Marianas Trench Begin ‘Astoria’ Pre-orders

marianas trench

Vancouver pop-rockers Marianas Trench are back! This time with their fourth studio album, Astoria, which is set to be released on October 23rd. The band recently released their first single from the album, called “One Love,” with the video coming out later next month.

You can pre-order Astoria on the following:

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3 thoughts on “Marianas Trench Begin ‘Astoria’ Pre-orders

  1. […] Marianas Trench just released their new single, “Wildfire,” from their upcoming album, Astoria. […]

  2. […] Marianas Trench are finally back with a new album: Astoria. It has been well-worth the wait, I assure you. There is nothing rushed or sloppy about this album, which drops on October 23rd. The album plays out like a coming-of-age film, much as the band aspires, especially considering its multitude of Goonies references, and the strong 80’s presence that adds to the enjoyment of every track. […]

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