Lost Element Release “Twenty Five” Lyric Video

Lost Element
Five-piece alternative band Lost Element have just released the lyric video for their single, “Twenty Five.” You can stream the video below. The band is also kicking off their 30+ date national tour tonight in Arizona. You can find a complete list of tour dates can be found below or HERE.            
“We really wanted to capture the visualization of a beautiful, fun, summer day,” the band explained. “It was shot in Coney Island on the boardwalk, and we think the Director did a fantastic job bringing that vibe to life. We wanted our viewers to have the opportunity to not only read the lyrics to ‘Twenty Five,’ but also visualize the vibe of the song.”
Lost Element Tour Dates
DATE                         VENUE                                CITY/STATE
August 10                  The Rogue Bar                    Phoenix, AZ
August 12                  The Lowbrow Palace           El Paso, TX
August 14                  89th Street                           Oklahoma City, OK
August 16                  Bolivar Trash                       Tulsa, OK
August 17                  Three Links                          Dallas, TX
August 18                  Jack’s Bar                             San Antonio, TX
August 19                  Mohawk                                 Austin, TX
August 20                  Fitzgerald’s                             Houston, TX
August 22                  Circle Bar                               New Orleans, LA
August 23                  High Tone Café                     Memphis, TN
August 24                  Granfalloon                            Chatanooga, TN
August 27                  529                                         Atlanta, GA
August 29                  Open Chord Brewhouse        Knoxville, TN
August 30                  Cat’s Cradle                          Carrboro, NC
September 1              Ottobar                                   Baltimore, MD
September 2              North Star Bar                        Philadelphia, PA
September 4              Mercury Lounge                     New York, NY
September 6              PA’s Lounge                          Somerville, MA
September 9              Club Café                              Pittsburgh, PA
September 10            Roc Bar                                 Cleveland, OH
September 11            Pike Room                             Detroit, MI
September 12            Rumba Café                           Columbus, OH
September 13            Melody Inn                             Indianapolis, IN
September 15            The FIZZ                                Chicago, IL
September 18            Riot Room                             Kansas City, MO
September 19            Toad Tavern                           Littleton, CO
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