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STREAM: Beachwood Coyote’s “Silence”

Beachwood CoyotesLA-based Beachwood Coyotes teamed up with Idobi Radio to premiere their new single, “Silence,” which was recorded with accomplished producer Eric Palmuist (Bad Suns, Wavves).

In celebration of the new single, the band will be holding a release show at The Satellite in Los Angeles, on Thursday, December 3rd.

“Silence” is a powerful track with a strong message that resonates through every line and every note. The lyrics are delivered with raw emotion, perfectly conveying the vulnerable stance they present, with a blues/alt-rock undertone that is irresistible.
“[The song] is about the stigma surrounding depression and suicidal thoughts. It’s something I’ve dealt with most of my life and they’re the most vulnerable lyrics I’ve ever written,” explains Jason Nott (vox/guitarist).
 Check out the single, as well as the Beachwood Coyote’s upcoming shows, below:
Upcoming Show Dates
12/3 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Satellite (Single Release Show)
12/17 – Silverlake, CA @ Silverlake Lounge
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REVIEW: Pam Steebler – ‘Give In’ EP

Pam Steebler

Pam Steebler is a fresh face on the scene with her debut EP, Give In. However, Steebler showcases a classic sound that is both empowering and entrancing. “Me and You” kicks off the EP’s classic rock and roll style, adding in the fusion of sultry smooth blues, energetic rock, and catchy lyrics; all forming a love song in a way that brings excitement back to love, as opposed to being overly sensitive from the start. Steebler’s vocals are solid, arena-worthy, and perfectly compliment the instrumental, all breathing life into each line.

“Mind Reader” initially consists of higher vocals that seem to detract from the overall strength, but they are a musical Devil’s Advocate, adding a classic level that stems into a more provocative sound, building up as time goes on. 70’s cinematic funk has a strong presence, which does allow listeners to hear the exploration in Steebler’s vocals, but it is ultimately a cross between “Help Me Out” and “Give In,” that really allow Steebler to shine as an artist.

“Help Me Out” contains a breathtaking soft, cinematic introduction to start that sets an emotionally vulnerable tone, steadily building into a plea. Hands down, one of the most stunning songs on Give In, with raw passion and talent evident in each note, all while maintaining the edge of the first track, and boldly stepping further into the realm of a ballad. Sticking to her arena-goddess persona, “Find Me” acts as an arena worthy anthem for all the “Single Ladies” Beyonce left hanging with “Drunk In Love,” with powerful vocals, a group chorus, and a sound reminiscent of big, classic rock bands like Aerosmith.

Steebler finishes off her debut with the title track, “Give In,” and it is a total stand out. Unexpectedly, the track has a cabaret, jazzy feel, slowly bringing in a twang with the guitar. The song is soulfully potent, and easily holds its own against “Help Me Out,” with Gospel undertones that enchant, and a bluesy guitar solo that sings like an additional vocal.

If you’re looking for a breath of fresh air to kick off your 2015, Pam Steebler and her debut EP, Give In, are it. The EP comes out on January 13th, and you can purchase a copy HERE.

For more on Pam Steebler or to buy concert tickets, please click HERE.

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REVIEW: Buffalo Stack – ‘Buffalo Stack’

Check out their video for “Maryanne” below:

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REVIEW: Jocelyn Arndt – ‘Strangers In Fairyland’ EP

Jocelyn Arndt


Strangers In Fairyland begins with “Cinderella” sweeping in like a crisp autumn wind, with attitude rustling through the speakers like colorful leaves rolling down the street. With powerful vocals, stunningly well-crafted instrumentals, and a rock and roll vibe, Jocelyn Arndt will entrance listeners from the opening notes. Much later, “Hitman” carries a similar attitude, with in-your-face vocals, flare that sticks out like silver studs on a leather jacket, and transient instrumentals that smooth the abrupt change from soft, emotional songs back to more riled up tracks like this.

