PREMIERE: The Dirty Heat’s New Single “Empty Spaces”

2016-The Dirty Heat-9900

Photo by Nick Radcliffe

We’ve got the exclusive premiere of The Dirty Heat’s brand new single, “Empty Spaces,” which is set for release on February 13th. The Austin indie-rock band recorded the single at The Bubble in Austin with Frenchie Smith.

The Dirty Heat is headed out on a west coast tour this month, in conjunction with the release of the new single. Stream “Empty Spaces” and see tour dates below!


“Empty Spaces” is everything you want it to be and more. The track is melodic, catchy, and filled with an abundance of creativity. Phil Luna’s vocals are superb, and are beautifully complimented by the accompaniment of each instrument, showcasing the wonderful talents of Andrew Hamel (percussion, organ), Thrad Lee (piano), Josh Chambers (bass), Steve Carlos Kirk (tenor sax), Joseph Woullard (bari sax), and Derek Phelps (trumpet). The more you hit the repeat button on this track, the more likely it is that someone will walk into the room to see your hips swinging, and perhaps even a hairbrush substituting a microphone. The single is, without a doubt, poised to be a modern classic, and The Dirty Heat are a band you need to be watching.


2/13 – Austin – Tellers
2/18 – Tuscon AZ – Sky Bar
2/19 – Los Angeles CA – Holy Grounds
2/19 – Los Angeles CA – The Mint
2/20 – La Crescenta CA – The Roar Room
2/21 – Santa Monica CA – TRiP
2/22 – Los Angeles CA – The Escondite
2/23 – Pacifica CA – Winters Tavern
2/24 – San Francisco CA – Milk Bar
2/25 – Benicia CA – The Relik Tavern
2/26 – San Jose CA – Art Boutiki
2/27 – Los Angeles CA – Viento Y Agua
2/29 – Los Angeles CA – Ham & Eggs Tavern
3/1 – Las Vevas NV – Artifice
3/3 – Denver CO – TBC
3/4 – Wichita KS – Kirby’s Beer Store
3/5 – Norman OK – TBC
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4 thoughts on “PREMIERE: The Dirty Heat’s New Single “Empty Spaces”

  1. Jj Abrahm says:

    This sounds nothing like them. Maybe they’re trying something new, but it just doesn’t catch like Boneyard, End Part, or even Alone in The Dark. I really don’t know what to think. Maybe I just need to give it some time…

    • the dirty heat says:

      Hey Jj,

      Thanks for listening to and enjoying our other music. We’re always looking to try new things;sometimes they resonate with people,sometimes they aren’t for everybody. We’re going to continue trying new things. Hopefully the next one strikes a chord with you.

      The Dirty Heat

  2. Casey Hamel Hinton says:

    I love the write up on this. My brother’s name is spelled Andrew Hamel not Andre Hamel

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