EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Micah McCaw’s New Video for “Spring Cleaning”

micah mccawAre you counting down the hours until the weekend? Looking for a reason to smile?

Well, don’t worry! Planet Stereo’s got you covered! Micah McCaw’s new music video for “Spring Cleaning,” from ‘til Life Turns Over, is sure to make you grin, especially considering the fact that it features a plethora of adorable doggy-cameos.

The singer-songwriter’s upbeat, eclectic sound shines on the new track, and his happy energy is infectious…especially when you’re watching the most adorable golden retriever puppies climb all over him.

The Oregon-based artist is definitely one to watch, with a luminescent, high-energy sound, featuring excellent instrumental and vocal stylings. “Spring Cleaning” hits the nail on the head on the cathartic feeling of releasing some of your baggage (physically and/or metaphorically speaking). With each line, listeners are sure to find themselves bobbing along. And while the song itself is incredibly catchy, there’s also a wonderful DIY nature to McCaw’s music video that only adds to its enjoyment. Check out the full video below, and be sure to purchase ’til Life Turns Over on iTunes, and follow Micah McCaw on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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