REVIEW: The Future Scares Me – ”Till It’s Dark Out’

The Future Scares MeDream-like and reminiscent of a child’s fable; that’s the best way to describe The Future Scares Me and their brand new EP, ‘Til It’s Dark Out, set to be released this December.

The EP starts off strongly with the notable lead single, “Slow Down,” and it’s colorful, lush sound manages to express the true sadness of getting older, and the things around you changing. The track is a perfect single, and an even better introduction, with a cinematic, entrancing momentum that pulls you in, and will keep you hooked for the entirety of the EP. In a time where everything we do is rushed, The Future Scares Me have crafted a song that is both excellently done, and also a perfect reminder that nothing lasts forever.

TFSM brings in a more electro-pop, synth-driven sound, courtesy of Eli Sundelson, on “Not So Far Away” and “Waiting For The Sun,” but it doesn’t detract from the soulful vocal stylings of Sonia Sundelson. Both tracks have an eerie element that maintains the dream-like quality, adding in ethereal harmonics. “Waiting For The Sun” has an almost dystopian/post-apocolyptic vibe, and solidifies that TFSM are excellent story-tellers, with bright, clear imagery. There is a definite contrast between the synth and drums (David Christian) and the melodics, which may or may not have been a purposeful decision, but it seems to act as a reminder that music is not entirely about analyzation and lining everything up; it’s about enjoyment.

‘Til It’s Dark Out finished off with “Play Dumb,” a quirky, more melodic tune, with a Peter Pan-esque narrative. As the song builds, it makes it more obvious that TFSM have a lot to say, and are nowhere near from done. There is a quality to their sound and a rawness to their talent that makes them stand out…and you should be paying attention.

‘Til It’s Dark Out will be out on December 8th, 2015. The duo will be performing at their EP release show at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, NY, on 12/8/15, alongside Pajama Peoplealtopalo and oMoO.

For more on The Future Scares Me, click HERE.

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