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VIDEO: Ashley Allen – “Body Say No, Heart Say Yes (Acoustic)”

Hot on the heels of a new EP, and the High School Music Tour with Taboo and Drake Bell, singer/songwriter, Ashley Allen, teamed up with Concert Blogger to premiere a new acoustic video for the title track off her newest EP, Body Say No, Heart Say Yes. You can watch it below!


After premiering the official video on RyanSeacrest.comthe video has now made its way to the likes of MTVVH1, and CMT.  The video (which includes guest appearances from rapper Shwayze, DJ White Shadow (Lady Gaga), and model Chloe Norgaard), is a vibrant nod to Ashley’s colorful personality and optimistic attitude.


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Ashley Allen on MTV, VH1, and CMT



Check It Out On…

MTV.com, here: on.mtv.com/1jxpdvU

VH1.com, here: on.vh1.com/1mxVhPX

CMT.com, here: on.cmt.com/1hfYyOI


Fresh off the heels of a new EP, and the High School Music Tour with Taboo and Drake Bell, singer/songwriter Ashley Allen, recently released a video for the title track off her newest EP, Body Say No, Heart Say Yes. Following its premiere on RyanSeacrest.com, the video has made its way to MTVVH1, and even CMT. The video, which includes guest appearances from rapper Shwayze, DJ White Shadow (Lady Gaga), and model Chloe Norgaard, is a vibrant nod to Ashley’s colorful personality and optimistic attitude. When asked about the video, Ashley states, “This video is my heart and soul. It is the definition of who I am and about staying positive in life. I guess it really is a message to stay weird and have fun!” 


“Body Say No, Heart Say Yes” is the title track of Ashley’s recently released EP, which was co-written and co- produced by Cash Cash (All Time Low, Cobra Starship, Bebe Rehxa), and is now available on iTunes.  You can also check out a full stream of Body Say No, Heart Say Yes, on Artist Direct, here: http://bit.ly/19zO2zs


Check out Body Say No, Heart Say Yes on 

Ryan Seacresthttp://bit.ly/1lqplAk



CMT.com, here: on.cmt.com/1hfYyOI.

Or, watch the video below!



For updates, please visit:

Website: www.itsashleyallen.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/itsashleyallen 

Twitter: www.twitter.com/itsashleyallen

YouTube: www.youtube.com/itsashleyallen

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Q&A: Ashley Allen – Refreshingly Real


Ashley Allen is a vibrant artist that is hard to be ignored. With a catchy, optimistic style, she is generating buzz with her new EP, Body Say No, Heart Say Yes (check out the official video for the single below). The EP, which was released on December 10th, 2013. In a surprisingly crisp twist, Ashley does not come across the same as many other artists in her genre, with a sound that is all her own. She was kind enough to sit down and answer some questions for Planet Stereo!

PS: Thanks for doing the interview. How are you?

AA: I’m great! Thanks for having me!

PS: Your Body Say No, Heart Say Yes EP was just released. What is the best thing about having the material out for the world to hear?

AA: It’s just nice to be able to share my music with everyone. I’ve waited so long for this moment I am happy that it’s finally here!

PS: Do you have a favorite song from the EP?

AA: NO! They are all my babies and I love them all!

PS: Is there a song you notice fans really responding to?

AA: I would probably say “Body Say No, Heart Say Yes” since it is the song that is my first single.

PS: Is there a specific meaning behind Body Say No, Heart Say Yes?

AA: The message being Body Say No, Heart Say Yes is to get up and out and seize the day. No matter how bad or down you may feel you only have one life so you better make it count.

PS: You worked with Cash Cash on the EP. What was it like to collaborate with them?

AA: Well, I’ve known them for so long. We had a lot of fun writing and working together. They definitely made it really easy and I learned a lot from them.

PS: In general, which do you find the best–solo work or collaborations?

AA: I definitely find collaborations to be best. I am a firm believer then two brains are better then one.

