PREMIERE: Bencoolen – “Nothing Left To Hide”

bencoolenWashington DC’s Bencoolen have taken the college-aged music scene by storm, and it doesn’t seem they will be stopping anytime soon! The band recently they caught the attention of festival promoters and media outlets, including USA Today, and have played as the opener for Cold War Kids and as a closer for Clarendon Day Festival in 2014. In 2015 they were named Washington DC’s best college band by staff from 9:30 Club, Sweetlife Festival, and more. Their debut album, In Color, is expected to drop on November 2nd, but until then, Planet Stereo has the key to the first single from the album, “Nothing Left To Hide.”

The band is having a release party for the single tonight at Tropicalia in DC, where they’ll be performing alongside Broke Royals.

The single, penned by Paul Gregg (vox, guitar), showcases a fantastic, rhythmic introduction, thanks to Eric Burke (bass, vox) and Kevin Mathieu (drums), and effortlessly cool vocals. Along with the brilliant addition of the saxophone (Jack Bentsen), “Nothing Left To Hide” is a show-stopper, reminiscent of AFI meets Anberlin meets Red Hot Chili Peppers. The more I listen to the track, the more I find myself enjoying it, especially with its catchy chorus that will have you singing along by the second time it comes around. Between the somewhat sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek tone of the song, and the blunt lyrics, Bencoolen let in a soulful bridge with guitar that practically sings every note, courtesy of Teddy Scott, and that’s it. The song leaves you mesmerized.

And now it’s just a case of waiting until November 2nd for In Color to arrive. Bide your time with a copy of The Bencoolen EP, which you can pick up HERE.

Stream the new single, “Nothing Left To Hide,” below!

bencoolen nlth

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One thought on “PREMIERE: Bencoolen – “Nothing Left To Hide”

  1. Greg says:

    Sick write up!

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