Guest Blog: Los Angelics’ Sara Coda on Finding Songs

los angelics


Sometimes, a muse will come whisper a song into your ear. Sometimes, all you have to do is hold the guitar and before you know it, you come walking out of a fog with an entire song that you have no memory of writing. But, look! Look at the handwriting! Its yours. That sneaky muse drugged you, wrote a song, and even forged your handwriting. Its a song about things you didnt even know you think and feelings you didnt know you feel. You cant even take credit for it. But when your muse is MIA, and youre itching to write, where can you find songs?

  • First, whatever you do, get away from electronic devices. Come on, you knew that was coming. You will not find a song scrolling through Instagram on the toilet. Thats a promise.
  • Talk to strangers. The weirder the better. The less you have in common the better. Sit back and listen. Its only a matter of time before he/she says something uniquely poetic. Maybe use the buddy system on this one.
  • Go on an adventure. You dont have to go far. Just get away from the surroundings youre used to seeing. Observe without judgement.
  • Eavesdrop. Its unethical, but so what? If you have a sister, hide under her bed when shes on the phone. If youre sister is more of a texter than a talker, go to a restaurant and eavesdrop there. You would be surprised how many people break up in restaurants.
  • Keep a notebook by your bed for when you have an idea in your sleep. Sometimes your brain will try to sabotage you and it will tell you oh, this song is sooo good that theres no way you can forget it.Trust: You will forget it. Wake up and write it down. If its a melody, make a voice note.
  • If you want writer’s block, try to come up with something original! If not, steal ideas. Steal titles and ideas from books, movies and even other songs. Rewrite great songs by tweaking the melody, using similar chord progressions, or saying the same thing in a different way! “Influence” is just a euphemism for “straight up theft.” Even the songs you’re stealing from have been stolen. May you be so lucky as to have to worry about a lawsuit. 

That should keep you busy until your muse returns! And dont forget to have fun. Thats the whole reason you did this in the first place.

Sara Coda is the lead vocalist for electro-pop band Los Angelics, who recently released their new EP, Land Of The Brave and Dangerous, which you can purchase HERE.

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