REVIEW: Thieves & Lovers – ‘Seasons’

thieves and lovers seasonsIt would appear that Thieves & Lovers can do no wrong, as proven with their brand new four-track record, Seasons. The record kicks off with a guitar-driven, infectious, cinematic opening, “Sex & Cigarettes.” The track acts like the plea of a person who has given into their feelings, and is begging another to do the same. At the bridge, the guitar practically sings, showcasing a stunning instrumental quality that remains present throughout the record.

“See You Soon” follows as a 90s reminiscent, chilled-out song, filled with a poetic tone, accompanied by soft instrumentals. With a bittersweet goodbye, I would dare say the record is about the seasons of a relationship, or the seasons of growing up, and learning to cope with the unknown moments that will approach in life. “Waiting Game” follows a similar theme, describing the difficult work of soul-searching, and the angst of getting older, trying to figure out what you want. Again, stunning instrumentals are a prominent feature, with Brandon Stoner crooning, “It’s not the waiting, it’s the spaces in between.” He delivers the line with raw emotion, making it a truly believable performance.

However, it is the final track, “The Rain Season,” that is, hands down, my favorite song from Seasons. As a peaceful, final ode to the meaning of life and the sheer enormity of the world, the track is a resignation to the end as a whole, whether that’s the end of a relationship, the end of a life, etc. The rhythm of the track crafts this rare feeling of a live, acoustic show intimacy that wraps listeners up like a warm blanket on a bitter, cold day. And what more could you possibly ask for from a record?

Thieves & Lovers’ Seasons is out today! Click HERE to pick up a copy!

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