Maintaining the flavorful classic, edgy guitar, mixed perfectly with sinfully soulful vocals, Jocelyn and Chris Arndt prove they are a force to be reckoned with, and will leave most seasoned rock bands green with envy (at least that’s in time for Halloween), with “One Kiss.” It’s a scorchingly bold track, with a hauntingly provocative quality to it (see also “Icebreaker V2”). Immediately providing a contrast, “Lullaby” has a 90’s vibe to it, with a tone reminiscent of The Cranberries (…if they had a very talented lovechild with a more punk band like Saving Ferris or Letters to Cleo). Jocelyn showcases a versatility to her vocals while exploring different runs, really rounding out her repertoire, especially when accompanied by soft piano. However, even when fading into an edgier instrumental, it doesn’t detract from the overall vulnerability and softness of the track, which is a difficult feat for any artist, never mind when it occurs on a debut EP. Driven by cinematic piano and rhythm, “Gaslight,” the EP’s big finish, has a cabaret/jazz sleekness to it that utilizes some of the similar qualities seen on “Lullabies,” especially in regards to versatility.

“Nevermind” is soulful, heart wrenching, and all in all, a stunning addition to Strangers In Fairyland. If you’ve ever searched for a song that perfectly captures what it’s like to be madly in love with someone who considers you their best friend, this may be it. Without sounding destroyed or feeling like the world is over, our heroine knows she’ll go on after this person, with or without this love. But there is a silent beauty behind every line; a sadness that is all-consuming, even for the strongest person. As the guitar wails and hits the bridge, it seems to sing alongside Arndt, making the track a stand-out on an already incredible EP.

Between the classic sound, perfectly delivered wit and attitude, and raw power, it’s impossible to resist Strangers In Fairyland. As a debut EP, the only way to describe it is to relate it to the leather-jacket-wearing cool kid that graced every film in the 90s. This is the boy leaning against the stone wall, taking a drag on his cigarette, and looking effortlessly mysterious. This is the picturesque woman that sits at the bar alone, but could not care less, and looks more confident and comfortable than anyone else in the room surrounded by people. In short, despite being the “new kid on the block,” Jocelyn Arndt’s debut is proof that she already possesses many of the talents that a plethora of artists could only begin to covet.


For more on Jocelyn Arndt, please click HERE.

Strangers In Fairyland is out NOW.

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Katie Buchanan Releases New Single

Blues singer-songwriter Katie Buchanan has just released her new single, “Shake Down,” and the accompanying lyric video, which you can view below. The single comes from her sophomore EP, Go, which has been receiving rave reviews left and right. Just listening to the song, it’s obvious that Buchanan’s soulful, folk-pop sound is unique…and that she is poised for stardom.


​ ​
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REVIEW: Eilidh McKellar – ‘Delta Devil Dreams’

Delta Devil Dreams begins with the cinematic, edgy “Summer Daze.” There is an old-soul feel to the track, with a blues-style guitar and Eilidh McKellar’s raspy vocals at the center of it all (see also “Diamond Kiss”). From the get-go, McKellar grips your focus with an attitude that is constant for the rest of the album.
“Hold Steady” has an almost sultry feel to it, with a rock and roll vibe that felt unexpected. The soulful quality to each verse is almost tangible, with a melodic chorus that adds a perfect contrast throughout. A piano-driven bridge smooths out the edge to the song, rounding it out, and giving it that special something that leaves anyone who hears it in awe. Similarly, “Remedy” is filled with colorful descriptions, invoking an imagery of struggle, surrounded by an alluring blues instrumental.
Throughout Delta Devil Dreams, McKellar showcases an attitude only further emphasized by stellar vocals, classic, bluesy instrumentals, and, of course, lyrics that sound like something the Stones could have written in their prime (e.g. “Killer Joe,” “Until The Sun Comes Up,” “Preaching Lies”). “The City” carries a classic rock sound, with an electrifying tone that is worthy of the theme song of a hit crime TV show.
One thing I love about listening to new artists is imagining how I would have found them if I hadn’t been asked to listen to them. For an artist like McKellar, I can only imagine going through the collection at a record store and stumbling across this album. With tracks like “Home,” it feels as though the only appropriate way to listen would be on vinyl. McKellar’s vocals reach new heights on the track, with a more exploratory sound, developed further by her confidence that radiates in every note.
“Avenue E” is a beautiful, melodic surprise on the album. It’s the first slow song, and it’s softness stands out, even next to the other slower tracks. “We were all from different places […], from different walks of life,” McKellar croons, her vocals raw with both a power and vulnerability. For an artist to be able to mix the two tones, without sounding chaotic, it is incredible in its own right.
The title track of the album has a steady pace to it, and a catchy rhythm, all accompanied by Santana-worthy guitar parts and some awesome lyrical alliteration.
Tracks like “Cruel” and “Fool” have the lyrical soul of an Adele track with a rock and roll edge, making an unbelievably original concoction of soul, style, and  sophistication expected from an artist in their late-twenties/early thirties, never mind McKellar’s twenty years.
Throughout Delta Devil Dreams, there is never a moment of doubt of who McKellar is; no wondering if it’s all a facade or fabricated persona. Every inch of attitude delivered feels genuine, especially on tracks like “Dead Man Walking.”
Delta Devil Dreams is a masterpiece in its own right; everything about the album works together as a force to be reckoned with. McKellar’s subtle powerhouse style and old soul sound create an album worthy of both recognition and repetition.
For more on Eilidh McKellar, please head to the following:

