15 Songs From November ’15 You Have To Hear

good charlotteNovember is an odd month. Sure, it’s got Thanksgiving, but December doesn’t really give it a chance. In fact, I often refer to November as “Pre-Christmas.” The stores put out their decorations earlier every year, the radio blasts holiday tunes, and everyone is just…Christmas-y.

But here at Planet Stereo, we want to give November a fair shot! Which is why we’ve scooped up the best tunes this month.

Check out your November Must Hear List below and let us know what you think we have to hear in the comments!


1. “On My Way” – Cardiknox

“On My Way” is a fantastic new track from Cardiknox, who are equally as awesome. The vocals are wonderful, and as the music builds throughout the song, there’s an explosion of kinetic energy. Put this on and I guarantee you’ll need to dance…even if you can’t really.

2. “Let The Games Begin” – AJR

Melodic, catchy, and makes me want to learn how to play it on the cups…Hmmm…AJR with yet another hit that is guaranteed to be on the radio for a while. If “Let The Games Begin” doesn’t pump you up even a little bit, I fear for you.

3. “Makeshift Love” – Good Charlotte

Can I just say how thrilled I am that Good Charlotte is back? Seriously, this band is magical. When “Makeshift Love” debuted, I was filled with happiness. It’s catchy as all Hell, and the music video is wonderful– it features cameos from producer John Feldmann and Mikey Way, and also features a product called Break App. Amazing. #WelcomeBackGC #pleaseneverleaveagain.

4. “There’s a Place” – All American Rejects

Something very different from AAR, and it’s a welcome change. This reminds me so much of some of the tracks from Move Along, just with a more indie sound to it. “There’s a Place” is beautifully put together, and is such a sing-a-long.

5. “Start Again” – Conrad Sewell

When there’s something about a song that you can’t fully explain, but you love, you know it’s something special. For me, I honestly think it comes down to the heartfelt lyrics and Sewell’s incredible vocal performance, but I find myself hitting the replay button on this constantly.

6. “Speak Soft” – As It Is

Okay, so As It Is can do no wrong anyway, but this is just wonderful. The video makes me want to go to the beach so badly, you have no idea. Add on top that the song is energetic and showcases clever lyrics (once again). Let’s just say that you have to hear every As It Is song and call it a day?

7. “True Friends” – Bring Me The Horizon

Not only is the song brilliant, but the video is a complete Inception moment. I cannot say anymore. You just need to watch and listen.

8. “When We Were Young (LIVE)” – Adele

All hail the Queen! If you weren’t already obsessed, Adele’s new live version of “When We Were Young” will get you there. It’s only when you hear her perform acoustically that you realize just how talented this lady is…and always has been.

9. TroyBoi – “Afterhours (ft. Diplo &Nina Sky)

Haunting vocals, amazing music, and just an overall entrancing feel to it. This is something I can imagine being played all over the place, and rightly so!

10. “Chase Your Shadow (Acoustic)” – Secret Someones

Again, you can never go wrong with a good acoustic. Secret Someones is pure proof of that. The vocals are perfection, and just the softness of the music is completely mesmerizing.

11. “Ready Or Not Here I Come (ft. Cheesa)” – District 78

This is such a…badass version of this song. There is literally no other way I can describe it. It’s full of energy and has a flare of style to it that is irresistible.

12. “Sing” – The Wild Wild

You can never go wrong with a melodic tune to set your day right, and The Wild Wild have provided that and some with “Sing.”

13. “Impossible” – Lacey Sturm

I’m going to be honest, Flyleaf was part of the compilation CDs that made up my formative teen years. So when I heard that former Flyleaf front woman Lacey Sturm was making her return to music as a solo artist, I admit, I was hesitant. But then I heard “Impossible,” from her debut solo album, Life Screams. The track is bold, and has a more hopeful vibe to it.

14. “Clarity” – Come Wind

I am completely entranced by this group. Come Wind is just a ridiculously talented band, and “Clarity” is a song that stands out beautifully. It’s like AFI meets Lydia. Just, yes. The Emo Kid from my youth rejoices every time she hears this song.

15. “LA Devotee” – Panic! At The Disco

Yet another awesome new single from P!@TD’s upcoming Death of a Bachelor album. If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, this song will make you need to!



“Four Five Seconds (cover)” – Connell Cruise (ft. Rudo Pieterse & Ashlinn Gray)


“Outsiders” – Against The Current

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