VIDEO: Frida Selander – “Like a Cat”

frida selander

Frida Selander just released the first single, “Like a Cat,” from her upcoming album, I Hear Sunshine. The album is a highly anticipated release, as it’s been four years since the release of her last album, Try Again Baby.
“‘Like a Cat’ is the song that opens I Hear Sunshine. It comes with the summer, with the light, with the blooming trees, and the pink clouds. I’ve opened my hands, I’ve lifted my eyes. I’m here. [The song] opens up for something new. Invite it in. Lay yourself down. You’re a cat, just like me. Sprawl on the sofa, in the sun. Look at the sky, look at the clouds. There’s nothing to understand, you can only feel it,” Selander says off the new single.
The video, directed by Simon Öhman Jönsson, can be viewed below:

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One thought on “VIDEO: Frida Selander – “Like a Cat”

  1. […] Frida Selanders‘ brand new single, “Soon,” produced by Oskar Sandlund, is out now. You can stream the track below. “Soon” was recorded and mixed at A&O Recording Studio in Umea, by Sandlund and Anton Persson. The single is the third single from Frida Selanders’ forthcoming album, I Hear Sunshine. […]

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