Q&A: Colin Ward of Savannah

Orlando pop-rock band Savannah have been incredibly busy, and releasing some amazing new music. The band just released the Tempus EP, the second installment of a three-part full-length, and are steadily building towards the finale of the release, Forma, which will be released in August. The full-length, entitled SPECTRUM, is almost here, so Planet Stereo got to chat with Colin Ward, the band’s guitarist, about the Tempus EP, touring, and why he’d want to be part of The Walking Dead. 
Planet Stereo: Thanks so much for doing the interview. How are you?
Colin Ward: Feeling good. We’ve been waiting so long to release our new material so all of us are pretty excited to see how everyone likes it. The wait has been killing us. 

PS: You just released your new EP, TEMPUS. Where did the inspiration for the EP come from? Why call it “Tempus”?

CW: Tempus represents time. Past, present, and future.  We’ve had a lot of inspiration come from our past, but the future is unwritten. That’s a cool feeling in a way. 

PS: Do you have a favorite track from the EP?

CW: Probably “Young and Naive.”  We’re super proud of the hook, but beyond that, there is some really cool instrumentals going on. We’ve tried so hard to keep things simple, but interesting too. 

PS: TEMPUS is part of a three-part series that’s going to be released as an album. What made you decide to release it this way?
CW: It’s always a struggle to keep relevant these days. Instead of releasing the album in one shot, we thought it’d be better to space the songs apart and let our fans anticipate what’s next. We want to keep it fresh, always. 

PS: Is there a concept behind the SPECTRUM series?
CW: We wrote the songs for the better part of two years with the idea to craft really great choruses. We didn’t want to over complicate the process, and just mainly attempted to write 12 great songs; not just good. We must have gone into the studio with 20 demos or so. 

PS: You guys do a lot of touring. How do you manage to keep yourself entertained on the road?
CW: We try to stay busy with the writing process a lot. We really like play station a lot too. We’re kinda nerds at heart. There’s some frisbee action and skateboarding too. Sometimes our own invented combination of the the two. 

PS: Have you learned any tricks of the trade from some of the artists you’ve toured with?
CW: We’ve always liked watching a good soundcheck. Most people don’t understand the struggle most bands go through every night just to hear what they’re playing/singing. So I guess you could say how quickly we learned to be nice to the sound guy. (Some of us anyways)

PS: What advice would you offer to younger artists who are just starting out?
CW: Work hard and perfect your craft. Nothing happens overnight. We’ve been at it for years, and still learn everyday. Patience is key in this game. 

PS: When looking at the current music scene, if you could change one thing, what would you change and why?
CW: There’s no one buying records anymore. Full length albums used to be everywhere, but now it’s only singles. It’s just successful songwriters crafting the next top 40 hook to be blasted on the radio nonstop for a month. Pretty disheartening. How is that music?

PS: On Warped Tour, I play a game of Would You Rather with artists. Since it’s still summer, and everyone loves a fun game…
• Would you rather be stuck in a real life The Walking Dead or Jurassic Park?

CW: Probably The Walking Dead. I think every guy dreams about walking around with a six shooter strapped to his belt. Plus velociraptors are just too damn “clever.”  We wouldn’t last too long. 

• Would you rather drunk text your whole band or eat a stick of butter?
CW: Eat a stick of butter. Our ongoing band/group message probably has 100 texts an hour on it. The girlfriends always wonder why our phones are dead…Wed be happy to get rid of our phones all together. 

• Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?
CW: Mmmmmm. Invisible probably. Think of all the five finger discounting you could do. Right?

• Would you rather have to listen to “Ring Of Fire” or “Bohemian Rhapsody” for the rest of your life?
CW: Freddy Mercury was unreal. Enough said. 

PS: Any last words?
CW: You have no idea how much we appreciate the opportunity. Thank you.

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