Tumblr Releases a List of Top 20 Most Reblogged Bands

tumblr bandsTumblr just released a list of the 20 most reblogged bands on the site in 2015. Just like in 2014, 5 Seeconds of Summer and One Direction have held their spots at the top, followed by twenty one pilots, Fall Out Boy, and Panic! At The Disco, all rounding out the top five of the list.

Many bands found their way onto the list, even My Chemical Romance, despite their disbanding (or maybe because of their disbanding).

Check out the full list below:


1. 5 Seconds of Summer | Official Tumblr
2. One Direction | Official Tumblr
3.  Twenty One Pilots | Official Tumblr
4.  Fall Out Boy | Official Tumblr
5.  Panic! At The Disco | Official Tumblr
6.  All Time Low
7. Fifth Harmony | Official Tumblr
8. My Chemical Romance
9. The 1975 | Official Tumblr
10. Bring Me The Horizon
11.  Paramore | Official Tumblr
12.  Pierce the Veil | Official Tumblr
13.  Arctic Monkeys
14.  Black Veil Brides | Official Tumblr
15.  Odd Future | Official Tumblr
16.  Sleeping With Sirens | Official Tumblr
17.  Little Mix
18.  Nirvana | Official Tumblr
19.  The Beatles
20.  PVRIS | Official Tumblr

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