Stream Marianas Trench’s Single “One Love”

marianas trenchCanadian pop-rock band Marianas Trench just released their brand new single, “One Love,” which you can stream below. The track is entrancingly beautiful, and make a surprising follow-up to the tongue in cheek style of “Here’s To The Zeros.” “One Love” is emotional, vibrant, and rich in instrumentals…as well as flawless vocals. The more you listen to it, the more in love with it you’ll be. Stream the song below, or purchase on iTunes or GooglePlay.

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6 thoughts on “Stream Marianas Trench’s Single “One Love”

  1. […] on October 23rd. The band recently released their first single from the album, called “One Love,” with the video coming out later next […]

  2. […] like the first single from the album, “Wildfire” has a vibrato and cinematic quality that will leave […]

  3. […] Marianas Trench are taking fans behind-the-scenes of the making of their upcoming album, Astoria, set for release on October 23rd. Showcasing the studio, the creative process, and much more, Marianas Trench will get you so pumped up for Astoria, you’ll want to wake up to find it on your iTunes already! […]

  4. […] course, Marianas Trench released two singles already: “One Love” and “Wildfire,” and while they were stunning out of context, within the album, […]

  5. […] Trench have finally released the full video for their single, “One Love,” from their stunning new album, Astoria. The music video, directed by Kyle Davidson, is a […]

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