Upcoming Performances:
10/14 – The Underbelly (London)
11/05 – The Old Queens Head (London)
In 2015, McKellar will be on tour throughout the UK/US n support of the album.
The video for “Home,” from Delta Devil Dreams, can be viewed below:
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VIDEO: David Rosales – “Too Young To Know Better:

Amazing singer-songwriter David Rosales teamed up with The Boot to premiere his new video “Too Young to Know Better” today! The video is the visual counterpart to a track that originally released off of Rosales’ EP Along The Way on June 17th. Reminiscent of artists such as Ryan AdamsAmos Lee, and Brett Dennen, Rosales shakes things up with a broad sonic palate rooted in American folk, blues and country. Watch “Too Young to Know Better” here:

Along The Way officially released on June 17th, 2014. Stream Along The Way on ARTISTdirect, here: http://bit.ly/U3aHDj. To purchase Along The Way, please visit iTunes, here: http://bit.ly/1lxBugJ or Amazon, here: http://amzn.to/1lxFCxi.  For updates, please visit: http://www.DavidRosalesMusic.com/.

Not only is the song a truly stunning work of art, with incredible harmonies, steady beats, and a beautifully simple instrumental, all accompanied by David Rosales’s impeccable deliverance of well-written lyrics, but the video brings the feeling of the track to life.



Check out more on David Rosales, here:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DavidRosalesMusic

Twitter: www.twitter.com/DRosales

Instagram: www.instagram.com/DavidRosalesMusic

Youtube: www.youtube.com/DavidRosalesMusic


Upcoming Shows

Jul 9                 Green Acre Nautilus                                                    San Diego, CA

Jul 12               Lorimar Loft                                                                 Temecula, CA

Jul 16               Black Rose Tavern                                                      Los Angeles, CA        

Aug 24             The Coach House w/ Steep Canyon Rangers            San Juan Capistrano, CA       

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Kill It Kid Unveil Video for New Song & Release Tour Dates


British rock group Kill It Kid have released the official video for their track, “I’ll Be The First.” This is the first song from the band’s forthcoming album, You Owe Nothing. Check out the video below! The track is also available as a free download from the band’s official site, KillItKid.com. Stay tuned for more news about the full-length release. 



“I’ll Be The First” Single via iTunes:



Kill It Kid was formed back in 2008 when guitarist and vocalist Chris Turpin joined forces with drummer Marc Jones and co-vocalist/pianist Stephanie Ward. They drew inspiration from American blues, both in style and in name, taking “Kill It Kid” from a Blind Willie McTell tune. The band spent the next four years working intensely, touring and growing a following in the U.K., which led them to Sire/WBR. 


Their music has since spread worldwide, with their song “Run” featuring prominently in a global Samsung TV commercial, which you can view below. A full-length record will be out later this year, and is a crossroads between unadulterated blues catharsis, tight rock ‘n’ roll song writing, pensive folks musings and distorted grunge attitude. 



Kill It Kid will be joining fellow Blues revivalist Gary Clark, Jr. on his European tour in Germany. For a full list of upcoming Kill It Kid tour dates, see below.



5/26              Theaterfabrik – Munich, Germany (W/ Gary Clark, Jr.)

5/27              Nachtleben – Frankfurt, Germany

5/28              Subrosa – Dortmund, Germany

5/29              Berghain Kantine – Berlin, Germany

5/31              Gruenspan – Hamburg, German (W/ Gary Clark, Jr.)

