REVIEW: Michael Persall – ‘400’ EP

michael persallMichael Persall kicks off his latest EP, 400, with “The Move,” an upbeat tune that perfectly captures a sweet courtship, all the while showcasing some of Persall’s enviable vocal talents. The indie-pop/rock single is radio worthy, with perfect timing, a happy-go-lucky charm, and a fantasy appeal, as evident in the music video. Persall has a definite presence to him, reminiscent of a 60’s frontman, as evident throughout the EP.

“I’ll Wait” has an irresistible blues/pop style, coming across like a modern uptake on “You Can’t Hurry Love,” with a cinematic, stand-out quality. It’s a guy who was too busy chasing other people to see the one in front of him, but coming around, and making his move, no matter how late it is. I can only imagine how well this song went down at one of the 400+ shows Persall played in NYC this year, after which the EP was named.

However, it’s the heartfelt and heartbroken sounds featured on “Doesn’t Make It Right,” that stand out the most. The track is the bitterness after the break-up; the narrative of a person who has been hurt, betrayed by someone he loved, who he thought loved him. Persall delivers an incredible performance on the song, with a vintage quality that makes it sound as though it could be straight off of a vinyl from the 60s. It is, hands down, the best track on the EP.

Persall caps it all off with the catchy, upbeat dance anthem, “Fine With That,” perfectly book-ending 400. The track will make you want to dance around the room, and maybe press the repeat button on the EP.

400 is out NOW.

For more on Michael Persall, please click here.

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