Midnight Mob Premiere “Swing On” Music Video

Midnight MobNew York-based rockers Midnight Mob have unveiled their new music video for “Swing On,” the anthemic new single from their upcoming EP, Honest Brutal Glorious. The EP will debut on March 25th.

“‘Swing On’ is about braving the process of dropping all your vices and false beliefs you have about yourself to become the person you’re meant to be,” shares Blackey Deathproof, the band’s raspy-voiced powerhouse vocalist. “I know I have to break down walls to get where I need to be and ultimately step into my purpose.”

You can watch the video below, and also see a list of the band’s upcoming shows.

The video is full of grit, and showcases two sides of the band: the edgy and the irresistibly catchy. “Swing On” will quickly transport you to a time when rock music was bold, powerful, and raw. Check it out below:


Upcoming Shows:

Feb 26 – DROM – New York, NY (“Swing On” Video Release Party)

Mar 04 – Connie’s Ric Rac – Philadelphia, PA

Mar 26 – Bull Shooters Saloon – Philadelphia, PA

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