NBC’s The Voice, Cassadee Pope (previously of Hey Monday) released her debut solo album. The country-pop songstress left many in awe with Frame By Frame, a fantastic album filled with one catchy track after another.

13) Papermoons – No Love: I reviewed this album for Infectious Magazine and I have to say, it may be one of the best albums I have reviewed in a long time. It’s beautifully written, brilliantly executed, and a perfect addition to anyone’s iTunes.


Honorable Mentions: Michael Buble`’s To Be Loved, Blessthefall’s Hollow Bodies, The 1975’s The 1975, Mayday Parade’s Monsters In The Closet, Cartel’s Collider, Silverstein’s This Is How The Wind Shifts, David Bowie’s The Next Day, and James Blake’s Overgrown.


Singles(in no particular order)

1) All Time Low – “Love Like War (ft. Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil)”: 

2) Fall Out Boy – “Save Rock and Roll”: 

3) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “White Walls” :

4) The Maine – “Raining In Paris”:

5) Panic! At The Disco – “This Is Gospel”:

6) Sleeping With Sirens – “Congratulations”:

7) Justin Timberlake – “Mirrors”: 

8) Sara Bareilles – “Brave”: 

9) Cassadee Pope – “Wasting All These Tears”: 

10) Imagine Dragons – “Demons”: 

11) Hunter Hayes – “Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me”: 

12) Michael Buble` – “It’s a Beautiful Day”: 

13) Maroon 5 – “Love Somebody”: 


So many amazing singles and wonderful videos, it was a difficult list to compile this year!


Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

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