GUEST BLOG: Los Angelics’ Sara Coda on How To Prep For a Show

los angelics

2 Weeks before:
  • Create a Facebook event.
  • Email your mailing list and let them know you’re having a show. Put the Facebook event link in your email.
  • Email the venue a breakdown of your setup, your bio, band picture, social media links, and Facebook event link.
  • Incentives: spread the word on your Facebook invite and email of games or incentives? A free t-shirt if someone brings 2 friends that have never been to your show?
  • Look on Bandsintown or a similar app for shows playing in the area that you could flyer. Try to find a band/artist in the same genre so that you can target people with similar musical sensibilities. 
  • Start flyering those shows (2 shows a week is a good start)
  • Is the show you booked an all-ages show? Start flyering high schools and malls in the area. (This is a numbers game. Hand them out to anyone and everyone)
  • Schedule the rehearsals with your band mates.
  • Call your friends and let them know you’re having a show. Don’t be afraid to ask them to do things for you, i.e. “Hey you should bring your neighbor! He hasn’t seen us play yet.” (Do not send out a mass text. They are off-putting.)
  • Find out who the other bands on the bill are and cross promote.
The Week of:
  • How many rehearsals you need depends on your band, but at least get one run through of the set a week or less before the show.
  • Depending on your band’s goals, you might want to record rehearsal. Watch it back as soon as you can. Make mental notes, then let it go.
  • Flyer the venue you’re going to be playing. Those people are already there. Chances are they are regulars. This kind of flyering can be more personal and involved. Introduce yourself, ask them about their music taste and describe your music to them. If it seems like something they would be interested in, it might be worth it to give them a CD or flashdrive. 
  • While you’re at the venue, have a chat with the sound guy. Let him know you’re doing a show, what your set up is, and ask him what he’ll need from you. Give him your music so he knows what you like your mix to sound like.
The Day before:
  • Send another email to the people on your mailing list to remind them about the show. Include details like venue address, parking, etc.
  • Send a reminder text to your friends who said they would/might go to the show.
  • Email the venue the names of the people you’re putting on the guest list.
The Day of:
  • Make sure your go-pro or cam-corder is charged and ready to record your show.
  • Put a blast on all social media.
  • We recommend a light work out. Enough to get rid of nervous energy but not enough to make you tired.
  • Run through a checklist. Do you have your merch? Mailing list sign up sheet? CDs and flash drives? Camera? All your musical equipment? Load it into the car early so you’re not rushing.

Sara Coda is the lead vocalist for electro-pop band Los Angelics, who recently released their new EP, Land Of The Brave and Dangerous, which you can purchase HERE.

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