EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Seth Lael – “On The Road”

seth lael

San Francisco’s Seth Lael is causing a lot of buzz for being a singer-songwriter with a soft-spot for the underdog. On his upcoming second full-length, Bird Strings, the Americana/folk artist manages to seamlessly blend a set of eclectic genres, providing a commentary through lyrics packed with heart. Although Bird Strings doesn’t come out until the 28th of September, Lael has teamed up with Planet Stereo to release “On The Road,” his latest single, and the 10th track on the album.

Lael paints a stunning picture of quiet, long road, and the feeling of traveling to and from a job that is far from enjoyable, but at least, a means of reaching your goals. There is something to wonderful about the ambiguous meaning of the song. Not only does it describe a physical journey, but also the journey of reaching your dreams, and how difficult that task can be. With beautiful instrumentation (Lael plays guitar, mandolin, and the banjo) and well-written lyrics, Lael has a stunning knack for telling a colorful story, and “On The Road” is a beautiful narration for that quiet drive or that rainy afternoon.
Stream the track below, and pick up Bird Strings on the 28th of September!
For more on Seth Lael, please click HERE.
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3 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Seth Lael – “On The Road”

  1. Stanley says:

    Oooh I LOVE this song! I’m going to play it again. It ain’t eeeeasy it ain’t eeeeasy tryin’ to get where ya need to go. Can’t get that outta my head

  2. Zack says:

    Nice Track!

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