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David Rosales Set To Release Along The Way EP on June 17th

 The wonderful singer-songwriter, David Rosales, has officially announced the release of his new EP Along The Way, which is set to drop on June 17th! Reminiscent of artists such as Ryan AdamsAmos Lee, and Ryan Bingham, Rosales shakes things up with a broad sonic palate rooted in American folk, blues and country. For more information, please visit: http://www.DavidRosalesMusic.com/.

Rosales’ sophomore solo EP, Along the Way, was recorded with the help of NightOwl Recorders’ producing partners, musicians and friends, Matt Grundy & Paul Clark (Donavon Frankenreiter). The EP begins with the first single, “Too Young to Know Better.” With a serene, dream-folk vibe and a touch of country, the track swings into the EP’s uptempo and sunny, perfect-for-summer, second single “Slice of Heaven.”


Leading up to the release, Rosales will be playing several shows throughout California, including a special charity benefit with Sea Wolf. After touring through his home state, Rosales will celebrate the official release date of Along The Way with a featured NXNE showcase.

“I’m a big believer in sussing material out in a live setting,” says Rosales. “I’m forced to commit to playing or singing a part that I might be on the fence about in a certain way. It’s very instinctual at this point. I can immediately tell what works and what doesn’t. The audience never lies.” 

Along The Way is set to release on June 17th, 2014. For updates, please visit: http://www.DavidRosalesMusic.com/.



Track Listing:

01. Too Young to Know Better

02. Slice of Heaven

03. Not Playing to Lose

04. Amélie’s Song

05. Strike Gold

06. Appleton

07. Crashing Down


Upcoming Shows

May 21            RedWhite+Bluezz                                                        Pasadena, CA

May 22            Bacchus’ Secret Cellar                                                Irvine, CA

May 23            L’Auberge                                                                     Del Mar, CA

May 29            The Coach House w/ Sea Wolf                                   San Juan Capistrano, CA

May 30            Herringbone                                                                  La Jolla, CA

Jun 4               Sea & Smoke                                                               Del Mar, CA

Jun 7               The District – 106.7 KROQ’s ROQ n’SURF                Tustin, CA

Jun 12             Bacchus’ Secret Cellar                                                 Irvine, CA

Jun 13             La Bella Vita                                                                  Temecula, CA

Jun 14             Lorimar Loft                                                                   Temecula, CA

Jun 18             The Dakota Tavern – NXNE Official Showcase           Toronto, ON, Canada

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VIDEO: The Vernons – “Shake ‘n Roll”



The Vernons, an Aussie blues rock n’ roll band, have released their new video for “Shake n Roll,” the track that inspired a nation-wide T-Mobile commercial! The track was released off their debut EP, Volume I, in the US on September 6th, 2013, produced by multi-award-winning engineer Yanto Browning (The Medics, The Jungle Giants, Kate Miller-Heidke). Volume I has garnered reviews from the likes of Guitar World, Zimbio, NYLON Guys, You, Me & Charlie, ARTISTdirect, etc.

With a fresh, original sound, it’s impossible to ignore the group, and this minimalistic video only makes it more difficult!


Fresh on the heels of their debut EP, the Vernons are gearing up to go into the studio with Louie Shelton to record their sophomore EP Volume II, which is set to be released in July. 



The band is comprised of Jonny Nyst (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), James Nikiforides (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals), Hugh Tait (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals)and Elliot Gooch (Drums/Backing Vocals). They have taken all that was great from the vinyl-age to craft a new sound since their conception in mid 2011, bringing a style that was all but forgotten back into prominence. Nyst’s vocals show subtle hints of inspiration from the greats, from the deep undertones reminiscent of the King of Rock himself, to the electrifying performance alongside the edgy instrumentals that bring comparisons to Billy Boy On Poison. From their humble beginnings on Queensland’s Gold Coast, the quartet quickly found themselves supporting names like Wolfmother & Seasick Steve, earning a spot at the 2013 Big Day Out local stage. Following the release of their debut EP – Volume I, the Vernons recently made the No. 1 spot on the iTunes Blues charts with their single “Standing In Line”.


The Vernons released their debut EP, Volume I, on September 6th, 2013. To purchase Volume I, please visit iTunes, here: http://bit.ly/1dZ7LQ5.


For more information, please visit:

Website: www.TheVernonsBand.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheVernonsBand

Twitter: www.twitter.com/TheVernonsBand


Track Listing:

01. Shake ‘n’ Roll

02. Standing In Line

03. White Wine

04. Mercy

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