CAPPA x REMMI Mash-up Streaming Now

REMMI CAPPANashville electro-pop artists CAPPA and REMMI, along with producer Foldy, have collaborated on a mash-up of the pair’s two tracks, “Killin It” and “Star Spangled.” The mash-up is now available for download, and you can stream it below!

This collaborating is a result of each artist’s involvement in MTV’s latest TV show, Scream. After each track appeared in the same episode, REMMI contacted CAPPA, pulled in producer Foldy, and the trio collaborated on the new, buzz worthy track.

“Nashville Pop has been around for awhile. Folks like Katie Herzig, Amy Stroup, Madi Diaz have been putting out really catchy, synthy records for the last 5 years at least. They’ve paved the way for this next generation of Nashville Pop artists to come along and branch out into more experimental, electronic-leaning sounds. I don’t want people to hear our music and say, wow that’s so different for Nashville. I want them to say that it’s different for anywhere. Artists here like CAPPA, Super Duper, KiND… we are growing a scene that is full of artists who would be good anywhere. And that’s what excites me about the Nashville music scene,” says REMMI. Check out the new mash-up below:

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