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REVIEW: Alec Chambers – ‘Whole Again’ EP

whole again ep

Connecticut-based singer/songwriter Alec Chambers has been causing a lot of buzz with his debut single, “Whole Again,” which starts the EP off with just the right tone. With a pure pop sound, beautiful guitar, and a swelling, entrancing chorus, Chambers breathes life into the four-track debut with the love song that has him poised for commercial success.

Chambers maintains the energy of Whole Again with “Lost In Translation” and its upbeat, rhythmic sound, all the while exploring another emotion: frustration. There is a cheeky tone to the track, despite the subject being a misunderstanding, only further made into a catchy tune by Chambers’ belting demands of, “Are you even listening?” While most of the EP showcases the softer side of the nineteen year old, this song stands out, showing his versatility, as well as his consistency.

“Bleecker Street” is a slower, softer narrative, and each line really does set the scene; the end of a relationship and possibly the pain of getting over someone initially. It seems to be about realizing you’d rather fight for someone than give them up, or even about leaving a relationship and finding yourself. I love the folk undertones in the instrumental that add so much depth and character to the song. This is a well crafted piece of expression, building perfectly onto the previous tracks; making the EP read like a story.

Cliche`s exist for a reason: people fall in love with them, and can relate to them. On “Heart of Gold,” Chambers tells the very typical boy loves girl, she insists “we’re just friends,” and he attempts to convince her otherwise, story. With sweet lyrics, swelling instrumentals, and well-written lyrics, it is impossible to resist. “No more days in black and white, you put color in my life…,” Chambers croons, and it is easy to imagine fans of One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer swooning at the singer’s show.

Overall, Whole Again proves to be wonderful debut, showcasing lots of potential for Alec Chambers’ young career, as well as setting the bar for what’s to come. Full of stunning melodies, classic pop style, and a crisp feeling of originality, Whole Again will be available on February 3rd.

For more on Alec Chambers or to buy a CD, please click HERE.

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15 Songs From January ’15 You HAVE To Hear

Can you believe the first month of 2015 is already over? Feels like it was only last week we were kissing Christmas goodbye and ringing in the New Year with our favorite Must Hear Artists.

Planet Stereo’s rounded up the top 15 of January 2015. You’ve gotta check these out:


1. All Time Low – “Something’s Gotta Give”

The band’s first single from their upcoming album, Future Hearts. It’s catchy, full of fun, and the video has a plot twist.

2. Sleeping With Sirens – “Go Go Go”

Electrifying, energetic track, with a funny as Hell video. Let this be a reminder to wave at the people who spin the signs or have to wear silly costumes on streets as advertising.

3. Alec Chambers – “Whole Again”

The 19-year-old’s single has been making waves all month with a ridiculously catchy chorus and pure pop style.

4. Enter Shikari – “Anaethetist”

Entrancing in sound, as well as visually. Stemming from the band’s album, Mindsweep, which came out earlier this month.

5. Kids – “Second Star On The Right”

Who doesn’t love a good Peter Pan reference? This track will certainly make you want to return to Neverland to become a Lost Boy.

6. Hannah Gill – “I Feel Awake”

Finding out that Hannah Gill is seventeen makes your jaw drop when you hear her soulful vocals.

7. Fall Out Boy – “The Kids Aren’t Alright”

My favorite track from their latest album, American Beauty / American Psycho. It’s got an incredibly sophisticated sound, while still maintaining the lovable pop-punk style of FOB.

8. As It Is – “Dial Tones”

The band’s label debut, and it sounds awesome. With pure emotion in every line, As It Is prove that they are definitely one to watch by showcasing their immense talent.

9. The Rocketboys – “Viva Voce”

The incredible single that you heard on the final season premiere of Glee. Yes, you read that right, on Glee.

10. Real Friends – “Summer”

For those of us who are so sick of the winter weather and want the blistering heat of the summer back, listen to this tune, and dream of sunnier days ahead.

11. Gerard Way – “Don’t Try”

Ah, the relief of hearing Gerard Way singing through your speakers once again. Is there no greater joy?

12. The Downtown Fiction – “Don’t Count Me Out”

Rhythmic, catchy new single from The Downtown Fiction’s album, Losers & Kings, which is out now. Bonus points for the intro begin filmed in Orlando!

13. Nathan Angelo – “Carolina Save Me”

Stemming from the singer-songwriter’s upcoming Carolina EP, there is a country twang to this single that will make you melt….and maybe miss summer even more.

14. Greg Holden – “Hold On Tight”

A beautiful new track from the singer/songwriter…But am I the only one to notice the play on words here? (Holden – Hold On)

15. Wild Party – “Outright”

If you’re looking for a new indie-rock tune to dance to for the rest of the year, this may have to be it.


Honorable Mentions:

Martin Callingham – “Knots”

Wildhart – “Stuck In a Second”

Kelly Clarkson – “Heartbeat Song”

Summer Scouts – “Facepaint”

Spencer Sutherland – “Nothing Can Hurt Me”

The Heydaze – “Don Juan”

The National Parks – “Helsinki”

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VIDEO: Alec Chambers – “Whole Again”

alec chambers


Nineteen-year-old singer/songwriter Alec Chambers has released the video for his much-anticipated first single, “Whole Again.” The video, directed by Jonathan Hoeg, can be viewed below.

Chambers’ debut EP, produced by Robbie Gauriglia (Oh Honey) will be available in early 2015.

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Alec Chambers Releases His Debut Single, “Whole Again”

alec chambers


Alec Chambers, the virtuosic singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Connecticut, has released his debut single, “Whole Again,” which premiered on Just Jared. The accompanying video, directed by Jonathan Hoag, is preparing to be released.


At just nineteen years old, Chambers has displayed an impressive ability to play by ear, and his written more than 30 songs. This year, his debut EP, produced by Robbie Guariglia (Oh Honey), will be released; a small piece in the puzzle towards his album that Chambers has worked on with Sarah Nagourney, Guariglia, Grammy award-winning producer Lee Groves (Black Eyed Peas), and Jon Sibels (Eve 6).

Below, you can see Alec Chambers’ upcoming tour dates.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
January 5, 2015 | New York, NY @ The Bitter End
January 14, 2015 – 7 pm | New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall
February 3, 2015 – 7 PM | New York, NY @ The Bowery Electric – Ep  release
February 17, 2015 – 7 pm -New York, NY @ The Bowery Electric
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