Pete Wentz Looks Back On ‘From Under The Cork Tree,’ Reveals Physical Fights During Recording


Fall Out Boy’s From Under The Cork Tree, their scene-changing, career-sealing sophomore album, turned 10 this year. In the latest issue of Alternative Press, Pete Wentz spoke with Cassie Whitt, and even talked about some of the tension happening behind the scenes of the album, admitting, “Patrick and I didn’t always agree in the studio.”

Although, the Wentz-Stump duo were living in an apartment together at the time, so it’s no wonder! Living together and working creatively together? The pair were (and still are) more like siblings than friends, so it’s understandable that they had bickered in the past.

You can check out an excerpt from the interview below, and read the entire piece in AP 326, which is on sale now.

Are there any secrets about the recording you are willing to reveal now?

Patrick and I didn’t always agree in the studio. There was always verbal fighting and a couple physical fights. That was an interesting period.

Is there anything people should absolutely know about this album?

It was me on a whim. It was never meant to be this album that people would even talk about 10 years later. [Laughs.]

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