Julie Belle Releases New EP

Julie Belle

Singer/songwriter Julie Belle just released her brand new EP, You Were Younger, which now available for purchase on Amazon. The EP is the follow-up to her debut, Run, and Belle is extremely excited about its release.
“I couldn’t be happier with how You Were Younger turned out. Is that super cliche to say? Because it’s true. I holed up in the studio for five days in the outskirts of Houston, Texas with my producer to record this EP and emerged, somewhat delirious, with a collection of songs that I am truly proud of. Those five days were probably the hardest I’ve ever worked on anything; it’s physical labor and it’s soul work and I can’t wait to do it again. Taking myself out of my day-to-day context in LA to work on it really turned the tables,” reveals Belle. “No luxuries of coming back next week to try that vocal part again, no going home early to get a good night of sleep, no time. Just enough time to be intuitive and capture what was happening. As it turns out, I love recording in Texas. It’s starting to feel like a second home. My EP release show may not be in Texas, but you better believe there’s a Texan flying in to play guitar.”
Julie Belle’s new EP, You Were Younger, is available now.
Julie Belle EP Release Show
September 23 – Silverlake Lounge – Los Angeles, CA
Julie Belle Online
Official Website – www.juliebelle.com
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