PS: You get compared to a lot of other female artists. How do you respond to those comparisons?

AA: I feel honored to even be placed in the same category as other female artists. So I have learned to take them as compliments.

PS: After touring Australia, do you think the crowds are different from the ones you’re used to in America?

AA: For every show that you play the crowd is different. It’s hard to say crowds in America are different from crowds in Australia because it really differs from place to place.

 PS: What was it like being in Australia?

AA: It was really awesome. It was definitely top on the list of places I wanted to visit.

PS: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

AA: Still writing music and performing. Hopefully somewhere warm!

PS: If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be and why?

AA: I would tell myself that life is too short to dwell on the past and feel bad for yourself. I would tell myself this because when your in the middle of growing up life can seem so long. You don’t realize how short life is.

For more on Ashley Allen, click HERE.

You can buy Body Say No, Heart Say Yes by clicking HERE.

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VIDEO: Ashley Allen – “Body Say No, Heart Say Yes”

Ashley Allen releases a brand new video for the title track off her new EP, Body Say No, Heart Say Yes which was released this weekend on RyanSeacrest.com

You may recognize a few other faces in there too –  Schwayze, DJ White Shadow and and model Chloe Norgaard!
The video is very well done, and you can check it out below!
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Ashley Allen: NYC’s Latest Star



Many artists go through life using their art as a way to tell their story, if not to escape it. The things they feel, the way we relate to them all stems from how they translate these experiences into their medium. Ashley Allen is a new star rising from New York, where she was born and bred, and like many before her, she channels her life experiences to create music that has soon become so loved by a vast audience.

She recently released her brand new music video for “Let’s Go,” which hit over 75,000 views on YouTube in its first weekend. An exclusive premiere on ArtistDirect, the track soon garnered a world of attention, as did the video. “It’s surreal. People have been so kind and I couldn’t be more grateful,” she says graciously. “To be honest, it is still hard to believe sometimes.”

Ashley, fresh from a two week Australian tour, returned to this cheerful news, and credits “Let’s Go” as the theme song to “inspire people to go after their craziest dreams.” To see the video and add to its ever-increasing popularity, you can see it here:  http://bit.ly/lets-go-aa. You can also download “Let’s Go” for free on www.itsashleyallen.com.

As for tour, Ashley is no stranger to the “hustle and bustle” of it all, being from New York. “Being from New York, I don’t even know what the word relax means!” she jokes. “However, I did realize it’s important to keep people around you who can keep you grounded. It definitely makes being away from home a lot easier and keeps you a lot more sane.”

Despite missing home, Ashley found some joy in touring Australia. “I might get in trouble for saying this… but I found Australia to be a lot like the United States! Especially the speaking English part. Everyone was lovely. I can’t wait to go back!” She exclaims.

It’s this type of positive energy that makes Ashley’s music completely infectious. On a deeper level, Ashely has had a lifetime of experiences that would dare rival that of many other twenty-three year olds. “[M]usic helped me through a lot and was there for me through my darkest days…[but] the truth is, change starts within yourself. I was lucky to have music, but I wouldn’t hold it responsible for me finding the light at the end of the tunnel.” The singer-songwriter has battled through it all–bullying, depression, anxiety, and even drugs.

” If I could tell my younger self one thing now it would be probably be…’look at you now; you’ve come a long way,'” she says, adding to her upbeat persona. Ashely is a breath of fresh air, especially with so much negativity surrounding the media.

She is an uninhibited talent, who openly expresses herself, especially in order to create something she can be proud of, something she believes other people should try to do. “Being you is the best advice I can give [to someone looking to pursue music],” she says. “Just stay focused on who you are. Never change for anyone and always be yourself. It’s easy to get lost in this industry because people will always have opinions.”
Artists like Ashley Allen are rarities, especially in today’s industry. As New York’s latest rising star, all eyes (and ears) will be on her in the coming years. For more on Ashley and her music, please check out her main site.
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