TDR Records Release Free Compilation EP, ‘Ashley & Michael’

tdr recordsTDR Records just released a special digital EP, entitled, Ashley & Michael, to celebrate the marriage of Michael Hollins (TDR’s founder) and his fiancée Ashley. The EP features an acoustic rendition of a brand new or classic song from Punchline, Valencia, With The Punches, The Promise Hero, Barely Blind, and July.

[Fun Fact: It was even given out as a wedding favor!]

The wedding compilation is a truly unique listen, and each song, whether you were already in love with it or not, has a fresh new style to it. Considering the fact that people limit themselves to the same 10 wedding tunes, these songs open up the pool a little more, especially for rock/pop-punk lovers.
The EP can be downloaded for free HERE, and you can view a complete track listing (and EP artwork) below:

1. Punchline – Turntables of Love
2. With The Punches – I Told You Already (Acoustic)
3. Valencia – The Space Between (Acoustic)
4. The Promise Hero – All I’m Searching For
5. July – What We Signed Up For (Acoustic)
6. Barely Blind – When I See You
Congratulations to the new Michael & Ashley Hollins on their wedding, once again. Be sure to download the EP now!
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